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They say that there is something about me

They say that there is something about me

They say that there is something about me

There must be something about me
Something that resounds in infinity
A diamond line at the edge of my insanity
A pool of love at the extreme end of an endless pit of darkness
I assume they see something I refuse to witness
They hear a whisper of a heartbeat I no longer own
Where in a single moment they don’t want to leave me alone
Hold hands with fingertips scarred by the fire of passion
Where they assume they can come in without asking
This is what I go through
This is what they tell me I do
Mixed signals and false adoration dipped in empty kisses forever elusive yet enticing
This is what they tell me I do
They fall in love with a promise never given
They dismiss words repeatedly, and yet I need to be forgiven
I tend to spin a web I have no clue I spun
And regardless of the warnings, they never run
They keep thinking that pinning down the wind can be done
With open arms I bask in the sun that is a great conversation
With eyes that never opened I try to look inside of you
With hands that never felt like my own, I try to hold onto you
I try to sit in dirt and call it earth
Ignore it as if it never hurt
They think I’m sweet, think I’m something they can help or save
And I’m lucky, cause I keep finding souls so brave
But I’m a damaged soul, a broken heart and a twisted mind
I am nothing more than a fond memory you should leave behind
And yet, they stay, they crave a normal conversation where sex isn’t the key
They never met someone who listen without a second agenda, it’s crazy
Is the world truly that dark, has the sun truly lost its shine
Have we finally broken down every aspect of common decency
Where a conversation is a rarity
Where a regular friendship is considered insanity
Where me listening to you, makes you fall in love with me
Has the world truly been rendered this empty
There is nothing about me
I’m not special, I’m not unique but I damn sure aint normal
And yet it seems they think, that there is something about me
But there is not
If I say I like you, I mean every letter
If I say I enjoy being with you, I believe every emotion behind it
But why is it that we can’t talk and flirt without it being about something
Why can’t we just be friends that are NOT fucking
They say that there is something about me
I think it’s the fact that I’m crazy
I think it’s the fact that I listen
I think it’s the fact that I react in a different way
I think it’s because of something I can’t yet say
But they say, there is something about me
How sad…

Some pieces just are what they are, and should be accepted for what they are without an explanation behind it.

I don’t know who I am

I don’t know who I am

I don’t know who I am

Jagged pebbles filled with abandoned dreams are littered across a life tattooed by darkness.

Empty hopes, reach for stars that never shined and eternally crash on nothingness

With eyes that never even glanced at the light, yet in constant amazement by the marvels of the night

Wandering through a city with skyscrapers of pity, a pavement of lost soul where love hides within its cracks.

Where screams of solitude are welcomed as music, and the pain of the forgotten is the underscore for their joy.

At times your heartbeat is the only silence you can hear, a world where noise equals safety is too scary to imagine

A reality where hope is your only backbone for living, is one forgotten by the gods

The dangers of dreaming lie in the removal of comfort, and I have gone blind because I can no longer see past my tears

Ive lost my voice to the wind, my ambitions to the rain, and everything I once was to a sun that never blessed me with a ray

Im stranded on a beach with no rest haven from the waves and without a heart to swim

Ive lost all my eyelashes making a wish and Ive collapsed both my lungs blowing them away

Im in the middle of a crowd, looking for a stranger to talk to, having a conversation with myself hoping someone will jump in

Pushing the walls of my mind closer, only to jump in and complain about the tight space

Restricting my own movements, while trying to fly, screaming at clouds that smiled at me with sheer empathy that I mistook for interest

Im too simple for a world filled with puzzles, too naïve to even recognize a mystery, I am a contradiction asleep in a bed of self-hatred, cowering beneath a blanket of fear

I am praying that everyone notices me, but no one sees me

I am one sigh away from falling asleep in a dark no one ever tasted

I don’t know who I am sometimes


I don’t know who I am sometimes, is a thing most of us are familiar with. Because a lot of us, or lets say most of us, are looking for a purpose. A reason for why they should do thing, or just a reason for living. But all of that, seems pretty far fetched if you dont know who you are and what you want. And for some reason, that is the most difficult question some people just cant answer. And because of that, they tend to lash out, get frustrated and simple go crazy. Some try to avoid the question all together, and just try to drown the answer in other problems. Such as drinking or smoking or what have you. Some even try to kill the question by just making up a fake answer, or lying to themselves what the answer truly is. “I don’t know who I am” is something you need to find out about yourself. “I don’t know who I am” is something you need to ask yourself, and then try to answer. Without lying to yourself or to the world, and for damn sure make sure that you dont come up with an answer you think the WORLD wants to hear. This is about you!!!

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Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Look to see, if you could be, an enemy of normality

With fists of dreams, a mind of schemes and a back bone of by any means

See if its you, find a clue, verify if it’s true then decide what to do

When youre lost and all hope is tossed and it all seems covered by frost

Can you stand strong, when it goes wrong, the fat lady prepares her song and disaster drags you along

When your inner core is no more and your very soul is sore and your life seems a closed door

Where will you look, after all it took, will you simply remain shook or also become a crook

The question will remain, can you stay sane when there is nothing to gain but pain and a sky filled with rain

Most fail, most bail, most are just too frail, too easily they turn pale comfortable in a life so stale

Can you go against it, can you forget, can you take the hit when the world wants you to quit

Your feet arent fast enough, your skin has yet to become tough, your mind has yet to turn rough, your determination filled with fluff

Are you ready for a world forever heavy, a river forever unsteady with edges forever deadly

A crushed ambition is a cause for friction, the frame of an addiction

Can you grab a cloud and scream out loud see your own reflection and still be proud

Fetch the stars and bring them back, no wind in your back and constantly reminded of what you lack

When life seems subpar and every wound an eternal scar and happiness seems too far, as you sit and stare are a raised bar

Tap the window for a moon that won’t glow, the motions of darkness flow as it asks you to go but can you say no
The cries of tears that found strength in fears and confidence with its peers, whispers lies, as it leers
And that is who you keep inside, that is who died and when you asked that’s who replied, leaving your soul mortified
So once more, are you ready for what’s to come, when it’s said and done, can you look back and say at least I didn’t run


This time around I am giving you guys “Are you ready?”. The message with this one, is that I want you to be who you can be. I want you to be what you dream of being, instead of what they told you to become. I know its weird, and that it might be a bit hard to grasp, but the beauty of life is that it keeps changing. It keeps rearranging things to make sure you stay awake. So Are you ready? to deal with what life has given you. Are you ready? to find the beauty of change and how to deal with it. Are you ready? to distort everything you ever knew and love life again. Are you ready?

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Stay with me

Stay with me

Stay with me

This isn’t love but I got emotional
I lost myself, it wasn’t intentional
It was somewhere between a kiss
And eyes that made me reminisce
A passion I long put to sleep
Our connection was too deep
With each second craved more time
A blank slate and open mind
Every curve wrote a paragraph
Every motion a sentence
A story with a clear path
The beauty of passions raw essence
I’m not good with falling
Holding hands or constant calling
But i want you to stay with me
I won’t say this is so unlike me
Didn’t know me before last night
But this feels good beyond right
Don’t leave just kiss me
Let’s love till our hearts run empty
Don’t think, just need
Let’s oversaturate the deed
Let’s burn up our spark
And in the ashes leave our mark
Let our shadows write on the wall
Till our story is engraved in the dark
You’ve given me a piece, I want it all
I want picnics in a park
I want introductions to friends
I want to argue and make amends
I want to fight to keep you
Stretch this moment past forever
Keep every word and kiss true
Look at love as more than an endeavor
It might sound weird
Maybe even crazy
But what I am trying to ask is
Won’t you stay with me?

Stay with me is a piece inspired by that Sam Smith record. I found myself listening to the record, and all of a sudden my fingers felt the need to write. And that is how Stay with me was born. Sometimes I tend to lose  myself in my impulses, so Im liable to say stuff like Stay with me. And what I wrote is what sometimes goes through my mind. But then reality sets in, and you have to go with your feelings or with your mind. But nevertheless “Stay with me” is something most of us want to say. But are too scared or too timid to express. So for that special someone, if you are reading this, it means that you are the one I want to ask “will you Stay with me?”. I also tried to keep my sentences to a minimum, to ensure that I wouldnt lose anyone reading it. And as a small challenge to myself. So Stay with me is a request from a weak romantic and a hungry writer.

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When we grew up

When we grew up

When we grew up

Remember when you just accepted everything
And remembering what not to do, was the key thing in avoiding a bad ass whooping
How eating your veggies made sure you grew up strong
It had nothing to do with genetics, no they couldn’t be wrong
Or how a big fat man broke in to leave stuff
Or a big monster bunny leaving eggs, it couldn’t be weird enough
OR the myth of a starving kid in Africa if I didn’t finish my meal
As if he is sitting there thinking about me not eating my meal
And is he still hungry when parents throw away what they can’t eat
Or did he only exist when it involved me
And how school grades are key in getting a good education
Even if in 5 years you won’t remember, or need a thing from that same education
But you believe them because … why would they lie
They feed me, comfort me when I cry
So why would they lie
Until you grow up and realize these mf’ers are just guessing what to do
Following along with society’s standards and repeating what they been through
Not one original thought while raising me
Lied to me every chance they got, this shit is crazy
Made me believe life was supposed to be easy
And that lie is still the underlying theme of most people their reality
And then get surprised when teenagers rebel, and stay mad for years
It’s because they figured out you’ve been lying to them for years
Sounds logical to me, I was pissed too
Since all teens are pissed it must be something all parents do
But the question is why
Why lie to me
Why not just tell me you love me, and that’s why you bought presents for me
Why not just tell me should eat my veggies cause its healthy
Why not just tell me the Easter bunny is nonsense but it stems from religion
Childhood memories shouldn’t be based on deception
But I bet you disagree
Anything is fair game as long as your child is happy
But now that you’re grown don’t you ever sit and wonder … Exactly when did these people stop lying to me
Or is that just me?

When we grew up everything was different. When we grew up the internet wasnt there to debunk every lie they would throw at us. When we grew up we didnt have a backdrop of knowledge thrown at us on the tv. Because when When we grew up there was still something of imagination and fantasy allowed. When we grew up creativity allowed us to believe in those silly lies. When we grew up hope was still prevalent and lets be honest here, none of us would have thought they would be liars. And that is where this piece came from. The beauty of people who want you to tell the truth, but lie to your face. Its a beautiful thing to see, when hypocrisy is justified as a tool of creating something.

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Is my creativity endless

Is my creativity endless

Is my creativity endless

How much more can I write
How many stories do I have left in these fingers
How many words can I still twist to my needs
How many more letters is my pen willing to give me
How eloquent is my insanity willing to participate in a game we’ve played so routinely
How dark is the perpetual once you’ve extracted pieces and shone light upon it
Puzzles crumble if a single fragment is missing from it
What if my creativity is limited to a complete me
Or even worse what if it happens to depend on an incomplete me
I’m afraid of the writer in me
That little voice that could go hoarse if it talks too much
The throat constantly under pressure could be crushed
The alphabet twists in front of eyes diluted with pain
I have ink stained fingertips that hide behind my name
I’m lost in a personality in search of an identity
Struggling with life as my enemy
Steady losing as life tries to get to the writer in me
His murderous intent clear for all to see
Yet no hands are reached out for my pen
No calls are made perhaps they are hoping I win
But my mind whispers the opposite
They want me to lose want me to quit
Wish to see the bloody corpse of my creativity sleeping in a dark alley littered with garbage
I wish no I hope my writer comes from a strong lineage
But my pens ancestors were created by a pencil
I feel lost in a stream of words no writer should ever see
My heart misses not skips a beat when I think about running on empty
I have nothing other than being a writer a wordsmith
This is an anxiety I’ve come to live with
Boast about an endless pit of inspiration
But the lining consists of bricks made with bluffs
There is no mask strong enough there is no facade that tough
I feel lost … And I hope words can bring me back
I hope experiences will fill the gaps I lack
I want to forever be me
A struggling poet brimming with honesty

Sometimes you could feel as  if the thing you’re doing depends on the things you have. And what if the thing you have, is something based on a pool that depletes over time. And that is how I came to fear my own creativity, and how that’s I got to the question Is my creativity endless. I’m certain that the question Is my creativity endless is one, a lot of artists ask themselves. Because whether or not the answer to Is my creativity endless directly effects what you either earn or create. So Is my creativity endless is a question that keeps pacing in the back of my mind.

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happy birthday

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

Happy birthday, now let the bells ring
Set the doves free and let the champagne sing
For a friend I have known 6 months going on 5 years
Have your cake, eat it, then wipe away the tears
Play the drums for a mind untwisted
Paint the sky green and you will have something faintly reminiscenced
Of the unique you find within her
The power to make miracles occur
Because hard work, dedication and honesty sleep in her soul
Willing to climb for her aspirations and wise enough to adjust her goal
Her realness isn’t one of a kind, it’s just extremely rare
One in a million is too common a phrase for you to label her with
Never pressed for words, because what you see is what you get
Truth to a fault, either adapt or keep it moving
Challenge and never submit, be real but never disrespectful
Never stab you in the back, instead uses that knife to cut through the bull
This is what you call someone who you appreciate
This is what you call someone to whom you can easily relate
No need for half truths or empty lies
For here is someone who logic clearly defies
There aren’t enough words and I find myself missing letters
But the beauty of a real friend is that they need neither, to understand you
So happy birthday and make sure your life is your own at all times
Vino Venitas

Ok so its been awhile since I posted something, but that was due to some stuff. Ill spare you the details, but here is my return piece Happy birthday. And this is a Happy birthday to a friend who I hold dear. She wanted a piece to celebrate her day of birth, so I had to dig in darkness called my creativity, and bring back this piece called Happy birthday. Now of course, I made that this piece fits, the person who I wrote it for. But this Happy birthday poem isnt super specific and could easily apply to most. But just now, that if you wish to give some a Happy birthday quote, or poem and use this. Make sure that you do the Happy birthday in person as well. Ill be sure to drop another piece, this week, and Im working on my videos as well. So Ill be back up and running somewhere this week.

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I'm afraid of the dark

I’m afraid of the dark

I’m afraid of the dark

I heard that’s where monsters sleep
I heard that’s where the devils creeps
I heard it watches you
I heard it can make your deepest fears come true
I heard the dark is bad
I heard it drives people mad
I heard insanity has a close affinity to it
I heard shadows and beauty dont fit
I heard anyone you meet in the dark is dangerous
I heard that darkness sleeps in all of us
But I’ve never seen it
I’ve never experienced it
All hear say, rumors and mere gossip
Pardon my french but its bullshit
The dark is beauty undefined
Darkness is a everything left behind
Pure unadulterated eternity
Limited only by your own creativity
Remember where it all started
But marketing is so cold hearted
Ruined a reputation filled with stars shining bright
Destroyed any hope of it being equal to the light
But I sleep in the dark
I wake up in the dark
My words forever linger in perpetual darkness
Unattainable for tainted fingertips
A friend who is always there
A whisper that will always care
Darkness sleeps in every crevice of my brain
At times the light is nothing but pain
Even if there is nothing but me and darkness
I will be ok
Because we are friends

I’m afraid of the dark is something you would hear children say. But I’m afraid of the dark is something that has been embedded into almost everyone. And of course its because of the fact that people tend to do bad things in the dark. But I’m afraid of the dark is just so much more than simple bad stuff happening. I’m afraid of the dark is something that exceeds the mere night, I’m afraid of the dark is something that sleeps in several places of human society. I’m afraid of the dark is something most people will deny, because of so called standards that have been forced upon them. I’m afraid of the dark is just bad marketing coming together to create something even worse. But I’m afraid of the dark is something that you can fight is you are so inclined. I’m afraid of the dark is something you dont have to teach to your kids. Light isnt always the best place to be.

Love Poems

Love Poems

Love Poems

I wrote her these love poems

Words drenched in feelings whisked away by ignorance

A blind passion sleeping in waves forever crashing

I loved her beyond the beauty of words

I craved her beyond the passion of fear

And I tried my best to write those feelings down

I gave it my all to translate thoughts and feelings not meant to be given a name

I tried to write away the anxiety, I tried to bury the pain

I used words for dirt and lines as the framing of the casket

I wrote her these love poems to keep her

I wrote her these pieces to lose myself

I loved her more than I could describe in words

But I tried, I tried

Wanted to dive in to her soul and use my poetry as the key to the lock

Create a whirlpool for her to get sucked into and yet feel safe

I wrote her these love poems

Because I knew in the back of my mind, that no matter what I did it wasn’t enough

No matter how I tried, I could never please her

No matter how much I changed, I still wasn’t the right version

No matter what I said, I was still in the wrong

But I tried, I tried to write her these love poems to keep her close

To show her that Im still trying to win her love

I was still trying to win her over

Even though society would claim she was mine

I felt like I was still chasing her down

As if she kept a part hidden from me, a part she felt like could ruin everything

She didn’t understand that I accepted everything about her

That I loved her regardless of what she has done, or what she has seen

I loved her … and that is why I wrote her these love poems

But then she broke up with me

Claiming the way I was, wasn’t right

Claiming my changes weren’t the right changes

Claiming my dreams weren’t the right dreams

I was at a loss for words

A poet without poetry

A writer without sentences

An author without a pen

She took it all away from me

Or maybe I gave it to her within those pages

Maybe I locked my creativity within those lines

I lost my heart in those damn love poems

Now that Im at a loss for words, I want to ask her my love poems back

Is that ok?

I wanted to write a love poem about Love Poems. And I wasnt too sure what the proper angle would be, but once I remembered that Love Poems are nothing more than love put into a structure. I had to look at the purpose of that structure. And that is when Love Poems become nothing more than a beautiful language used to keep the one you love close. And I have written more than a few love poems in my day, and at times I want to erase the fact that I wrote them. The reason for that is a totally different story, but that is why these Love Poems are so dangerous. Because nothing lasts forever, but poems have this way of extending their life past their original purpose. Im curious to see what your love poems look like, let me read a few! And in case you want more solid POETRY YOU CAN FIND IT HERE.

How to last longer

How to last longer

How to last longer

First know who you are and what you can do
Second know your size and stamina too
Then know the person who you are doing it with
Then keep in mind that fast pumps are a quick way to end to it
Pulling out to change positions can give you some time
Tell a lie “I just want to look at you” that’s a good line
Just don’t do it too much, or you might look like a creep
And you should always try to go real deep
Because once you’re there, you can just stop moving
Kiss while inside to keep the mood grooving
Just lay still and act like you’re starting from one
Move slow to give him so rest, that’s how it’s done
Don’t think about other things, enjoy what you’re doing
Stay in the moment, appreciate who you’re screwing
Slow then fast, fast than slow, pull out go in, go in pull out
ALL of this doesn’t count if she starts to shout
LISTEN to the moans, watch her body twist
Don’t forget how you got there, remember that shit
Because when you pull out, when you stop
Once chance might be the only one you got
So remember what you did to get her to that place
Because if she comes before you, you save safe
And the first go isn’t something most of you excel at
Matter of fact, from what I hear the first time is always wack
So seconds and minutes are the wrong thing to count
When it comes to numbers in sex, there is only one true amount
And that is how many times SHE came
Your timing should be based around her screaming your name
So breaks in between are what keeps your record clean
Multiple positions, is what will lull her into a dream
Where she forgets about the time
Pleasuring her is what should be on your mind
Because you’re getting it either way
So why not make sure she will have something good to say
The more you do it with her, the better your time will be
Control your mind, and your little guy will agree
And if you can’t get to the point to pull out
If you can’t find the route to make her shout
Then jerk off, till your hand gets numb
Watch porn till your sexual drive turns dumb
Saturate your mind with sex, so it can’t get too excited
These are but a few hacks to tackle the hardwire, override it
But the main advice is to take your time
Enjoy it, watch what you’re doing, from the top or behind
These are ways to how to last longer
These are ways to make your sex game stronger
But remember, lasting longer isn’t something just for you
Making her want to last longer is something you should want to do

How to last longer in bed for men is a serious issue for most. How to last longer isnt something you can just remedy after one day of reading things online. How to last longer is something you will have to work on to make sure you increase both stamina and time. How to last longer is something most men would never discuss with one another, but How to last longer is something you would google. And I hope that you can combat this issue, and please your woman or fella to the point where you feel that you have succeeded. To the point where you feel confident with what you have done. How to last longer is something you can work on alone as described in this piece above, or you can ask your partner to help you. There might be something they know about. But How to last longer for men, should drive you to pills. It shouldn’t drive you to drugs. And I can fully understand how it will mess with your manhood, but it doesnt mean you are less than anyone. But if it does bother you, if How to last longer is on your mind a lot, these tips will help you. And if you want to read more helpful pieces you can go HERE AND READ MORE.

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