A Mind Filled with Stories: The First Collection

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Author: Venitas Vino

Package Dimensions: 14x214x227

Number Of Pages: 167

Release Date: 07-01-2010

Details: This book is a collection of sixty different short stories written by Vino Venitas. These tales are all fiction yet could all be excerpts from real-life situations. Topics ranging from concepts such as the mind state of a blind dancer to rape under peer pressure. The greater part of these stories are written in rhyming form, which gives it a poetic edge. The emotions and underlying thoughts of these stories are seemingly black and cynical. Shining a light on the darker side of humanity is the writer’s way of expressing his creativity. Fantasy is also a part of writing. Thus, certain tales will include mythical creatures and/or biblical figures. The stories are in a chronological order going from the first to the last story written, giving the reader a chance to see the writer develop and come into his own.


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