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Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

It’s hard to digest but I’m back where I started
I came full circle, to the point where paths parted
And I can see my first steps still engraved in stone
And my last is as my first, because I’m still alone
So many stepped on and off the path, it became clouded
Misty, dark, at points simply shrouded
So I’m not solely to blame for losing my way
My footprints are still embedded with that time’s dismay
And I swear to you, I saw a shadow that turned into me
Getting ready for that first step, but hesitantly
It’s because I knew, I was threading into waters too deep
It’s because I knew, I would have to sacrifice more than sleep
But my chest was still out, I hid my fear in the darkness
My head was held high, as I whispered I got this
And it was then, inside that shadows chest a fire was lit
Growing bigger and bigger, my heart was at the core of it
I felt inspired, damn near admired myself for having that passion
Then I looked down and saw that with my current heart it wasn’t happening
Maybe I put down too many bricks on my path
Or maybe that kind of passion isn’t meant to last
And then my shadow walked past me and I swear he smiled
And I could hear him whisper, I hope I don’t turn into you for awhile
And my only reply was to bow my head in shame
Because even though he and I are one, we are not the same
And that’s when I started thinking, what else have I lost, what else have I misplaced
What else have I forgotten, what else can my old me throw in my face
And right on cue, a paper plane hit my nose
I expected it to be an attack of verbal blows
But instead it was a list
A list of all the things that in my so called passion I missed
Rushed by, ignored, cause I felt I was on the right track
This list was in defence of me making my way back
So now I have to turn around and once again choose left or right
Sink or swim, fight or flight
And my heart might not beat as it used to
But walking this path, I’ve gained something more crucial
The strength to walk in the rain and not mind the cold
Hear the gossip behind my back and not care what is being told
Ignore the so called friends who are nothing but snakes
Recognize the so called professionals who are nothing but fakes
I’m standing right in front of left and right and never have these two seemed more apart
Anxious to my very soul as I once again begin at the very start
And I don’t know if it was nervousness or anxiety that told me to smile
But I had to look back, because before I come back here, it might be awhile

Tick Tock is a piece about how sometimes life can get you down. Tick Tock is the sound that can haunt you as the clock keeps ticking time away, showing you that you are always one tick behind. Tick Tock is the voice of time, and he never EVER shuts up, its the Tick Tock … its that whisper that drives most men to do what they do. Tick Tock is a piece that I wanted to use for a performance, but I decided to do something else. Tick Tock is a piece I dont write too often because, because its pieces like Tick Tock that people tend to NOT like. Because its not all happy, but from time to time you have to stay real, and be real. So Tick Tock is what will show you what is inside my head at times, and I am sure that some of you hear Tick Tock as well.

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I dont know why sadness drinking picture alcoholism alcoholic

I dont know why

I dont know why

The lights are out, music plays in the background
Darkness broken by a shout, a sobbing sound
On his knees, spit hangs from his lip
Screaming a plea, he knows is forfeit
“Why must I cry, why yearn to die?”
Amidst his tears, releases a sigh
His hand reaches for his drink, he requires a sip
The alcohol helps him to think, he knows he is sick
The sip turned to a gulp, his soul turned to pulp
Half empty bottle and a figure cemented in sulk
This is a picture the walls have often seen
A reoccurring scene, inescapable dream
The questions are always asked
When the tears are no longer masked, and his mind state is tasked
The screams find life, when the bottle lost half his
But the source of his strife … unknown what that is
However, he has a clue, a hint, an indication
Knows what he could do, overcome with hesitation
He has been through his mind’s eye, and saw the lie
A white door locks its content, never did he try
Try to open it, try to smash through
Scared of the meaning to the clue
Its mere sight brings forth a plight
He tries to fight with all his might
But never does he win
The door’s presence is dominating
The tears flow forth, unrestrained and steady
Each drop full of pain thus heavy
The weight bears down on his heart
Before it crumbles, the drinking starts
But he is still unwilling, unable to open that door
If its mere sight does this … there could be more
The door could open a memory so wrought with misery
That immediately he would drown in his own agony
And seek his last breath
Walk into the night, and play chess with death
He would rather stay sobbing in his room
Drunk beyond measure, basking in his gloom
He does not know the darkness in his heart
But feels it grow, ripping his happiness apart
When asked why he seems so unhappy
He replies “I don’t know why, don’t ask me”
Scared to face his past, hoping the present will pass
This is a man accustomed to his social mask
A walking contradiction … to not know yourself is hell

 This piece I dont know why is one I found in the many maps that hold my writing. I dont know why I never used it, and to be honest I dont know why what the purpose for it was. But I assume that it wasnt for my second book, so it should be A OK for me to share it with you guys. And even though I dont know why how old this one is, or how I came up with the idea for this piece. I do know that I like this piece, and I love how the story is being told. I know blowing my own horn, isnt the coolest thing to do, but hey I cant be flawless. And even if I dont know why or how I made this piece, Im more than happy to share it with you guys.

In case you like this story, I am sure you will like some of my other pieces as well. And I dont know why you wouldnt like them, so I will just give you the link so you can read up on the boy.


The damage he's done

The damage he’s done

The damage he’s done

The first scratch was done with the first lie
It changed colors the first time he made me cry
The first dent was when suspicion was born
Felt as if I died when the first piece was torn
He apologized and promised it would heal with time
An expert in when to attack my heart or my mind
Delusions of strength as he kept me weak
Trained me to forgive him, before he would speak
After every misstep, he would be on his best behaviour
Too lost in dream of us, to recognize the danger
It wasn’t till he cracked the left side, that I would never be the same
I now had scars to forever remind me of the pain
Sweet talked me into forgiveness as he caressed the stitches
Like a psychopath fondling his trophy
As if he was proud he could do this to me
Staying away from the right side, cause it was not yet ready
It was still whole, still able to be happy
But it was not long lived, because as fast as I could forgive
He could do it again, and so he did
He went for the right side with a vicious blow
Left his phone unlocked, as if he wanted me to know
The right side didn’t crack, it shattered
The pieces then scattered, blown away by his rage cause his privacy mattered
Never have tears felt so heavy as when fuelled by a heart that is no longer there
Never will pain be as intense as a heart broken when all it wanted was to care
Each lie is a scratch unnoticed by arms reaching out
Each discovered dishonesty is a piece taken out
Each moment taken for granted is a dent forever imprinted
Each put down is a scar eternally vivid
The damage he’s done, has left her heart one sided
Handicapped her trust, even if she tries to hide it
A broken heart will always have a mark
But the damage he’s done, has ripped it apart
Her heart now sleeps in two places
Her smile is now shown on two faces
Picking up the pieces is easier said than done
Because some of these pieces have the ability to run
And love is fast, while forgiveness is slow
So the damage he’s done, when given time can grow
So be careful of what you say and do
Because the impact on her heart, is more than what she will show you
And keep in mind that you are in control over your match
And that heartbreak usually starts with a scratch

Yes sir, this one is called the The damage he’s done and its a piece I like because its real. These words “The damage he’s done”, is something most men will never hear women say. Because they are the cause of these words. But the The damage he’s done, is something you need to keep in mind, because you dont want to create bitter people, as you do what you do. So with The damage he’s done I want to show you that your actions have more impact than you know. And its not always about you, and I get how easy it is to be selfish and just give in, into whatever fantasy you have running around in your head. But The damage he’s done is something that could have easily been said by your mother, sisters or cousin.

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Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women

Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women

Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women

It could be that maybe, they are tired of arguing all the time
It could be that maybe, they want something they can no longer find
Because maybe, western women have this sense of entitlement
That requires them to act as if the world should be given to them
It could be just that
Or maybe they just want the feelings of being real men back
Not feeling obligated to take you out
And not coming home to screams and shouts
And not living up to a standard you set with imagination
Not having to outdo themselves every date, it breeds frustration
So maybe it’s because this headstrong philosophy has taken over society
In a way that western women now no longer appreciate equality
It could be just that
Or maybe it’s the fact that foreign women still treat men as a thing worth having
Instead of something to escape loneliness, or saturate a basic craving
Or it could be the fact that being a slut, has become a trend in the west
Or it could be the fact that they just can’t let the past rest
Considering arguing a language of its own
Foreign women place the relationship above the needs of their own
And that means that will try to please their man, the best they can
And western women, think they can be their own man
It might just be the beauty of an old system no longer valid
The west has forgotten certain roles and the benefits from it
This is still all just speculation
And nothing can be proven
But the thoughts of western men seem pretty linked up
As the link between men and women gets more and more messed up
The distance keeps growing, as sex loses its value
Moral standards become a concept no longer true
The games played ruin what could have been, and it will never be the same
And foreign women, don’t play by the same game
It might be this, it could be this, but hey what do I know
Frustration always seeks for a way to let go
And it could be irritation that forces these men away
It could be the beauty of foreign women that makes them stay
It could be the captivating new culture that comes along
It could be the fact that for 3 months nothing went wrong
It could be the lack of friction that they would usually get
It could be all these things, then again it could be none of it
It could be the excitement that comes with new
And it could just be the new thing to do
But if you had to pick between arguing and peace, what would you do?
Instead of complaining, you could change the situation
Instead of hating, you could try adjusting
This is all from a man’s perspective, so it could be a bit biased
But maybe foreign women, are more agreeable than western women is a fact
I know, but maybe it could be just that

I was told that this would be a good piece, and of course the question Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women is one slick one to do. Because with all the stuff that is going on in the world, Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women is a question that does get downplayed a bit. But I did notice that this is an issue that concerns a few people. As if the western women arent good enough, and what makes these foreign women so much more appealing. Well I couldnt give you a definitive answer, but I am sure you guys will find a few points or rather answers to Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women. And in case you still dont get Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women, you might just want to youtube it for a first person point of view of people who actually married some foreign women. I did try to incorporate their opinions in my piece about Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women, but I am sure you will get some answers out of those videos as well.

Now if you liked my answer to Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women, I am more than sure that you will like reading some of my other stories as well. So before you go get all happy about having the answer to Why Western Men Prefer Foreign Women, go and read some of the pieces in my book.


Waiting for the screams short story poetry poem

Waiting for the screams

Waiting for the screams

There isn’t a phone in his hand, no music in his ear
No distractions, his focus is crystal clear
But it’s broken by a homeless man who takes a seat
To kill the silence, the homeless one starts to speak
“You’re new around here huh young one”
“Based on your look you must have went for a run”
“You do know that this isn’t the safest place to be”
“And sitting here at night alone, is pure insanity”
“But perhaps you’re looking for trouble, or are trouble itself”
The man looks at him with a smile, and keeps his reply to himself
As he turns his focus back to what’s in front of him
The homeless man, continues his one sided speaking
“Well I couldn’t care less either way”
“This city is getting closer to hell each day”
“You would swear this has become deaths playground”
“To the point where it’s weird if there’s no gunfire in the background”
“The police doesn’t care, cause its black on black”
“And the mayor only makes sure his pockets are fat”
“It truly seems as if the only one watching this place is death”
“Lawlessness is the rule of the land, and bullets his breath”
“That’s why I took a sip for each life lost, and donated a penny for each tear”
“I have been broke and drunk for the last 10 years”
“But who cares right? The homeless are just decoration for streets no longer looked at”
“And the freedom that comes with this … Not for the world would I give it back”
“But I didn’t catch your name”
The man once again looks at him, and smiles as if to show no response is coming
“You’re not that into talking?”
“That’s ok, as long as you don’t kill me for it, we’re good”
“But this is the first time I have seen you in this hood”
“Did you just move here, or are you just visiting?”
“If I’m asking too much, just say so and I’ll stop prying”
Out of nowhere the man suddenly gets off the bench and stands up
As his head looks up at the sky a hail of screams erupt
The park in front of them is lit up with flares of gunfire
The homeless man hides behind the bench to escape stray fire
The homeless man screams at the man to hide as well
But he can see him smile as if entertained by this hell
The gun fire doesn’t cease, but the man seems at peace
He looks at the homeless man, with a smile and speaks
“My name is Yama, and I am here on business”
“All the work I find here, it’s a thing I personally want to witness”
“But you were right, death is intrigued by this city”
“And regardless of color, it remains a pity”
“But you can stand tall, it’s not your time”
“You will have to excuse me, I have to greet those who left it all behind”
Without any more words, the man walks towards the fray
The homeless man stands up, and gained words only few can say
“I saw Death that day”

Waiting for the screams is the latest piece I have written. I needed a new piece, so I decided to look through some of the concepts I had not worked on yet. And that is where I found this concept called “Waiting for the screams” just waiting to be written. And I had to do it justice, so I made it a piece that suits both the old me as well as the kinder “non killing” me. And with a name as “Waiting for the screams” its kind of obvious it wont be a nice story. But even so, I had to make sure that this piece “Waiting for the screams” wasnt too gruesome for most. So I decided to go with a piece that would show you a glimpse of what I could have done if I decided to make “Waiting for the screams” into a more classical Vino piece. But I do like this version, it shows us the beauty of both homeless people and fact that they might be the only ones able to live life untainted by the nonsense of mass media. So that is why “Waiting for the screams” is a piece about both death and talking. Sometimes you have no idea who you are talking to, and what they are capable of. But as long as you dont ask, you will never know.

If you like this piece “Waiting for the screams”, I am more than sure that you will love some of my other pieces as well.


I dont have Facebook

I dont have Facebook

I dont have Facebook

They walk past him, never once glanced his way
An outcast by choice, so there were no words to say
The chitter chatter of nudes that were released
Have no meaning to ears not listening to the rhythm of hashtag beat
The rage of Instagram as it brought down the high and mighty
Sounds like fantasy to him who never took the time to go and see
Never logged in, never registered, never tried it
Heard the tales, but he simple declined it
Saw no need for new technology and the so called ease that came along
His need for privacy is and was just too strong
Catches the occasional meme as someone shows him, and he grins
But a smile for such ridicule, seems like a wasteful thing
Its not that he doesn’t care, its just that he doesn’t have to
Its just that these hashtags, with him, have nothing to stick to
There is a number, and there is a email you can contact him on
But to place all his business online, to this day still feels wrong
And his friends try to get him hooked, show him the ease, the simplicity
Show him how fun it can be, and the beauty of its connectivity
The hashtags of twitter, the beautiful ladies of Instagram, his family and friends on Facebook
But they seem to not understand, that he gets it, but will never give it more than a look
To his logic, if its importance oversteps the internet, one of you will inform him
Write a whole backstory so you can explain the whole thing
Because your precious internet has once again entertained you
And you want to share this feeling, with those closest to you
But through his eyes, all of you have become something no longer bound by unity
To him you are nothing but, internet junkies whose mind frame has been left empty
Constantly chasing the next viral video, the latest news of what hat a celebrity wore
To him you have become nothing more, but news whores
You pimp yourself out, to recruit more to think the way you do
Simplify the world so everyone can feel the way you do
No longer able to be alone, no longer able to just think for yourself
Not depending on the internet to define your self esteem, not BE by yourself
All of you have forsaken the simple thing that made you human, made you real
But that is just how he feels
He wont say a word, he will simply stay away from this drug called being online 24/7
He will keep refusing to join the ranks of Facebook junkies who keep checking it 24/7
No sir, he doesn’t have Facebook, he doesn’t have Twitter, he doesn’t have Instagram
He doesn’t need those things to talk to people, he is what you may call a stubborn man
But in a way I look up to him, and in a way I want to be like him
But I keep getting messages, and I just get happy when I hear that message ring
Am I still able to leave Facebook?

So from time to time I still meet people who tell me “I dont have Facebook” and whenever they do that I want to go “I dont have Facebook either” But the truth I do, but lets be SUPER honest here for a second, the fact that I want to say “I dont have Facebook” means that I truly feel that way. But I am using the excuse that I am using it as a marketing tool. Now to be fair, for these last few months that is true. But here is the thing, I am seeing that Facebook as a marketing tool isnt as great as these other people be making it out to be. So I can promise you, that if I dont see significant results come from this experiment I am doing I will be able to say “I dont have Facebook”. And I will smile and just approach some random people and say “I dont have Facebook”. And they will smile and understand that I am once again free from the tyranny that is Facebook. Yes, “I dont have Facebook” will soon be my new slogan. Well maybe not soon … this experiment will prove what its worth. But yeah “I dont have Facebook” … coming soon to an ear near you.


The Battle of the Five Armies Saurons true origin

The Battle of the Five Armies – I see fire

The Battle of the Five Armies – I see fire

The Battle of the Five Armies Saurons true origin

It was years before the ring was. It was decades before the orcs became an army. Conflict existed ever since free will was decided. The world was at war, because the kingdom of man wanted to increase their land. With the revolution in their weapons, their arrogance grew beyond its bounds. Their appetite for destruction, quickly outgrew the unspoken bonds of peace they had with their neighbouring countries. But there he stood, the man known as king Tolwith, in front of an army, armed to the teeth. Ready to conquer land, not yet claimed by man. It was said that orcs roamed these lands, and that their numbers were increased, due to the fact that they were left unchecked. The king Tolwith, saw this an opportune moment, to both reduce their numbers and this lower the risks these monsters bring, and claim more land for his kingdom.

The Battle of the Five Armies Saurons true origin

King Tolwith mounted his horse, and made his way to the front lines to motivate his men. “We are here. These monsters know no justice, they are mere savage beasts who wish to feed on our children. As long as they are out there, no one is safe. They crawled out of the pit of hell, to drag your souls back with them. We must stop them, we must defeat them, we must kill them!” His words have the desired effect, as his men raise their weapons up, and scream. They are now ready to take down the orcs. The orcs however, aren’t aware that they are a part of a war. As long as they have been in these lands, they have never intentionally hurt a human. They are peace loving people, whose traditions and culture require them to become stronger through any means necessary. But they must never kill, those who are orc, elf or human. These were the laws that governed them, and they abided by them faithfully. The Battle of the Five Armies Saurons true origin army lord of the rings orcs

The Battle of the Five Armies Saurons true origin army lord of the rings orcs melkor
A Young Sauron

With every new generation of orcs, there was a shaman appointed who would be educated in the secrets of magic and dark arts. This shaman, would then become the right hand man of the leader of the orcs. The shaman for this generation was a young orc named Sauron, who had a talent only seen once every 100 years. The old shaman Melkor was worried about Saurons tendency to be critical of humans and elves. As they would often be extremely prejudice towards the orcs. Melkor often lectured Sauron, about the goodness of humans and elves, and that he shouldn’t let his anger run rampant. Because a shaman should be in complete control of both light and darkness. Leaning towards one, could become disastrous for not only the orcs, but all of Middle Earth. Sauron seemed to understand this, but his love for his fellow orcs, was something Melkor took into consideration as it could become a dangerous weapon if ever twisted.

As Melkor and Sauron were in the mountains of Mordor to ensure that their lessons were done in complete solitude, the humans attacked their orc friends and family. Sauron was in the middle of a necromancy spell as he noticed the smoke coming from his village. Without concluding the spell, he stepped away from his magic circle. Knowing that there was trouble ahead. Melkor in complete shock stepped in to force Sauron back into the circle. Knowing that necromancer spells that aren’t closed will call forth an evil not yet seen. But Sauron forced his old master to look at the smoke as he screams “I see fire”. Melkor seeing the smoke and flames, blackening the sky, knew that they had to return to help their friends and family.

The Battle of the Five Armies Saurons true origin army lord of the rings orcs melkor

The humans were merciless, and slaughtered all they found in their path. Children, women, old orcs were all put to rest by their blades. No one was safe, and they made sure to burn everything that was related to the orcs. Both Melkor and Sauron had heard of these raids of humans, but thought they were mere rumors spread by those who craved war. But seeing the smoke, their worst fear took a hold of their hearts. By the time, Melkor and Sauron arrived, the onslaught was over but the humans were still present, celebrating their so called victory over harmless people. Sauron became completely outraged, as he witnessed the humans laughing while standing over the orc corpses. Melkor equally furious, was about to unleash his full rage upon the army standing in front of him. But his powers were suppressed by the darkness that was emanating from Sauron. Sauron now flew forward, while enveloped in darkness, and started a fight with the human army.

The Battle of the Five Armies Saurons true origin army lord of the rings orcs melkor young Sauron before evil

The humans their weapons proved ineffective against the darkness that was coming towards them. And all Sauron could see was red, as he started killing them one by one. In mere moments he had laid waste to the entire army, the only one still standing was the king. Sauron who had somewhat calmed down, looked at King Tolwith with eyes red of rage. The king was frozen in fear, as he stared at the young orc in front of him, who he was certain was about to kill him. But as Sauron walked up to him, Melkor cast a spell on Sauron to subdue him. As Sauron fell to his knees, he was struggling to get back up. Melkor slowly walked up besides him, as he was maintaining the spell. He looked at the king Tolwith in rage but knew that Sauron took precedence.

The Battle of the Five Armies Saurons true origin army lord of the rings orcs melkor young Sauron before evil

“King Tolwith, you will never be forgiven for what you have done here. The bond between men and orc, has forever been severed. Leave here, and tell your kingdom what you have done. Tell them that they can be proud of you, as you slaughtered innocent and defenceless orcs. GO! Leave here with your life, and the truth. But always remember how an orc saved your life. Now leave!” The king now released from his fear, quickly turns his horse around and they run away. Melkor who is about to increase the amount of spells on Sauron to ensure his captivity, notices a dark shadow coming forth from the mountains. The shadow Sauron called forth on Mordor, has followed the two of them back. Melkor doesn’t know what will happen once the shadow reaches them, but he is sure that he must hurry up and seal Saurons power, before its too late. Sauron looks up at Melkor and unleashes a terrifying scream, that shakes the very foundation of the magic spell that is binding him. This slowed down Melkor, for just a second, but it was enough for the shadow to make its way to the two of them. The shadow covers the magic that is binding Sauron. It wants to consume him, but Melkor doesn’t know for what purpose. But he does understand that he cant allow it to happen. But the previous scream of Sauron, had not only shaken the magic spell but also created some small cracks in it. The shadow was seeping through these cracks, and was giving its powers to Sauron who become stronger with each bit of shadow he consumed. After a few moments, Sauron was able to complete stand up and break the magic spell. And it was right then and there that the shadow complete consumed him. It took the form of dark armor, and seemed to calm down after taking its final shape.

The Battle of the Five Armies Saurons true origin army lord of the rings orcs melkor young Sauron before evil

Melkor now on the ground, looked at his young apprentice as he was truly consumed by the dark, and he knew that the world would soon experience the same terror he was feeling. Sauron looked at Melkor and reached for him, after which he slowly absorbed both his life force as well as his knowledge. After he completely drained Melkor, the young orc started making his was back to the mountains of Morder. But before he complete set out, he used necromancy to revive one orc, and gave it a simple mission. “Tell all the orcs spread around Middle Earth, that if they want peace from humans, elves, dwarfs. To come to Mordor, together we will stand strong.”

The Battle of the Five Armies Saurons true origin army lord of the rings orcs melkor young Sauron before evil

King Tolwith, made his way back to his kingdom. Embarrassed and humiliated by the events that passed. He knew that he could never speak to truth to anyone, so he conjured up a story. Sauron became a Maiar in his tales, and since orcs were to simple to do something as majestic as magic, Sauron was taught his skills by the elves. And the fact that all the orcs were gathering at Mordor for safety, became known as them forming an army to destroy middle earth. The battle of the five armies, was now something that couldn’t be avoided. Greed often creates more than simple conflicts.

The Battle of the Five Armies Saurons true origin army lord of the rings orcs melkor young Sauron before evil

The End

The Battle of the Five Armies – I see fire


With all the hype surrounding this last release, I wanted to give the real story behind Sauron. And why this man does what he does. Never forget that for every true villain there is a story that made him so. So before you go and see this movie, make sure you read up on The Battle of the Five Armies – I see fire the origin of Sauron. The Battle of the Five Armies – I see fire can of course also be seen a prelude to the movie which you have heard of by now. And keep in mind that at the end of the day The Battle of the Five Armies – I see fire or rather this story is simply fan fiction … but it does or could fit in with the Lord of the Rings trilogy and of the Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies – I see fire.

And in case you like this story, I am sure you will like my other stories as well, but I truly do hope that you enjoyed The Battle of the Five Armies – I see fire (a Vino Venitas original)



Ebola Virus

Ebola Virus

It was another day at the lab, routine was the order of the day

The first cup of coffee, the video on which I pressed play

This slight distraction was enough to start the effect

She called my name, the computer was left unchecked

That darn intern, wanted to view the video as well

One wrong click, one damn error, unleashed hell

We werent ready to unleash it, it just wasnt ready

The strains to be used, were still left on empty

It wasnt entirely my fault, in the end we were all to blame

But the world will never know our name

It broke through too early, it spread too fast

Domino effect is what you can call the attention it amassed

But it was still too soon, because the virus isnt as wide spread as it could

They have placed these restrictions as we knew they would

But these barriers were too soon, they might actually prevent doom

All our effort, all our work, all the coding and restructuring

Not to mention the finances, all will now have been for nothing

This Ebola Virus was meant to bring back humanity

Population control, with adequate safety

Aids failed us and went out of control, it consumed the whole globe

But this one, was meant to take the right road

But now that it has prematurely found its way into the world, its too late

The problem is … the Ebola Virus its current state

It was meant to only take down one color, one species, one race

It was meant to destroy all of those in ONE place

But once again, our plans didnt go as stipulated

Once again, the entire world could be annihilated

And all that because of one click

Now we have to either release the cure, or the slow down process to create profit

So we can earn back the losses and try once more

We will reduce those damn numbers, that is what we do this for


I wanted to create a piece for the Ebola Virus, and I also wanted to incorporate the statement that Chris Brown made. And so I came up with this piece. I could have gone the old route, and create a whole piece of the pain and anguish this virus could bring, and the pain that it brings to a body. But instead I went the safe and nice route, so I dont scare any of you away. But in my opinion, this was also a man made disease, and I am pretty sure it was directed at a certain population.

In case you like this story, be sure to have a look at my book. And keep in mind that the Ebola Virus, isnt as epic as the media would make it out to be.


Jack Sparrow History: The Untold Adventures

Jack Sparrow History: The Untold Adventures

Jack Sparrow History: The Untold Adventures

The crew and Jack hop off the boat and stare at the passage in front of them.

Jack Sparrow Disney

They can hear birds sing songs they ever heard. The jungle seems to stare back at them, as the wind howls through the leaves. The crackle of branches being broken, by unseen beasts is a clear sign that they have entered somewhere they shouldnt have. But all this doesnt seem to fade the young Jack Sparrow, who seems enticed by the possibility of both adventure and the possible treasure that lay in wait. The crew grows ever more nervous, as they go step by step in a river dark and muddled.

“Captain Sparrow, are you sure this is the right place?”

Jack looks back with a slight grin and sways back and forth as he answers “Yes, I am sure. Just follow me you lazy dogs.” Turning around to continue on as he walks, he grabs his trusted compass and it points forward, and so he does. After a long walk through the dark river, the singing of the birds seems to have stopped. Now the silence is only broken by the wind that sings it own melody. The men eventually come across a temple, and stop to take in their surroundings.

Jack Sparrow and the Fern Flower

Jack smiles as he looks back at the crew, to both calm their nerves and celebrate the fact that they arrived at a crucial land mark. “Look here men, just a few more steps and we will have the Fern Flower.” The crew still afraid and obviously shaken by their surroundings doesnt pay their captain too much mind. But one steps out, shaking and with a trembling voice asks “Captain, are those friends of yours?” Jack quickly turns around and sees several creatures standing in front of him.

Pirates of the Caribbean the fern flower

Jack stands frozen in place, with his eyes wide open. He had heard of tales, of guardians that protect the treasure, and that they would fend off all those who would try to steal it. But he had also heard that those who do not attack, and simply pay homage will be able to pass. Jack understanding that he is in a pinch, raises both his hands and bows down to his knees. “Oh, great Guardians, we ask your forgiveness and ask that you let us pass.” The guardian in the middle slowly steps forward, the crew startled by its sudden movement ready their arms. The guardians react in kind, as they get ready to charge at the men, with eyes glowing red. Jack screams at them to drop their weapons, immediately. The crew listens as they lower their weapons, and the guardians return to their calm demeanor. The middle guardian is now in front of Jack, and stares at him intently.

“What do you seek human?”

Jack surprised at first, knows that he is being tested and should choose his words carefully.

“Well, I am looking for the Fern Flower”

The guardian once again stares at Jack in silence, and after a few moments pass it once again speaks.

“What do you offer?”

“Ah yes, I have here the greatest thing ever invented by man.”

Jack reaches for his bag, and takes out a bottle of rum, and holds it up to the guardian with a slight grin on his face. The guardian looks at the bottle, and places it in its mouth, and turns around.

“Accepted, you may pass.”

Jack raises to his feet, turns around to face his crew. “Wait here, and dont do anything stupid.”

The crew looks at one another, thinking that they arent capable of doing anything stupid. Jack slowly makes his way towards the entrance of the temple, and walks past the guardians who gaze at him as he passes them by.

Jack Sparrow Disney

He enters the temple and walks down the broken down corridor in search of the Fern Flower. The crew still waiting for their captain, now sit and converse among themselves.

“Listen, after he found that darn compass he has been taking us around these wild goose chases and every time we have to fight some kind of monsters.”

“Yeah, but he is the captain, and we have to follow his orders.”

“True, but why does he always get to go alone, when it comes to claiming the treasure. Maybe he is taking the best parts of the treasure for himself, and giving us scraps.”

This comments doesnt sit easy with the money hungry pirates, as they cant deny or confirm the accusations. Jack has always been known to bring them along for the ride, but at the last moment take the final steps himself, and emerge with the treasure in hand.

“You know what, I will go in and see for myself, if what you are saying is true.”

The rest of the crew, simply look at the man walk towards the guardians without saying a word thus agreeing with his actions. He then kneels where Jack did, and assumes the same position as Jack. The middle guardian walks up to him, and stops right in front of him

“What do you seek human?”

“Our captain”

“What do you offer?”

“I offer the greatest thing ever invented by man”

He goes into his bag and takes out a broken pocket watch, and holds it up with both hands as if to give an offering. Its right then that Jack finds his way into the center of the temple. The center no longer looks like a temple, but instead that of an image taken straight from a fairy tale. But beautiful scenery never interested Jack, as he ignores it all to make his way to the treasure.

Jack Sparrow Back Story

As Jack walks to the middle, he sees two flowers resting on a rock, with beneath them inscribed “The lower will grant you good fortune, the top will grant you immortality, choose one.”  Jack slowly but certainly stretches his hand for the top one, he is startled by a huge sound and sudden trembling of the ground, and mistakenly plucks the bottom one. As soon as the flower is plucked, the top one wilts away and dissipates into thin air. His eyes open up fully as he realizes his mistake, and lets loose a scream of pain as he now has luck never seen before. Jack looks into the direction of the entrance where his crew was supposed to wait for him and not do anything stupid.  He immediately understands that they did something to anger the guardians. And having found the treasure, even if wrong, he starts making his way back to his crew.

The crew is now in the middle of running away from the angered guardians, who did not take lightly to being offered a broken trinket. The crew runs through the forest in a rush, as the guardians seem intent on getting them out of the forest instead of hurting them or killing them. The crew is also completely focused on escaping rather than fighting or injuring the god like guardians. As Jack reaches the outside of the temple he notices that there is but one guardian now, standing in front of him.

Jack Sparrow Forest Guardian

“Still mortal … you have made a wise decision. Few can withstand the trial of immortality. Go now and never return! Or at least not with the same crew.”

Jack who is not a stranger to weird and magical things appearing in front of him, simple nods his head and makes his way to his ship. The previous guardians stand at the beginning of the beach, keeping watch  as they make sure the crew doesnt set foot on the land again. The crew recognizes Jack as he walks back to the ship. They scream in exhalation as they expect their captain to return with the treasure they came here for. But as Jack Sparrow boards his ship, the men see nothing in his hands.

“Captain, where is the treasure?”

“There was none.”

The crew looks at each other baffled and confused as they dont quite know how to react to this news.

“Captain, did you really find nothing?”

Jack walks up to this crew member, places his hand on his shoulder and smiles as he says.

“Well, as luck would have it, there was nothing there.”

The crew member looks at his captain, and notices that there is a new blue gem in the captains hair, that wasnt there before.

Jack Sparrow Disney Character

Jack turns around and walks up to the steering wheel of the ship, and screams out.

“Men ready yourself, for we set out for the horizon once more. I hear tales of a treasure that will make us all gods.”


Jack Sparrow History: The Untold Adventures the Fern Flower


This is the first of three. Jack Sparrow History: The Untold Adventures the Fern Flower, is the first and they will further build the story of a man that is already pretty epic. For more stories similar to this, dont forget to buy the book.


The Best of me

The Best of me

The Best of me

She always brought out the best of me

Even the fact that we loved the same scenery

It was here that we sat and stared at the sun set

It was as good as a moment could get

We whispered about futures we would meet hand in hand

She told me about the little things she wanted but didnt want to demand

We kissed after each promise was made

We looked at the sky, as the sunlight decided to fade

We had old quotes from movies we watched between us

Each line had an inside joke attached, at times the reference alone was enough

We confessed to little secrets we kept in the dark

We kissed after each promise, cupid truly hit his mark

This was the first of many, a night that blanketed us under the stars

No noise of the city, no screeching of cars

We were truly in love, a bond that could never be denied

The chances of other lovers simple died

But life decided to tear us apart

But our promises were stitched into our hearts

No matter the time, the years that passed

Our love would stand firm, regardless of the distance with which it had to clash

But the seconds, turned to days, days turned to weeks

Weeks turned to months, and with every month less and less we would speak

Phone conversations, felt less intimate with each new dial

With every month that passes, the details started to fade as I recalled her smile

After awhile, the words we shared faded away, into a memory not found

Now I looked and continued on when she called, cupid was no longer around

Urges overtook me, I lost my way in someone else

But love has a way to make you doubt yourself

After awhile my friend died, and I found my way back to the pier

Forgotten whispers came to me, their voice crystal clear

And then behind me, she stood there, with eyes in tears

It was a mix of love, pain and emotional fears

But no words were said, not a line was spoken

We stood across from each other, as if the space between us was broken

But love healed it back up, as we both took the first step forward

Ended up running and we kissed as soon as we were close enough to do it

Old promises felt new, the time in between felt old

It was love, true love, a story always told

So now we stand here smiling, staring into a life forgotten by both of us

The world is once again ours, we have once again become us

She always brings out the best of me



The Best of me, is a movie I havent seen yet. I read the synopsis for this movie, and I wanted to see if I could write a story similar to what I read, without seeing the actual movie. I dont know how I close got, but I am pretty sure its going to be a similar love story. All in all this piece was just to see if I could write a love story compelling enough, to make you want to read more, or want to know more about the characters. I could always fill out this piece, and make it bigger and better, as this is a good piece but its not the best of me.

The Best of me is another story, but keep in mind that there are more where this came from. If you like this story, I would be remiss if I didnt tell you that there is a book filled with similar piece.

Buy the book HERE

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