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Story: The Sun Never Came Out Today

Story: The Sun Never Came Out Today

Pain in tears agony woven into a tapestry
Drowning in fears swimming in joy’s memory
Kisses on cheeks flash before eyes so weary
Hugs and laughs flee from me leaving me empty
Walks on paths leading no where
Into a pit of darkness I stare
The future whispers back tales of sorrow
Yet to come as I find it hard to swallow
My feelings say’s to run
My body stays in place hands over my face
This cannot be the case sweetness left without a trace
So many words left unspoken
So many promises left broken
Move my lips to speak to the wind but my words go no where
My vibrations are too weak to reach an ear let alone one that cares
Alone in the world bound by time and emotion
Her and me nothing but love and emotion
Prays sent to a deity that does not respond in any way
Scream to the entity if he would ever come my way
What’s the use if I lose you nothing to do but be true
To the fact that I would be lost without a clue
I know it’s just time taking its toll
Events beyond my level of control
Powerless steps in a direction leading to rest
Pure heart and honesty you were truly the best
I felt it coming but tried to ignore the pain
Cause the mere hint of it brought forth pain
I will miss you and what you stood for
In this family you were the core
The glue that kept us together
The laughter that made it all better
So as you now lay in your casket
With a certain fright I ask it
Will you please look out for me
Cause the sun doesn’t shine anymore for me


Story: The Sun Never Came Out Today

Story: She lied to me

Wijnand Schouten // http://wijnandschouten.com/

It was the tick tock of her heels
It was that certain perfume when she feels that way
It was always on a off day
When that sense of dismay would cover me
I was never far from creativity
But also not far from insanity that is what she said
I think it was before the first blow to the head
I thought for a moment I was dead as it went black
But when my senses came back
I noticed she cut me some slack and allowed to me wake up
But that sensation always stuck
The standard for when I ran out of luck and she was in that mood
I don’t know if it was a new dude
Or maybe I said something rude I was aware of
But not once did I ever feel love
It was like a guillotine that was above me at all time
Not once did I ever truly speak my mind
I recognize I left my childhood behind in a dark pit
A new scar on my soul with each hit that found my temple
Never did I realize our bond was horrible
Till I saw how feeble it was compared to my friend
They had arguments that would simply end
He didn’t have to fend for his life after it was done
He smiled afterwards, he didn’t run
Afterwards they smiled and had fun, it was mesmerizing
It felt like those two knew me, and started lying
I started crying, once the realization became clear
He looked at his mom with admiration not fear
She held him dear, as she tried to raise him
She didn’t strike him on the merest of whim
It was the weirdest thing, to see a bond so true
He held her hand, something I could never do
Their compassion was true, as was their intention
Mine had feelings, I dare not mention
I hid the tension between lines of pages no one will read
There was one place where my mind was freed
It gave me all that I need, as the dark covered me
A simple play tunnel, so full yet empty
It’s all because that one day she waited at the bottom for me
With a smile and candy, as she whispered I love you
To this day, I don’t know if it was a dream or if it was true

A flashback of a memory placed in the dark
A look through a tunnel that forever left its mark

Story: She lied to me

Multiple Stories in One

Multiple Stories in One

I wanted to improve the quality of the sound, and remove some of that noise you keep hearing in the back ground. I gave it a good shot, and I took it down a peg. This is another story from the book, so if you like it, keep in mind that there is more like this in it. Its about time, we did more of this. Multiple Stories in One. So just looking and or listening to these stories, you can easily see that each one of these is worthy of its own complete story and or movie. Because nowadays the simplest of things can be made into a movie, and that makes sense in a way, because all of it is the art of story telling.

Story: This here is me

photo 2
Nathalie Mulsch // instagram.com/Nmulsch

I have always wanted to see, what it would be
If my creativity, showed a side of me through photography
I don’t know the exact date or time
All I know is that, I was left behind
Maybe I wasn’t fast enough
Maybe their pace was just too tough
But all I recall is looking at their backs
Their footsteps, as I stepped in their tracks
I recall everything, but their faces
Uninvited when they went places
It didn’t bother me as much
Heard their names for me “weirdo” such and such
It’s just that I never wanted to fit in
Being like them was never my thing
Yet I wasn’t blind to their effort to not stand out
And by not trying I was considered a black cloud
I didn’t mind
Their focus on being liked, cheery, bright
It never escaped my sight
I was placed amongst them, to learn
An easy target for bullies, yet it was never my turn
Had it been, it would have been red
Had it been, other words would have been said
And the lines of my frame, wouldn’t be the same
The lines of my frame, would have shown more pain
But this here is me
A single moment trying to maintain in a world made of change
Out of place, yet still here, one word … strange
Black and white between pink and green
A dream inside a concept, yet unseen
This here is me
Showing you a picture that displays me growing up
Showing you all the pain I have bottled up
Let these white lines guide you back to what you know
For I am a flower inside a moment unable to grow
Stuck in the past, this is me
I bet before this, you thought that picture was a little empty

Story: This here is me

story short stories shortstory poem poetry rhymes rhyming verse poetic poetry raps verses prose stanza shortstories wordplay script ideas

Story: Nowhere else Ft. Chris Brown

Story: Nowhere else Ft. Chris Brown


Its right here, in between the screams and the bass
Between melody and rhythm, that silent place
Where nothing exists but my heart beat
Where the only warmth is my body heat
Where that tingle runs down my spine
And everything leaves my mind
The world turns pure, for a single moment
The past disappears taking with it atonement
Time stops, to allow me to be
It’s in that nothingness, that I feel everything but empty
It’s at the end of a cadence no one hears
Where I’m able to overcome all fears
And scream till my soul is content
When every last bit of energy is spent
I stand strong, after all they threw
Took it in, as I was supposed to do
Hid it deep inside the dark
As I tried to cover this cruel mark
It never sat quiet, always clawed against the walls
Whenever I’m alone, I could hear its calls
Waiting to explode, waiting for me to break
There is too much at stake
So I seek that one place
Where I can show my true face
It’s at the end of pulse my body knows
Its recovery from their hate filled blows
I dance to forget, I dance to remember
I dance for them, I dance for her
I dance to love, I dance to forgive
I dance to be me, I dance to live
The peace that sleeps in this sensation
True tranquility, without hesitation
Its only in this moment that the world is truly clear
This is where I can be found, and only here
Nowhere else

Story: Nowhere else Ft. Chris Brown

story short stories shortstory poem poetry rhymes rhyming verse poetic poetry raps verses prose stanza shortstories wordplay script ideas

Story: False Hope

Story: False Hope


It was always in the back of my mind
A suspicion, I couldn’t leave behind
It whispered to me at 2 in the night
When her side of the room suddenly filled with light
Her phone, was always so damn bright
But at the time it wasn’t worth the fight
We have our issues, but we talk
We both did things that left their mark
But through it all we stayed together
Every day we tried to be better
But lately, this weird feeling scratches my heart
It’s as if, unspoken words are keeping us apart
I figured marriage could be the key
Saved up for a ring, spent all my money
Yet this feeling … this shadow I can’t see
It’s at the bottom of my stomach, driving me crazy
She got new outfits for an old job
Wearing lingerie fit for a different job
But they weren’t for me
Never did I feel so uneasy
The lipstick, the earrings and her “do me” fragrance
Looking in the mirror, smiling at an unknown presence
I had my doubts, suspicions, fear
But now my soul is completely clear
It was a Saturday morning
Told her I would be back in the evening
Went to go get what I needed, today was the day
Something told me “call her to say, that you’re on your way”
With a smile on my face and the ring in my hand
She picked up and then I heard a sneeze from another man
Rage hung up the phone, pain told me to go back
Crazy kept me pumped up, love decided to cut me some slack
I’d be back home in 10 minutes, there will be hell to pay
If there is any proof of infidelity, this will be a bad day

He rushes, she rushes, but it’s not what you think
He is scared, she is anxious, but it’s not what you think
Staring out the window, holding his tears back with all his might
The moment they meet everything will come to light



Story: It was here


It was the month of May, it was a rainy day
Hiding beneath her umbrella, with a smile on her face
Staring at the sky, as if the rain was out of place
All alone in an empty field, looking at nothing but rain
Without a word being said, I understood she was in pain
The gentleman in me, approached her with caution
To see if I could lighten the burden with idle conversation
As she turned to face me, time stopped and it all went black
For a moment, there was only her, but then time found its way back
We spoke about the weather, the rain and its beauty
All the while, I was thinking “she was it for me”
We played the game accordingly, a solid foundation was set
We both knew, this was a chance at love, most never get
Our first anniversary, I took her right here
A romantic picnic, under a sky that was clear
We danced to the wind, caught in a moment of peace
As we kissed to a sunset, that we both hoped would never cease
Year in and year out, we came back to this one spot
We found happiness, both of us appreciated what we got
So in year 5, I waited for the sky to turn red
And as it did “I love you” was all I said
I placed the ring in the tall grass, and told her “you make me happy”
“Pick that up, and I will do the same for you for all eternity”
Without a moment of hesitation, she grabbed the ring
Said “YES” and it felt like moments after, we had the wedding
But thanks to wedding plans, work and the honeymoon
Dinner parties, movie times and prepping a baby room
We weren’t able to visit our favourite place
Life no longer wanted to move at our pace
We never had kids, she wasn’t able to
It was after that news, a nightmare came true
Lung cancer crept in her body and made it its home
There is no pain equal to the feeling of knowing you will be alone
Every moment I had, I was by her side
She engraved her last words in my soul, when she died
“I will be there, with a smile to sky, hiding in the rain”
“I will be there, asking the wind every day to whisper your name”
And then she smiled her last smile

Now every year I sit here, staring at a sky that refuses to rain
It was here that we met, and to me it was here that I lost her
Because only here, does the wind whisper HER name
I miss you

Story: It was here

Story: See Through

Sea Gipsy Village-1
Tim Bilman // VowTow.NL // Click on image for better quality

Maybe it’s the clouds that dance in the sky

Maybe it’s the wind, that if you listen close seems to cry

It could be the whispers of the people who were here before me

The awkward glances they throw, as if they hate me

All of that, makes it feel like home without the walls

The sound of waves, replaced the constant phone calls

Birds sing their song, as if to tell me they understand

That freedom is sometimes flying without the promise of land

It’s these see through waves, this see through sea

Love at first sight, captivated by its beauty

Where I am from, the water is muddy

The sky is dark, and silence is your enemy

But this is serenity

An escape from reality

The only explosion, I now hear are those of fish bombing

For some startling, for me it’s soothing

The only piece of nostalgia, I am allowed of a life lost

The damaged coral reef show the pain of each bomb tossed

The sea floor, resembles my mind, or rather my heart

I destroyed, for what I wanted to find, but it ripped me apart

To the point that I doubted every facet of my life

Where joy was only to be found inside of strife

Fish are their main source of food, so the means justify the end

Money was our goal, and to attain it, some rules had to bend

And those that played games with our money, rep or pride

Were taught lessons of integrity, honesty, not our fault some died

But each life my situation claimed, came to see me in my dreams

Not saying a word, simply watching in the dark surrounded by screams

With eyes burning for vengeance, a glare filled with hate

There is only so much a man can deny when faced with fate

That is why these see through waters are my new home

There are no lies hidden in the dark, here you see every stone

Forgiveness is given by a sea that doesn’t judge you

A sea that listen, without belittling you

Giving you a horizon you can aspire to

As everyday it covers you with a million possible things to do

This is the world as it should be

Not boxed into a corner where your only option is insanity

I had to reduce the numbers to ensure my safety

I had to turn my back, and burn down the family

It was the only way out, without betraying the old me

Sometimes flying without the promise of land is sanity

A killer, Psychopath, Mob boss, I was all of the above

I was told that I wasn’t able to love

But here, all that doesn’t matter, here, there is just me

Here they don’t like me, because I’m different from everybody

A simple reason to despise an outsider like me

But their hate, my past, my sanity, my dreams and everything else

Is nothing but a small price to pay, because now I sit in beauty

These see through waves, are it for me

Story: See Through

Story: Multiple Stories in 1

Story: Multiple Stories in 1

John was a drunken psychopath filled with a wrath unknown to him

Forgetting the reason was the effect of his drinking

He would beat his wife at the merest hint of strife

Strike her until she was an inch away from losing her life

Shirley was a beautiful girl who would have received the world

From admirers who fell in love with her radiance like a pearl

Were it not for her abuse as a child her character would not be as wild

She wouldn’t be such a slut and her anger for herself would be mild

Erik was war veteran who had seen death one too many times

As he tried to lose his mind in drugs his sanity was left behind

So now he wanders the streets looking for a quick fix

A bum reduced to nothing living only for his drug kicks

Stephanie was a born princess spoiled to the bone

Mom and dad were never home her kindness a dark stone

She spent money as if it helped her to drown her lone pain

Became depressed as she find out that aids find its way in her veins

Steve was a fighter by profession and his child was his succession

And as his last fight struck him down with a concussion

He hated the sport but his child believed in his fighting style

His dad in his rage tested his child and he killed him with a smile

Lillian was born with nothing and raised in war

Before she could walk she received her first scar

As she tries to make sense of her surroundings

At the age of 5 she died as a bomb found her surroundings

Alex was a prodigy of intellect

Every mathematical issue or problem he could dissect

The pressure to perform got to him and now he does sing

Of numbers and calculations in the loony bin

Daisy was a normal child with a normal childhood

She was also living proof that this wasn’t always good

As she drowned in the sea which was her own commonness

She murdered 15 people and left one as a witness

The tales told all unfold the fact that the track we are at

Isn’t one where you can easily say I’ll stay on that

Changes will make you worry and even pissed

Which reinforces the fact that a happy ending doesn’t exist


My mind got overloaded with so many dark stuff that I needed to get some of it out. Now all of these could be a full blown story in their own right, but I just wanted to put them down. I might still make them into real long stories, but for now look at how much bad stuff happens in my head.

story short stories shortstory poem poetry rhymes rhyming verse poetic poetry raps verses prose stanza shortstories wordplay script ideas

Story of the month: A letter from …

Story of the month: A letter from …

Ok so seriously, this is how you wish to treat me

Portray me to be a vindictive little baby

Who holds a grudge to such a degree

That innocent bystanders mean nothing to me

Seriously …

I mean Im not saying Im the nicest guy out here

But COME ON, you are just exploiting fear

You cant write anything better than this dribble?

Ill be honest I liked the first one, it was simple

The concept was executed real nicely

I seemed smart, with a bit of wit about me

Intricate little ploys to complete my list

Subtle maneuvers to abuse the little things you missed

It was flattering, and somewhat true

But those points didn’t matter to you

You butchered my image, when it was just getting better

People do most of my work now, I was a trendsetter

I was no longer blamed for all their misery

They could blame each other, I was happy

But then you came along with this streak

Where no offense, the story is just extremely weak

And the focus is on how people go

Some go fast some go slow

But blood, gore, massacre and plain cruelty

Is the theme by which you define your fantasy

As if I go out of my way to make sure its grotesque

To the point that getting a massage is now a risk

Come on!!!

Final destination 1, was just nicely done

Final destination 2, got watched thanks to 1

Final destination 3, never really made it to my memory

Final destination 4, its due to my handicap that I couldn’t snore

Final destination 5, lets just say Im happy no one made it out that movie alive

Each edition made me look worse

Each badly acted scene, was like a devilish curse

It was as if, you set out to piss me off

Im not saying that I am soft

But Im damn sure not the bastard you guys portray

This is for now all I will say

Make another bad movie, and I promise you

I will show you a intricate way of me coming through

You have been warned … damn Hollywood

Never cares about whose feelings it hurts

Sincerely yours

Mal’ak ha-Mashḥit




I wanted to do something different, and to be honest I just watched Final Destination 5 last week and again it was a TOTAL let down. That movie sucked eggs while it took a break from sucking balls. I wasnt that surprised because the last few Final destinations had nothing but new bad actors in it, who just ruined whatever line they were given. And then the way they die just seemed so forced and elaborate, it became more of a look what we can do instead of a I want your life. And as a fan of death (yeah I said it) I dont really get how they can do the man like that. So I wanted to see what he would say if I gave him a pen. And to be honest with you, I could have made this WAY longer, but I noticed that my mind went into dark mode … and Im trying to not write as dark anymore … so yeah. And in case you want more stories, make sure to buy the book.

Vino Venitas

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