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I would really love your feedback on my latest New Poetry Book on Love and Romance called I wrote this for her. I really put my heart and soul into this book and I tried my best to be as honest as possible. Made it available for free because I wanted to make sure that everyone could get a chance at reading it.

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Poetry Submission: ACADEMIC TESTS


Oh these tests,
Superflous academic tests.
No time to prepare
For entrance tests.

Difficult to store
Vast concepts in mind,
Oh how to retain so much
Till marks given and paper signed.

Bewaring that,
The examiner is not blind,
And not our bydweller
That gives marks so kind.

All worried,
Smile crease no face.
Will we get through,
Or falter in this pace.

Parents worried about their carreer
They believe books are nifty,
Smartphones are carrier’s barrier
With no sympathy.

Parent’s and teacher’s
Support and hope is essential,
In order to raise their potential.

– Sahaj Sabharwal©


Received me another nice submission so I figured I should share it with you guys again. Let me know what you think of this nice piece.

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Minors are those less than eighteen,
As they don’t have knowledge in keen.

They don’t have a driving licence,
As don’t have driving sense.

Minors are given just pen and page,
Their life is not more than a cage.

Holiday is not given even on sundays,
As their age is negligible for fundays.

Parents are worried not to get blame,
From minors they just want their fame.

Circumstances are same for every minor,
Parents are just their life designer.

-Sahaj Sabharwal.
-Chowk Chabutra,
-11th Class.

I have decided to add Poetry Submission to my categories of posts. This was a beautiful poem by Sahaj Sabharwal who deserves some light being shed on her. If you feel like your poetry would benefit from being on my website please let me know and I will post it up for you. I am still trying to be a hub for all poetry. The Poetry Submission for this week is in. Hope you enjoy.

Pain meets pleasure

Pain meets pleasure

Pain meets pleasure

Pain decided to show up just as me and pleasure got intimate

We were just hugging up a storm and pain decided to ruin it

Pain reared its ugly face with that grin of jagged teeth

And pleasure, well pleasure decided to speak

Dropping line after line, telling pain what it had on its mind

And I was all in pleasures brain, sitting comfortably

But pain just kept scratching the surface cause it made it happy

And I was caught in an uncomfortable situation unable to move

Waiting for that moment where me and pleasure get back to our groove

I was listening to them going back and forth, up and down

They had a whole conversation, and a lot of spit was flying around

And then out of nowhere we were stuck in the dark

Walking to find this invisible mark

That would help us get out of this maze we were in

But pain didn’t care about a damn thing

He just wanted to stay and bring his gifts of agony

Pains suck, but he has this way of reminding you of the happy

Pleasure was such a wuss, but pleasure wanted to keep trying

But pain and pleasure are just too good at lying

So I was listening intently, because I love the story being told

They would nibble on each word and every so often get bold

Chew on one or two and spit it out, while screaming I hate you, I love you

This conversation damn near drove me insane, but you can blame that on pain

The beauty of their sentences damn near gave me a seizure, but you can blame that on pleasure

I had to hold pleasure down, so pleasure could stop shaking

Pain got to pleasure, pleasure was close to breaking

But every time pleasure cracked, pain took a step back

Allowed it some time to rest and get back on track

Pain always shook pleasure up with metal that felt like a whip

Or at least that is what pleasure told me it felt like, on the business end of it

But being caught between two enemies who rarely meet

Is hell in itself, to the point where their very words generate heat

And I was just lying there consoling myself

Lying to myself, promising me that this isn’t bad for my health

This is just an overdose of bad energy that will find its way through me

And return to that bad place where tears are born

And every little piece of hope is torn

And I don’t have to get sensitive nor feel as if every sense is stretched

Not feel as if every nerve is being tested or my skin is being scratched

I am in the middle of a meeting between pleasure and pain

Im stuck between happiness and trying to stay sane

Pain and pleasure shouldn’t be this close

But pain is truly trying to get me to overdose

While pleasure is easing the bruises and massaging the scabs

All I am trying to do is keep from going mad

These two … I hope I never meet them at the same time again

Im not sure if I can go through this stuff again

I need these two to stay away from one another

One of the two, one or the other

I need to counsel them to work together

I need their dialogue to be better

If you get what this piece is about I will give you a cookie. This was one of those pieces that was born from a very interesting situation. If you get the situation then you are indeed awesome. Pain meets pleasure is something that most of us will go through at one point or another. I’m curious to hear about your situations in which “Pain meets pleasure”.

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The only change they respect

The only change they respect

I am tired of this whole dignified suffering
We’re the only fools who can get raped, lynched and remain trusting
They have these grand tales of revolution and goal orientated destruction
While we have discussions and peaceful presentations of our opinion
Don’t we deserve a revolution?
They want to keep us in a state of constant confusion
Dazed from empty promises made by corrupt politicians
There might just be only one solution
And that might just be letting go of all superstitions
There is no one, and I mean no one, who is going to help us
For every leader we appoint they have a bullet to take him down
For every positive movement we create they have propaganda to take it down
We need something for us, by us without listening to the media
Tired of them distorting the truth out of fear for possible hysteria
And I’m disgusted by these coons dubbed black leaders who do nothing but pacify us
Tell us our rage is justified and they are indeed out to get us
But we need to stay calm and abide law
Skipping past the whole fact this whole system is flawed
How can you fight for justice in a system out to destroy you
How can you follow a law written by the people who oppress you
And how valid is a law if those appointed to enforce it don’t follow it
And exactly at what point do we say this is bullshit
And here is the thing, we’ve said it so many times and yet we still stay
We keep fighting their bullshit every damn day, and yet we still stay
Under the pretence that it’s the best place to be
And your decision slash information is based on what exactly
The news they give you, the images they show you, the stories they tell you
And you, you think all of it is true, because why would they lie to you
What would they gain from manipulating your reality
And you’re probably looking for a more introspective answer than money
Power, greed, fear
They placed so many hurdles for us to clear its impossible, so why keep going
Im not saying give up, Im just saying accept it will never happen
Let it go, let it go
They excluded us from the history accepted by the world
Twisted our image to such a degree our skin is a bad word
Never changed their ways simply got better at hiding them
And while we were gracefully suffering they were mastering the art of enslaving them
Throwing us scraps while preparing a feast of undefined proportions
And we sit here acting as if these were valid portions
Ever since Willie Lynch started his theory
The masters became experts in defining our reality
And we as the fools we are, played right into their hands
Let one uncle tom reach a position of empty power and we figure we all can
Keep our pockets empty but our hearts filled with faith
And tell us that the thing that could save us is a thing of hate
Our fancy words wont break their walls
Our pleas for help won’t make their empire fall
If we wish to change it all, we can no longer stall
The only change they respect is currency based
Or justified violence they can call misplaced
But we need to do something more than wait
Because soon, very soon it will all be too late
Stand up

I was asked to perform a piece through Skype and I decided to write something inspired by recent events. That is how I came up with “The only change they respect”. Because I seriously feel that the powers that be will only respect one thing. And The only change they respect is money, or changes based on currency. Because simple marches are like hippies having festivals. Its a nice vibe and all, but the actual effect on policies and whatnot are limited to none. So The only change they respect is based on how it will hurt their pockets.

If you liked this piece, buy this book to show some support.

Nothing yet everything to complain about

Nothing yet everything to complain about

Nothing yet everything to complain about

My fingers are too heavy to write
My mind is too deep in the abyss, to even sink
My heart is too weak to beat, let alone fight
My brain is too lost in possibilities, to help me think
A headache turned into a state of mind
A situation that polishes the soul to be redefined
And all I can do is sit and wait
For an outcome as inflexible as a rusted gate
Decisions were made, before words were spent
Arguments defanged before a single word was sent
Feelings decided before the situation arose
Everything good has now been deemed foes
My love handed into the lost and found
My pulse dulled and all silence does, is pound
Like hand’s on a clock I’m just going in circles
Unable to escape these invisible shackles
Sleep blackens the squares representing my days
Every morsel of joy sucked from my favorite songs
Words stuck on repeat as the frame of my being freezes
Life simply does what it pleases
Uninterested in imprints on a soiled heart
And I’m unable to do anything but play my part
So I fill my days with empty gestures
Fill my hours with blank sentences
Fill my minutes with moments lost in pain
Fill my seconds with hope I know to be in vain
Jump to reach a sky you can only fly in
Laugh to feel something you only get through crying
Hide to find something lost in the open
Gave up alcohol to start smoking
I am … I don’t know anymore
I feel …. I don’t think I want to anymore
I want … The world isn’t as wide anymore
I need … Not as naive anymore
I love … They don’t seem as beautiful anymore
I hate … Not even sure about this anymore
Lost … Find me … Help me … Save me …
Leave me alone, pass me over, don’t glance my way
I feel like I write
I want to die while living a life that makes me feel alive
I want to scream in the silence of my past
I want to feel something new
I want to be something new
I don’t know anymore …
Maybe I should just start over … All of it

To be honest, I dont know where this one came from. Sometimes I just sit down and let my fingers do all the talking. And thanks to immediate spell check en fast fingers, I can almost go as fast as I can think. The sadness and beauty of this is that I feel the pain and read the pain in my own writing. There is nothing to hide behind, and there is nothing to give you other than honesty. And that is this piece. This piece is how I feel at the moment, no matter how uncomfortable it may make you. There is no reason to ask me why I feel like this. Because my feelings are my own, and I dont like sharing the cause, but you can ALWAYS get the pain that is born from them.

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I hate the hate I hate

I hate the hate I hate

I hate the hate I hate

I would like to retreat into the nothingness that houses my soul
I would like to burn every fucking emotion that ever had the audacity to crawl from my heart
I don’t even think this falls under a cosmic sense of humour
This is nothing less than torture, divined by a god whose sense of the macabre exceeds the words given to us to express ourselves
I hear the whispers louder than ever before, instead of them coming forward I was pushed back
I stand in their midst trying to hold on to my sanity
Trying to clear a path back to where I was happy, but there is no step for me to take
There is no way for me to see the world like it once was
I am lost in my own head, and it’s filled with nothing but screams
Screams of my childhood, which I tried to supress with every breath I breathe
Screams of the pain as he left scars on me no angel or devil will ever find
Screams of hopes that I placed in the realm of possibility only to be bullied out by reality
Screams of my future as it breaks under the pressure of decisions I had no hand in
I feel like I am once again close to breaking
I am close to falling back into a pit I only just climbed out of
I try and try to find a glimpse of what they call normality
But with every reach of my burned finger tips it mocks me
It shows me relentlessly that it would rather flee and laugh at me than embrace me
And all I ever did was try, try to gain what was never given to me
I crave the beauty of feeling something I can’t deny
Something that will show me that my efforts are worth more than a footnote on a page of history no one will ever look at
I swim in the waves that crash on a dark beach no one ever visits
And that is where I sleep, stranded amongst forgotten wishes of people whose lives got tangled up with my own
My fingers feel too heavy to tell the truth in a manner that suits a writer of my calibre
They just want to let out what is stuck, let loose what hurts and see if we can make sense of it
But words tend to hide what they mean if they aren’t structured properly
And my fingers often fail these simple tests or puzzles if you will
I just sit there staring at my insanity on a white backdrop and see my soul look back at me
And it never once smiled, in every page I graced with my pain
Every page I dabbled my love in, it never once showed a mere grin
The corner of its mouth is forever stuck in what can only be described as mockery
My own soul is against me
Perhaps because I put it into too many situations where it got hurt
Perhaps my heart told it lies and now they band together to leave me
All I wanted was a chance, a mere chance
A dalliance if you will, with normality
But she broke that piece as well
That last bit of hope I had reserved, I saved from the wretches of my last try
It was a fragile little jewel, meant to be only taken out when the time was right
After testing, trial and error to see if this would last
But it always ends in destruction
It always ends with me picking up the dust
Gathering the smoke of a cloud that held my dreams
Finding the line that was so stuck on that dark cloud
And all I find is more darkness, more emptiness
Lost in a world where I am nothing more than a sense of humour in a world of irony
I cling to any scent that resembles what I want
Yet I walk with my nose clogged up to not get tempted by fakes
The world is a cruel joke you often aren’t in on
Follow your heart is what they tell you, but what if your heart is a damned idiot
Who refuses to learn from its mistakes
What if your very being is dependent on being happy
And that is taken from you
Where those dark emotions find you again
Where that creepy urge touches you on the shoulder
Where the memory of her flashes before you, and what it meant, what she did
This is the world that I know
This is the karma that chases me
This is the ugliness that resides in me
This is the wickedness that sleeps in me
I hate
And I hate the fact that I hate
But I love my hatred so I hate the fact that I hate my hate
My rage has always defined my goals
My stubbornness has always guided my steps
So when you tell me that my path was for nothing, I get upset
And that is where this is born
In pain, in restlessness, in acceptance of what will never be
I hate you for being you, but it pales in comparison with how much I hate me
I keep doing this to myself

Love isnt all its cracked up to be. And that is why I hate the hate I hate. Love tends to play these games with you. Where you feel all safe and comfortable. Where you are happy just being with love. But then you realize that you get to say something like I hate the hate I hate. Because the pain that is being born from feeling love ache is the anguish that is called hate. Now, some tend to relay some of their feelings into other ways. And tend to stay away from hatred. But I embrace my hate to the point where Im kind of a friend with it. So I hate the hate I hate is how I felt when love ache found me again. I hate the hate I hate … I truly do.

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I'm a sucker for it

I’m a sucker for it, and always will be

I’m a sucker for it

It’s about the possibility of eternity
The chance of romance and true honesty
I see it all flash before me
Recollect kisses with their own theme song
I tend to dabble with insanity
But my passion is just too strong
I fall in love every day
I have an entire adventure worthy of paintings, poems and myths build around it
Build moments where every emotion known to man desires to stay
Where highlights are nothing more than scribbles you can forget
Because our love is inscribed in the soft wall that layers our soul
And fate, destiny and our will, all have a role
That is what I see, that is what I feel when I see you
The only issue is I don’t know you
And 5 seconds before you, I met the possible love of my life
And in the distance I can see the girl who is meant to be my wife
And I swear to you I just broke up with the one who made me weak in the knees
Because I possibly cheated on her with a girl who inspires me to climb trees
But the one behind you is the beauty that sets my heart ablaze
How do I tell you that you were nothing but a phase
This new one is the one who deserves every ounce of romance I can muster
Aw but her … She will never let our relationship turn lackluster
But did you see that one in the corner, she must be a beast in bed
Aw but her friend will be there for me when it’s all done and said
But the one in the black dress compliments my style
But the one in the red dress has that haughty smile
The one in the sneakers makes my heart skip a beat
Now with her I could fall in love but with her I would leap

I am lost in a sea of possibilities
A hopeless romantic standing atop a building of dreams
A realist with bones made of expectations
I fall in love with the possibility of love
Im giddy with the prospect of experiencing beauty
I hope for more than reality can give
I am tainted with an imagination that sleeps in possibilities
I will forever want someone to touch my heart
And I will wait an eternity … But in the meantime leave me be with the beauty of possibility

I’m a sucker for it and I always will be is about me loving or rather adoring the beautiful people that pass me by. The beautiful prospect of being romantic, the beauty of falling in love … I’m a sucker for it and I always will be. Because having someone to do stuff with is just so much better than being alone. Now dont get it twisted, I am ok with being alone, but that tingle in your stomach when someone excites you, is unique in so many ways. And to get that tingle … I’m a sucker for it and always will be, because I keep chasing it.

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I hate working full time

I hate working full time

I hate working full time

“I hate working full time because every hour I spend working I feel like I am not living life, but I am working on the possibility of momentarily enjoying it”

Its the beauty of hours twisting themselves into a lock

Its the sadness of wisps of smoke emanating from the clock

As you realize that time is no longer your friend

And that passion is something unwilling to bend

It requires more than mere butterflies flapping in your gut

Its the dark lining devoid of any shimmers gracing your rut

I am broken, tired and worse of all not as creative as I should be

My fingers itch, my eyes tear up and my heart feels empty

My head is heavy and my life has cracks hiding behind black tape

But my sky is forever in a starless, moonless night state

So all I see is the grey at the edge of the frame

I feel like I am more and its driving me insane

I feel like I can do more, and I am tired of the banging

My soul is bleeding with a cracked skull from slamming it into the wall

Goosebumps run down my spine as the drops of blood fall

And all I want is my creativity to once again be charming

To write as if the clouds are raining tears of regret

To hear my heartbeat pound with every new concept I get

To hear my spirit giggle with every sentence I create

And to get mad at myself for every word I forget

To convey every thought I love, to dispel everything I hate

Hear the whispers of my creative being be told to be quiet

By a demanding albeit comfortable bubble of routine

I am constantly losing all of myself in a dream

Because all I want it write, all I want is to be creative

But this eternal chase for currency is driving me into the arms of normality

And I hate that bitch more than any words I can find

In a heartbeat I would leave this comfortable hell behind

But my word is my shackle, my pride is my demise

I find myself slowly believing all these lies

Maybe my determination just isnt strong enough

Maybe my willpower fell asleep at the wheel and I crashed into a fulltime position

Maybe my stubbornness wanted to change its disposition

I dont know what it was, or what it is

But all I know is that I am slowly but surely dying in this hell of comfort

I need something new, I need something to inspire me

I need something to push me, something to motivate me

Money will never be enough to satisfy me, empty pieces of paper can never fill a soul

I want more

More out of life

More out of me

More out of the possibilities

I want to live

I want to be me


Now that I am back on the full time force, it feels as if I am losing everything I build up. All the hours I spent creating something I can be proud of, seem to crumble as I work my days away. I used to be able to wake up, and be creative and stay creative. Now I have to manage my creativity and it seems that my creativity isnt one to be treated like that. Its all or nothing with my creativity. Perhaps I spoiled it with all the freedom and attention it was getting. To have its time to shine be diminished to mere minutes between shifts might just be more than it could handle. I used to be a freelancer, free to do as I pleased. And I loved every second of it. Every “no money having” second, every “dont know how to pay these bills” second. Every “I might need to try something else to make some money, but not a job” second. Yes, I loved it. And perhaps because of that I feel a little creatively constipated. And its not that I dont have any time, because that would be the lamest excuse I can give you. But I truly feel like my creativity can do so much more. So much F’ing more.

In case you liked this piece, you can buy more here. 

One step away

One step away

One step away

One step away from the edge
My eyes are closed
The darkness has always been a friend
The world dwells in empty synonyms
My untitled emotions are engulfed by protruding contradictions that never found a residence to sleep
My soul forever aching as it craves silence
My mind weary spread thin over years of trying
The fighters arms heavy from swinging
The blade rusty from the blood of has shed
The shield cracked from the advances it had to repel
With armor carved out of wood that was gilded with false gold
Clouds that eternally spell storms but never let a single drop fall
The breeze as if Satan himself is breathing down your neck
Standing atop black grass because the sun never dared to show his smile
There are no hills no lakes no buildings just me
Standing in the dark ready to fight an enemy shrouded in darkness
I can’t seem him but I hear him breathe
I have been swinging for years in the hope to scratch him
Throwing stones in the hopes to hit him talking without expecting a response
Smiling in the hopes it will weaken this crippling fear
But I never win and he has yet to touch me
But I came close to losing a few times all because I crave silence
All because the pressure of standing in the dark is too heavy
To have company forsake you
To have fellow soldiers give up and be gobbled up by the dark
This is the world I stand in
This is what the inside of my mind looks like
Tired … Well rested but exhausted
Slowly everything is losing its value
Crave an escape where I can lose myself
Drop the mask and look in the mirror and feel at ease
Or just close my eyes and sleep till I wake up someone else
My legs are giving out … My heart is starting to beat slower
I’m losing myself once more
Can’t count the amount of times I have stood here
In this game you don’t win but you cant afford to lose
But I’m close to giving up … Call it a cop out call me a coward
But I am tired
So tired
Sleep doesn’t help anymore
Work is but a distraction
My pain is the only constant I can’t change
My dark is the only friend I can’t take distance from
I am lost inside of me
I don’t need help … I need to wake up
I need to feel the rain … Let it wash away … Everything
I’m so tired

This one is for those who feel like me.

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