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Story: Couldn’t look away

Story: Couldn’t look away

I sat there, thinking and staring at it flicker

The darkness around it seemed to grow thicker

As my focus increased, the rumbling sounds decreased

The grip on my heart was finally released

And with that came the tears

As if told to leave by my fears

They rolled down my cheek

The flame was still unwilling to speak

Yet it told me to watch him

Silently watch him burning

As his light covered the darkness within

I couldn’t hear the evening choir sing

This candle was a key to open my minds shackles

My body shivered as if covered by the flames crackle

Memories flooded my mind

Ignoring all the walls I placed them behind

Ghosts of the past smirking with the devils grin

Faces no with eyes, their heads slightly tilting

They all stood around me, as I watched this flame

More and more joined their ranks, whispering my name

All I came to do was pray, and ask for forgiveness

This state of mind, I never wanted this

Yet here I sit, crying to a flame that ignores me

It dances to its own melody, blissfully unaware and free

The wind kisses it as if it wants to join the fray

I am unable to grasp to words the preacher has to say

I sit there quietly drowning in my pain

I can feel I am shoulder to shoulder with going insane

A few more winks, a few more seconds

And this might become the light of the heavens

It shun its radiance on the secret corners of my soul

Repressing my past was wrong, this is its toll

I have broken down, the world around me is nothing but a haze

As I sit next to this small ray of light, that to me is a blaze

A full out fire, licking my skin until it reaches my every sin

Baptizing my heart, with a warmth that is unyielding

This candle is nothing if not mesmerizing

The tears continue to roll, as I feel like I’m dying

 I want to stop

I want to leave

I want to go away

I want to disappear

I want it to end

But I can’t look away


I didnt really know what kind of story I wanted to write. I had some pictures but I decided not to kill anyone or come with such a morbid story this time around. So I wanted to create a piece that displayed something I experience from time to time. Looking at candles is something that seems to get me sometimes, not as much as this story of course but something to this degree. So I felt like writing a story about it. Its still fictional, so dont get it twisted, but I know some people will be able to relate to this.

Thanks for reading.

Vino Venitas

story short stories shortstory poem poetry rhymes rhyming verse poetic poetry raps verses prose stanza shortstories wordplay script ideas

Story: I heard he is afraid

Story: I heard he is afraid

He can’t move a muscle, he can’t afford to flinch

His body refuses to enter the truck, won’t budge an inch

I took this picture of a man, as he stood still

I took a picture of a man who listened to his own will

This armored truck, was more than it seemed to be

He later explained it to me

For 5 minutes, he stood in the middle of the street

The soil of an invaded country beneath his feet

The symbol of his army in front of him

 The pain of a soldier inside of him

The memories that haunt his sleep clinging to his back

On his right shoulder sits a hooded figure gowned in black

Walking left of him, is a disfigured being unable to speak

And there he stood, with blood that’s ice and a heart that’s weak

I took this picture of a man who couldn’t move

At the end of a dark road with nothing more to lose

And yet this is a picture of a man who couldn’t move

He later told me why

With a voice cracking under the pressure of not being allowed to cry

This truck would have taken him back to hell

Where justice and honor, are nothing more than words you can’t sell (more…)

story short stories shortstory poem poetry rhymes rhyming verse poetic poetry raps verses prose stanza shortstories wordplay script ideas

Story: An empty escape

Story: An empty escape

Just a few more steps and all the noise will return
This tranquil feeling will disperse and peace will burn
I will be pulled and spread thin over issues and time
Forced to abandon dreams, leaving hope behind
I don’t want to
I sit and wait for the road back to crumble
I ask for help but their silence seems humble
To the point it’s scared to reply
So I sit, with tears in my eyes asking why
At the end of this road, it will all fade away
I always walk here, but never does my mind stray
But today I heard voices that slept in the night
I saw flashes of dreams that were shunned from the light
I don’t want to walk anymore
Let me stay here, where my mind doesn’t scream
Let me sit here and remain unseen
Let me not finish this walk, let me break this routine
Hold on to this rest, this peace of mind, this empty screen
Let the movie of my life be put on pause
Give me 10 minutes, where I can be without a cause
Where my past doesn’t exist and all I have done is nothing
Where my future is unwritten, and I can achieve anything
I don’t want to walk anymore, let me sit
My steps always follow past footprints
The trees always whisper vague hints
If I could skip this stroll down this path
If only I could escape this destined wrath
If only I could stay here, where sunshine kisses me
Where misery has left and every breath is lovely
I would be so happy, but the end is near
This forest’s limits have always been clear
My head is heavy so I lower it
The memories weigh it down, I hate it
Fear has his hand placed on the back of my skull
Experience has made the normal world seem dull
I am a lost soul struggling for a place to sleep
But this pit of dark that I live in is just too deep
I don’t want to walk anymore, let me sit here a bit longer
Before I go back to reality, and responsibility
Before I return to I have to, and there are no other options for me
Before I return to somebody telling me what I have to do
Before I go back to this feeling that nothing is true
Before I once again do nothing but climb hills
Before I notice that all my money is to pay bills
Before I realize that most of my ambitions are vain
Before my heart is once again encased by pain
Give me some more time, let me just be
Don’t force me to walk any further, stay with me
Have a seat and let’s talk about us and remain here
Where there are no problems no obstacles to clear
Please don’t let me walk on, please let me continue to dream
Don’t force me to wake up, let me sleep and remain in this dream
I don’t want to walk anymore, let me sit here a bit longer in my slumber
Just let me sleep


So as mentioned in the beginning this is a picture from my buddy Ray. And I wanted to write me a story and his picture just begged for one. I hope you liked it, and what I was trying to say. Cause lets be honest, sometimes you just dont want to wake up. Or maybe thats just me.

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