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Short Stories

Short Stories

She always told the best stories, never rejected a request

She was truly unique, truly the best

Her stories were never written, never recorded

Her plots were intricate yet simple enough to get it

She whispered to build suspense, threw glances to suck you into the tale

Obtaining your complete attention, she would never fail

The twists in her stories were never forced

Her character development never seemed coerced

It was truly an escape to a world never seen

It was truly an escape to a world befitting the title “dream”

We were right there watching as the sky broke into pieces

We felt the bullets pass us by as her tension increases

We saw the magic distort reality

We saw the dragons fly through the sky, felt the bad guy’s insanity

We were right there, we were a part of her short stories

We dismissed the TV, had no need for the movies

For their tales had been told, and recycled and reshaped

To the point everything we saw was a simple remake

But her stories, were never based on what we knew

Her stories came from a dark place some of us simply outgrew

Her imagination, sparked our fantasy

Forced us to rethink and remodel our own life story

It was her short stories, it was the passion in her voice

It was the fact that we got to decide the heroes choice

It was more than just words told

It was a warm place in a world ever cold

It was a safe haven from a place unrelenting

It was love in the middle of destruction

It was as if she told her life, it was as if she gave it to us

It was as if her short stories, could never be enough

We craved more, for it was that which made us whole

Every time, every tale, she bared her soul

And we glanced with eyes of purity

For there is nothing in this world that can stand up to her short story

Sleep was never sweeter, dreams were never more colorful

Living up to that moment, made the rest of the day dull

Yes … she told us short stories no one ever heard

No matter the time that passes, I will remember every word

Some say she never existed, some say it was all a dream

Some say my sense of real is twisted, some say she was never seen

But I dont care, I live in a world where stories are told and sold

And she gave me something that will forever remain bold

A sense of self, a pool of imagination never running dry

She was real to us, made us feel like we could fly

Imagination was there when our parents were not

Fantasy complimented us when our parents forgot

It was her short stories, that made us who we are

For us, she will forever sleep upon a dark star



Sometimes a story is more than a story, and words can be so much more than simple tools communication. When you cant find someone to spark you imagination, do so yourself. Create your imagination, define your own fantasy, and make the world realize that everyday is a short story that deserves to be told. Never give into the pressure of being a closed book, instead demand that your words be heard and read. Live life on the edge, for safety often dulls the senses. Be a writer of your own story and make sure you dont forget to keep the mistakes, as you write your own Short Stories.

And in case you like this story, make sure you buy my story book as well.


#Mandela An Ode To Nelson Mendela

#Mandela An Ode To Nelson Mandela

#Mandela An Ode To Nelson Mandela

They called him a freedom fighter, but that’s not how I remember him

I never once looked at him as someone who wanted to do such a thing

The only thing I saw was a man standing tall in the midst of strife

Relentless in his belief that bowing to injustice isn’t life

All I heard was a voice filled with the dreams of others

As he saw the world with eyes, made to believe in his brothers

This is what I saw, not a man fighting for something as vague as freedom

Instead looking at the world as it is, and then deciding what needs to be done

Understanding that history guides the passions of humanity

Enough of a leader to see that those roads would have left the world empty

All I saw was a man who decided to act in the face of adversity

A man who saw racist laws as nothing more than words of insanity

Fighting where others simply bowed in fear

Rushing towards conflict, while other tried to remain clear

Not a hero, not a freedom fighter but a man standing for something

A man believing in something greater than himself

His belief didn’t falter, of course it received cracks along the years

But it never broke, regardless of the pain, regardless of the tears

And that is what I saw

That is what made me believe, that sometimes fighting the standard is necessary

When a so called democracy is telling you that you are nothing but secondary

Everyone focusses on the man, but no one looks at who he was fighting

No one dares to glance at the people who were creating the situation in which he was residing

But we praise a man standing up

As we should, for many bow down and remain stuck

Never believing they can stand tall, unless someone shows them how to

This is what a man like Nelson Mandela was born to do

Inspire those unable to recognize their own worth

Motivate those who lost their way in a world divided by lies

Bring together those, who through the sands of time lost their ties

Be a beacon of light, shining through the darkness created by those we can’t mention

Be one to admire, be one to emulate, the one to dim the tension

This is who he was, this is who we remember

But I never looked at him as a freedom fighter



I wanted to make sure I paid my proper respect to the man and the legend. And what better way could I do that than writing a piece for him. After reading about him, and of course watching the documentaries I felt like I got a better understanding of the man and what he stood for. And I wanted to make sure I translated that into this piece, which I affectionately called #Mandela An Ode To Nelson Mandela.

And if you like this piece make sure to have a look at my story book.


story short stories shortstory poem poetry rhymes rhyming verse poetic poetry raps verses prose stanza shortstories wordplay script ideas

Story: There She Lay Pt.2

Story: There She Lay Pt.2

I kiss her lower back and make my way up
Im on top of her back as I whisper “I wanna fuck”
She looks me in my eyes I softly kiss her lips
As she slowly but surely gyrates her hips
I follow the melody and kiss her in her neck
One hand slides down to feel if she is wet
As one finger reaches its goal her eyes set a new mood
A glance, a look which cannot be misunderstood
I raise up to take my shirt and pants off
She turns around I get back down her body is so soft
I slowly spread her legs and get in between
I lick the middle of her upper lip a scene to be seen
I slowly let my hands go down to take off her thong
And as if its meant to be another appropriate song
“Joe – Love Scene”


So yeah, we could give you guys the whole story, but the thing with that is that its a pretty long story. But just because this is the Story: There She Lay Pt.2, doesnt mean its anyless sexy. So I felt that breaking it up into sections and giving it to you guys piece by piece would just make it easier for you. Since the internet made it so that people cant focus for too long. I wonder if that will translate into other issues for humanity down the road. But nevertheless we are sure that you guys will at least enjoy the final chapters that come out, of this Story: There She Lay Pt.2 and the next few parts. And on a quick side note, you can read the whole piece incase you are inclined to do so.

Now in case you want  to read some more good stories, and poetic words, make sure to go and buy the BOOK.

story short stories shortstory poem poetry rhymes rhyming verse poetic poetry raps verses prose stanza shortstories wordplay script ideas

Story: There She Lay Pt.1

Story: There She Lay Pt.1

She lays on the bed her body emits words unsaid
Her eyes tell tales of adventures not lead
As I ask if she would like a massage
She smiles with a grin that is a homage
To everything that is to come as this is the prelude to fun
As I glance at her back I take a moment and pause
My tongue slides over my bottom lip, her frame the cause

As I warm the oil in my palms I resume my calm
And start to rub her delicate flesh as I think of a psalm
“Thou shall fornicate”
For 15 minutes I maintain my sober state
But as her spine is warm and relaxed
I intend to get drunk on the emotions she tries to mask
I once again grab the oil to continue my hands song
As I glide down to her lower back I feel her thong
Black laced and placed in between cheeks of delight
Music in the back ground our bodies twiddling in the moonlight
I pull down her pants as I see this as a opportune chance
She doesn’t say a word thus saying continue on with the dance
As she lays there with her body shining in nothing but a thong
I now hear the appropriate song
“Case – Sex Games”

story short stories shortstory poem poetry rhymes rhyming verse poetic poetry raps verses prose stanza shortstories wordplay script ideas

Story: 15 Years Wasted

Story: 15 Years Wasted

It started with a spark, cupids arrow hit its mark
What was once so bright now sleeps in the dark
We see a broken reflection, pure pain its eyes mention
Windows to the soul, so a soulful confession
Tears walk down her cheek slowly but surely
One after another they creep, we watch her weep
It has been 15 years, since these tears collected themselves to be saved
Waiting for a day that their escape was paved
When hope and happiness they could rip apart
No pain is equal to that of a broken heart


ok so I started this one, but I didnt finish it at the time. So now I want to know if you guys consider this worthy enough a beginning to make it into a whole piece. Let me know by dropping a comment. Because some stories are worth being completed, and some stories will have a finish so darn epic even I might be amazed by it. But right now I dont have a clear cut view of how this story will develop, but I do have a few angles that I could use, and each one of them is pretty dawp. And as a story: 15 years wasted, does feel like a love story gone wrong, and there are so many damn situations that could end in, because love is that one emotion that is ruining humanity. But in case you do want to read some good stories about how love can go wrong, go take a look at the beauty which is called my books. But even if we finish this story: 15 years wasted and put it in the book is questionable though. But I am sure that this story will be another epic one fit for the books.


story short stories shortstory poem poetry rhymes rhyming verse poetic poetry raps verses prose stanza shortstories wordplay script ideas

Story: Hudsons Tale Pt. 1

Story: Hudsons Tale Pt. 1

A Pioneers Tale

The wave’s crash, thunder roars and rain pours

As the Halve Maen is steadily following its course

It’s sails commissioned by the business driven V.O.C.

It’s hull once again tries to challenge the unforgiving sea

It’s captain, a man unyielding in his pursuit of a dream

His plan was to find an unknown ocean seam

That would bring the orient closer and validate his drive to explore

But the core of his crew, grew ever more sore

Their spirits heavy, morale would steadily deplore

Due to fighting arctic winds and surviving grave storms

Until one night Henry Hudson would find himself locked in the devils horns

Rage exploded, sanity eroded

The hierarchy of peace has now corroded

Whispers in the quarters of silent dismay

As anger reaches its border it creates a display

The screams of mutiny filled the night

The clashing of swords under the moon light

Create a dance of sparks that twiddle ever so elegantly

As if oblivious to this violent part in history

The crew won their battle, reclaiming the freedom they missed

Hudson’s price, was that he was set adrift

To forever sail and explore the sea alone

An eternity has passed and his body is long gone

But for the sake of this story we will bring back his soul

His spirit his drive, yes for now he is alive

He will once again set sail excluding a possible fail

We will wander through his mind as we hang from the ships rail

What would he think and what would he see

If in 2009 he would once again dance with the sea

story short stories shortstory poem poetry rhymes rhyming verse poetic poetry raps verses prose stanza shortstories wordplay script ideas

Story: Wrong Party

Story: Wrong Party

Let me just walk away I don’t need beef today//
I came to the party to dance chill and play//
why the hell this dude acting all rude//
didn’t know it was his chick but I aint gun let him ruin my mood//
shit a gunshot I aint waiting for the body to drop//
the fear in my body must be the reason why my right side feel so hot//
I still gotta move why aint my legs running//
as I look down I see my body is gushing//
blood…its soaking my shirt//
I’m about to die but why doesn’t it hurt//
it must be the shock that paralyzed my body//
as I lose my eye sight I see everybody running for me//
as I grab my wound everything goes black//
certain memories enter my mind as I’m about to fall to my back//
why did I have to scream at my mother//
why wasn’t I never nice to my little brother//
always had to say no and get out my room//
I hope that isn’t how he remembers me as I now travel to the moon//
from all the females I used and abused//
to all those who wanted to love me but I refused//
I now leave this earth not knowing what love was about//
no this can’t be but I don’t have enough air in my body for me to shout//
as I feel my body giving it up//
a light emerges from nowhere and lifts me up//
as I open the door in front of me I see nothing but flames//
and I hear a thousand screams scream a thousand names//
as the door locks a voice welcomes me home//
a smile on my face cause even though I am where I am
I know now I will never be alone

story short stories shortstory poem poetry rhymes rhyming verse poetic poetry raps verses prose stanza shortstories wordplay script ideas

Story: There’s nothing wrong with me there’s something wrong with you

Story: There’s nothing wrong with me there’s something wrong with you

Illustrious thoughts guided by fingers of elegance

Anger released on paper set free by a slipping patience

Rage full glances at people in his surrounding

A scorn outcast … fitting in a dream he once pursued but now stopped trying

His eyes show hatred for his peers

Listening to the background of his voice is the only time you can see his tears

He feels lost a devil among angels a shark among fish

Placed between junk food as the only haute cuisine dish

So as he sits alone writing words only he alone will understand

He acts as if his solitude is planned

His aura is beaming confidence of being alone

While his eyes tell tales of him wanting to do wrong

But his thin line of morals the tale of whispering voices telling him what to do

Makes him part of this “family” … makes him just like me and you

His sudden shocks of the body are a result of his tests

And his constant shaking may come from him refusing himself rest

They told him he is crazy … multiple personalities … schizophrenic

Said he knew nothing of the dead bodies or the bomb found at the clinic

Said the blood on his jacket came from having a fight with a dog which he shot

Said the reason he wore a raincoat with nothing under it was because he was hot

But the hair found on the crime and the fingerprints on the bomb said otherwise

The DNA tests on the blood matched the victims so again no truth in those lies

But the rain coat thing that was just something he loved to do

After switching personalities the most sensible reason was “I did it for you”

The lie detector showed he believed in his own words no lies were told

But after switching again and again the truth did unfold

While most characters were mild mannered and kind

There was this one who barely showed his presence barely showed his mind

But he was the reason he mutilated all those people

Anger triggered him and HIS moral line was thin his patience feeble

With a knife at hand he cut open their torso from neck to navel button

He ripped out their hearts and ate them believing he was the sin … glutton

He tapped their blood and with a needle put it in himself

Thus constantly adding new minds within himself

Now he is 25 strong, but only 5 show up to take their time

1 represents his solitude 2 keeps assuring himself everything is all fine

3 handles the problems with other people and keeps contact and stays cool

4 is the original mind which is the funny one which is the fool

5 is the murderous one 5 is the one which is crazy

He doesn’t believe any of this…he keeps screaming “its bullshit you’re telling me”

But should I tell him what I know should I tell him who I am

Yes I should but I’m scared of the reaction of this man

But nonetheless let me do it so “Damian can I tell you something”

*his eyes blow up as he becomes the normal one*

I must continue on so Damian what they said was true

I bet you wonder how I know this because man

You’re writing my words man I am you

But there is nothing wrong with me but trust me

There is something wrong with you

Because now you may add a new person in your head

I am the honest one I’m the one which is true

I represent your sanity I represent your goodness

I’ll take over most of the time to get us out of here they will believe my goodness

Since I am the normal one let me do it all

Trust in me I’m the normal one remember I won’t let you fall


Story: There’s nothing wrong with me there’s something wrong with you

story short stories shortstory poem poetry rhymes rhyming verse poetic poetry raps verses prose stanza shortstories wordplay script ideas

Story: The greatest Love of all

Story: The greatest Love of all

Patience Curtis will be cursive

Edward Williams Will be bold

From whispers of love this story be told

It’s a storming night a square room with a dimmed light

Holds a relationship whose end is in sight

The clattering of rain, ticking its melody against the window

Cuts through a atmosphere of pain, as one party dies slow

The crushing silence is broken by an angry yell

But I fucking love you, for you I would go to hell

I would die for you, Cry for you, do it all for you

Yet his words are meaningless even though true

Their sentiment is not the same

Unable to connect cause their love has no name

Lost in a stream of meaningless discussions

Caught in a dream of endless repercussions

Knowing this, she whispers “calm down, please

I know you would climb mountains and swim across seas

Fight any man who dares to put his hand on my body

But the problem lies in when you hold me

Dying is easy, but living only for me, I doubt you can

Going to hell is rare, but open the gates of heaven for me, I doubt you can

“And it’s that uncertainty that drives me crazy”

“Because every maybe makes it more hazy”

“For me to visualize a clear picture of us”

“It’s not the quality of your words I don’t trust”

“I know you love me it’s my own heart I doubt”

“Then why not give me a chance to turn it about”

“Cause I doubt I will ever love you as you do me”

“I don’t see a future as WE so let’s leave it be”

As a flash of light enters brought on from the storm

The newly created silence is once again torn

By the shattering sound of a raging thunder

And with his words “this shit makes me wonder”

“Why then all this time keep me on a line”

“This shit did not JUST cross your mind”

“Why not tell me from the beginning what I was getting into”

“Then getting this heart break could’ve been avoided too”

“I thought that with time I would change my mind”

“And then love would find me and I could leave doubt behind”

“But I was wrong I’m sorry I can say nothing else”

“You fucking bitch go fuck yourself”

As he slams the door behind him she is left with the rain

Ticking as if each sound is a kiss to take away the pain

As tears roll down her cheek

Her mind softly starts to speak

I never meant to hurt you

I just don’t love you

But liked you enough to give you a chance

Its not often I get caught by real romance

And if even a lie I still wanted to try

I didn’t want to hurt you nor make you cry

I’m oh so sorry I hope you can forgive me

Just know I will always take your love with me

Love is a sea in which few really fall

But an unanswered love can be the greatest of all

Entangled with pain but excluded from certain strife

This just goes to proof there are no happy endings in life

story short stories shortstory poem poetry rhymes rhyming verse poetic poetry raps verses prose stanza shortstories wordplay script ideas

Story: My children’s children

Story: My children’s children

I placed my faith and hope in my legacy
Prayed they wouldn’t inherit my sick insanity
But my wishes reached a so it seems deaf ear
Or maybe life enjoys giving you what you fear
For years and years I had to hide my ill will
I enjoyed painful tears and had a urge to kill
But never did I indulge in that sick a fantasy
I stayed put in a place my mind called sanity
But my seed … he also had this curse
Compared to mine his was worse
Downloading snuff movies and torture clips even though I said no
Every night I sat and hoped he would just download porno
Tortured our dog … burned his entire ant farm
His eyes reflected murder but his expressions remained calm
But he too never took that final step to the dark
But his son … just by coming near stopped my dogs bark
My grandchild is pure insanity … me times two
Not human but a entity … my son feels it too
At the age of 16 he comes home with blood on his hands
He enters my dream sleeps in my dome I do feel damned
I feel it’s my fault feel I am to blame
Know what he is capable of he and I are the same
But he has lost his little voice that little piece of humanity
He will make that choice and he and I are family
So when he finally does decide to cross that line
I will accept him and his choice cause we are one mind
But something crept in my head like the horse of troy
And it scared me more than anything in existence
I think I would be proud of the boy
For doing what I couldn’t do in a lifetime in one instance

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