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A Generation of Liars

A Generation of Liars

A Generation of Liars

I hate niggers

Every Muslim is a terrorist

Gay people are faggots

Light skinned people are better humans

This is how some people feel

This is what they would say if their real emotions were laid bare for you to see

And thanks to the internet we get to see the real face of humanity

All its repressed racism and hatred for each other is vented

This is where all those years of oppression are mended

In plain sight  disgusting comments vile statements but to me its honesty

Instead of this fake mask people are forced to wear

When did it become a law that you have to care

I prefer everyone to just be truthful

Because now we punish those who speak their mind

The ones who speak from their racist hearts

We force them to stand in front of the public’s eye and apologize

A bullshit apology for honest emotions it’s insanity

But before that apology there is a meeting

I wonder what they tell you

Right after you’ve gone viral

Right after the realization that it spiraled out of control

When you’re words reached every household

And yours is a story repeatedly told

What do they tell you in in that little room

Do they sit you down and give you a script they prepared for you

Or do they tell you to speak from the heart

Nah because that was the start in the first place

Now we are doing damage control saving face

We have to hold a press conference

We have to ensure people see your sincerity

Everyone knows its a lie but you still have to do it

Because after that the people will forgive you

What exactly is the message here

Don’t say anything that might offend someone and if you get caught just apologize and its OK

So in other words it’s OK to be racist as long as you don’t get caught

Well I’m tired of it

All were doing is raising a generation of liars

People who need to hide their real intentions behind a facade of being politically correct

People who smile in your face but silently despise

Think about it we live in a world where we don’t just accept but expect to be told lies

Hell we even invented guidelines

The proper way to be

Just once I would like to get a mail telling me I didn’t get the job cause I’m black

The reason you crossed the street is because I’m big and have dreads

The reason you gripped your purse tighter is because your scared

Just once I would love for the police to stop me and tell me I look suspicious simply because I’m black

That he wants to hurt me choke me out and then take me back

Just once i would love to live in a world of honesty

Instead of always guessing which is which

Just once

This piece is called A Generation of Liars because I feel like that is what we are creating here. A Generation of Liars is what our kids will be, if they seeing us accepting lies as the truth. A Generation of Liars is what we currently are, after years of a society telling us that we can simply apologize for our mistakes EVEN if we don’t mean it. A Generation of Liars is what this world will revolve around, A Generation of Liars is what this society will be built upon, and its sad. Truly sad that we expect people to lie. Its sad that we expect people to deceive us. So I want to fight this generation of liars. I don’t want to have A Generation of Liars in charge of society. I don’t want to have A Generation of Liars deceiving us with nonsense.

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Kill him before he reaches it

Kill him before he reaches it

Kill him before he reaches it

I’ve heard some disturbing news

Here and there I’ve found clues

It keeps me up at night

Something about it just doesn’t feel right

It could be his following

Or what he is saying

But he is slowly taking a position for inspiration

He is slowly becoming a beacon for motivation

It’s stirring up eyesight among those we blinded

Disgusting is what I find it

Just imagine the possibilities

What would happen to our cities

It would be overrun by businesses

Do you see how disturbing this is

The image we crafted and slowly perfected

Maintained and constantly implemented

It could be ruined by one stupid nigger

He should fall victim to a trigger

We can then once again lay the blame

Give the attitude we created some fancy name

And say we will help while pushing them down

Lock them up till there are no more around

These damn animals have no right to the light

We gave them everything they have it’s only right

That they obey silently and without fail

Tell the judge to once again raise bail

We want them locked up, shot up or dancing

Nothing good will come from a nigger thinking

In jail it’s free labor and lawful slavery

Shot up is just a great method to maintain safety

Have them dance, sing, rap with a sick flow

Have them say that’s the only way out the ghetto

Make sure to pimp them out correctly

Give them enough to be happy

Just imagine what would happen if they got smart

It would rip the fabric of society apart

And that is why we can’t afford another leader

But to give the illusion we will assign a speaker

As long as he says the words they can believe in

It’s ok as he wont actually do a damn thing

We need one we can control

One who will do as told

But get rid of this one

I don’t have to tell you how it should be done

Make sure white doesn’t shoot that black coon

No witnesses we don’t want to see a courtroom

But get it done quick and clean

Before these monkeys get a notion of a dream

And dont worry about what the media might say

They are a part of this game that we play

Suppress deny kill nurture repeat

For those in power it’s an easy feat

Kill him before he reaches it is an ode to black leaders. Kill him before he reaches it is a story that tells itself, because it feels like something said by people who can make it happen. Kill him before he reaches it is a plan that has been put in motion more times than we will ever know. And I feel like Tupac was a prime example of “Kill him before he reaches it”. And it will then be the position in which he will inspire people to be more than what they are allotted to be. Tupac would have become a black leader that could inflict change in a way some REAL leaders were about to do, but fell victim to the Kill him before he reaches it concept. Kill him before he reaches it is a sad thing, but in my opinion its a real thing. Because killing black leaders, that arent in the entertainment business is a smart move. Because that shows us that getting out of a certain situation isnt limited to how good you can dance or rap. Kill him before he reaches it is a story that happens too often.

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Just another door

Just another door

Just another door

He stood in front of this door and not a sound was to be heard. There were no clouds, mist or bright light shining from it. It was just a regular door in the middle of a broken room. The only thing that made this door special, is that he didn’t know how he got to be in front of it. He ran through his memories, but couldn’t find an answer. He simply woke up in a daze, and found himself in an empty room with a door that was cracked open. And yet for some reason, the darkness behind the door seemed thicker than usual. The wind seemed unable to escape its clutch, as if it were a black hole devouring all that came before it. And yet there he stood, looking around a room with no windows, no furniture. Just 4 walls and a single door.

He kept staring at the darkness that slept behind it. As if waiting for an answer to why he was there. He would blame it on his imagination whenever he saw a small oval white spot appear and disappear. Because who would lay in the dark, waiting for him to come, watching his every move for that long. He would watch him so intently, without a valid reason. No, he should wait it out, till his memory returns and he has some indication of what is going on. He kept telling himself that, to dim the fear that now crept into every fiber of his being.


A large voice, seemingly coming from beyond the darkness called out to him. It startled him, a chill ran down his spine, but he knew that whoever that was, an answer to why he was here was now within reach.


“Who I am, is of no concern, just walk through this door and all shall be made clear. Your life shall be judged by you and only you. Decide for yourself, what you deserve. Judge for yourself how tainted your soul is. That is all that awaits you, once you pass through the door.”

His eyes opened up, realizing that if the words he just heard were true, he is dead and this is the gate to heaven … or hell. But that is nonsense, because how could he have died and not know it. How could he just appear here out of nowhere and just accept the fact that this is the gate to the other world.

“Stop playing games with me, WHAT DO YOU WANT!!?”

His scream, was met with a simple reply.


It was a very simple statement, but for some reason he felt compelled to comply. He slowly started walking towards the door, and with each step he relived a key moment in his live. It took all but 7 steps for him to reach the door. The darkness was now laced with a red hue. Realizing what it meant, he wanted to take a step back and try again. But there was no more room to be found. There was nothing to go back to. But knowing full well the hell he was about to enter, he was unable to take the next step. He stood there for awhile, staring into the darkness that was in front of him. A single eye, looked back at him. Until finally he turned around, and sat down on the small piece of ground he had left. And that is when he saw his surroundings. Thousands, if not millions of open doors, lined with a red hue, with people sitting in front of them.

And without him even noticing it, a small grin appeared on his face. Because he wasn’t alone.


Just another door is a piece that was inspired by a line from Tupac Amaru Shakur aka Makaveli. What is heaven is just another door. Would that ruin everything you thought heaven to be. Or could it be that life is all there is, or maybe heaven is a place where you just forget everything you ever were. Or maybe its just another door, leading you somewhere we cant define. Just another door is meant to give you an example of someone standing in front of this door. I didnt want to go on too long with this piece, even though I clearly could have. But I did want to make sure the story itself was told correctly. And the image I found goes along with it swimmingly. And in case you want to READ MORE you can do so here. And if you liked this piece, Just another door dont forget to drop a comment or share it with your people. Because maybe, it will be you to find out if heaven is Just another door. And you dont want THIS to be one of YOUR key moments do you? And what do you think … IS heaven Just another door??? Or is it more than Just another door???

I told you he was a good guy

I told you he was a good guy

I told you he was a good guy

They grew up together, like brother and sister
Out of curiosity and chance he decided to kiss her
It didn’t go down well, not for either side
She was surprised and was in love with Chad
He just wanted her to be the first kiss he ever had
So they talked it out, and decided to let that part die
Be friends forever, and let the romantic part fly
But the issue was, that she was pretty, flat out hot
And he was “aight” at most, “cute” the best he got
But these two got along, because they knew who they were
They knew each other’s secrets they hid from the world
They would whisper on the phone, when it was past bed time
And they were open and honest with what was on their mind
But she was always engaged with the concept of dating
And he was her rock when the waves started breaking
This was the dynamic that kept them strong
This was the way that could never steer them wrong
But he was single for too long, and she decided to meddle
Because she felt that he should settle
So she set him up on a date with one of her girls
A sweet and kind, honest and cute little girl
The date went swimmingly, the two hit it off
Now he spoke to her about his crush, his new love
She listened with intent, happy to be on the other side
Smiling at all the cute relationship things he tried
Flowers at work, breakfast in bed
Sending texts “I love you” is all it said
Cooking dinner when she gets home from work
While maintaining some distance to not drive her berserk
Small gifts of things, that make her happy
But for some reason, his stories made her uneasy
It was an emotion she couldn’t define
A nagging urge she couldn’t leave behind
It was as if she felt something similar to jealousy
But that would just be insanity
How could she love him, she forced him on someone else
How could she want him, she forced him on someone else
Their happiness should not make her feel this way
And yet every time they talk, she hides what she wants to say
But today is different, today she will tell him how she feels
It might ruin the friendship, but friends tell each other how they feel
He doesn’t have to love her back, doesn’t have to reply
But she will blame herself for ever if she doesn’t try
She makes her way up, thinking about the right things to say
She has to get this right on the first try, there is no replay
She knocks on the door, its already open and then her mind goes empty
Words leave her heart, as she sees him on one knee
He looks up at his childhood friend and asks “will you marry me?”

I told you he was a good guy is something that could have gone on for more than a few pages. Because I told you he was a good guy is based on a story about 2 people. And we all know that stories between 2 people involving love can get complicated. I told you he was a good guy ended a bit abruptly because I didnt feel like I should explain what happened to the other girl, because I feel like you can answer those questions yourself. I told you he was a good guy is a piece that I want you to think about, and fill in the gaps yourself. If this is impossible, let me know and Ill write a part 2, where I tell you guys what went down. Because Im pretty sure I told you he was a good guy is a 2 parter, and the second part will be as fun if not more fun than this one. So I hope you enjoyed “I told you he was a good guy” and will be back for more.  And in case you cant wait or want a lot of good stuff, you can GET THIS and fill your days with some good words.

Attracted to Danger

Attracted to Danger

Attracted to Danger

 She was always tired of the same old same old

She never wanted to do what was told

She stood against everything that was the status quo

She never once considered letting her wild side go

She stood there, smiling at the craziness as it ensued

She was almost unable to move as if glued

The people rushed by her, screaming in fear

Panic gripped their soul, as they tried to get away from here

Trampling over those in their way

Their top priority was to get away

It was shots in the air, fists thats flew

It was riot gear, and crew vs crew

It were the flames licking the ceiling

It was the knife offering a scar that needed healing

It was the bottle smashed over the bar counter

It was all a necessity to her

Because she hated the mundane

She rejected the plain

She needed more out of life, she craved adrenaline

People around her always offered some kind of warning

But it was never enough, warnings just sounded like something to do

Words never made their way through

She loved the tension, loved the screams

It gave her life purpose, it slept in her dreams

Yes, she was an adrenaline junkie gone wrong

But her craving was too strong

Its only so many times, you can catch a glimpse of death before he sees you

Its only so many warnings you can ignore, before consequences find you

This was her story, this was her tale

Jumped head first into life, not afraid to fail

She craved the danger, and that is what kept her alive

A goal for which she could strive

But no one ever questioned her actions, because of admiration

Living your life on the edge, requires more than simple dedication

And those who sit on the side lines, can do naught but look

And watch the amount of time the game took

Never on the field, always one to judge

But she played her heart out

Proud of her

I know Attracted to Danger ended on a weird note, but I didnt want to end it the way you expected it. So I decided that Attracted to Danger needed to change suddenly to the writers voice. And so I did that, I always wanted to tell the story of someone who dared to challenge life. And deal with the consequences that came along with that. Attracted to Danger is a piece I wanted to write, because a lot of people tend to just go for the safe road, because thats what feels the best. Attracted to Danger isnt just about looking for danger, its about challenging life and what the standard is. Attracted to Danger is about people who dare to live, who dare to go for greatness. Attracted to Danger is for people who understand that one day they will have to look back, and see what they have done in their life. If you want to read more, dont forget that YOU CAN READ MORE HERE.

She Asked Me

She Asked Me

She Asked Me

She asked me if I wanted to know what happened last night

Her screams froze my hand as I tried to turn on the light

She wanted to be in the dark, so I couldnt see her eyes

Her eyes never once told any lies

And even though she would tell, she didnt want to share the pain

At times the wickedness of man is nothing less than insane

So she started to tell me, about the path that led up to it

After a few words, I told her its ok, just forget it

But she wanted me to know, needed to me know

That she now carries a monster she’s unable to let go

But her words drowned in the tears that fell

Her sobbing told me more than words could ever tell

My arms tried to wrap her, offer some sense of safety

She rejected them, pleading “dont touch me”

Goosebumps ran down my spine

I wanted to tell her its going to be fine

But her pain was so radiant, comfort seemed in vain

It was obvious her world would never be the same

I had to sit there and wait till her mind was ready

Never have I seen tears that felt that heavy

Never have seen a soul so filled with pain it became empty

Never have I felt so useless, as I sat there, unable to help this lady

With each sob, the dark grew thicker, no words for me to say

With each scream, the light inside her would flicker, as she pulled away

Her innocence was thrown to the devil

I’ve been witness to despair but not at this level

Finally she was ready, and she lifted her dead

Her first words were “I wish I was dead”

I bit my bottom lip, preparing for the worst

Death in the family, robbed, rape or something worse

Grabbed her hands, looked her in the eyes and said “its ok you can tell me”

With tears still rolling she said “they cancelled the Big Bang Theory”

I wanted to end this with a twist you would NEVER see coming. She Asked Me starts off really Vino like, because She Asked Me is something that just sounds ominous. But She Asked Me is a title I wanted to work for the beginning, and then I wanted to slowly drag you in, and drop a hammer on your foot. The reason why this piece works in my opinion is because I can totally see people react like this, to the cancellation of their favorite shows. She Asked Me is something I see happening in a few house holds, or its something that you have heard about. Because over the years, there have been more than a few shows cancelled. So She Asked Me isnt as dark as a real Vino Venitas story, but its still a VV piece, because VV wrote. Now if you liked this piece, I am sure you will enjoy the rest of MY STORIES AS WELL!!!!

Late Night Questions

Late Night Questions

Late Night Questions

Its been a few times now, and its kind of late

And maybe we should have done this on the first date

But I feel like we should talk about our past

Because our booty call turned into something that could last

So before we go on, we need to make our foundation strong

And Ive heard and seen these kind of things go wrong

But I still feel we need to do this, we need to air it out

You know what Im talking about

So this doesnt really matter to me, but Im just curious to see

What you would say and if you will be honest with me

Because seeing as how we met up, I know your past isnt that clean

And to be SUPER frank with you, you talk in your dream

And some of the stuff you say, isnt as good as you or we would hope

But dreams are just dreams, and as a couple I know we could be dope

But if your dreams are just memories replaying themself

You might have to spend tonight by yourself

Cause Ill be in the shower, washing some of the stuff you said off

But I just love how your body is so soft

So thats why I need to know, what have you done, or should I say who

Now please dont act as if I dont have a clue

Please dont act as if I dont see the sideways glances when I walk with you

Or that choke giggle when guys see me with me

Now keep in mind that I dont care, its just that I feel like something aint right

And I just want to be real with you, not start a fight

And its not that Im afraid of your past, but I just need to know

So be honest with me … you used to be ho?

Late Night Questions is something most of us will have experienced. The problem with Late Night Questions is that it often goes wrong, because the past is the past and that is where it should usually stay. But most guys are pretty insecure about their thing and thats why Late Night Questions is something they tend to do, just to verify if what they fear is real or not. But ladies are also pretty slick when it comes to these Late Night Questions. So Im curious, what is the worst answer you have ever gotten with regards to these Late Night Questions?

And if you liked this piece, I am sure you will like my other pieces as well, which you can GET HERE.

I hate you but I love you

I hate you but I love you

I hate you but I love you

He walks in with a piece of paper in his hand and a pen in the other. He make his way to the table and sits down. Without any delay the waitress comes up next  to him to take his order, and without looking up, and orders a glass of water with ice, and a mint tea. As the waitress walks away, he places the paper in his hand on the table in front of him, and right next to it, the pen. He then opens up his jacket and takes out a different set of paper and pen. He places that on the far side of the table across from him. He looks up at the lights and as he bows his head, he grabs the pen and starts writing. He keeps going, and going till the waitress finally comes back with his ice water and mint tea. He thanks her, as he stops writing and grabs the glass of water. He finishes the whole glass in one go, puts the pen down on top of the paper and then stands up. He walks to the other side of the table and sits down across from where he was. He picks up the pen, and before he starts writing he places a single finger on the cup to measure its heat. With that done, he starts writing. He is writing with the same passion, if not more. His eyes occasionally glance to the cup of tea, to check the steam that is coming off of it. He keeps writing, until eventually the tea has cooled off, to such a degree that there is no more steam coming off of it. He then once again touches the cup, and without any hesitation he picks it up and drinks the entire cup in one go.

Puts the cup back down, and places the pen on top of the piece of paper he was just writing on. He then once again looks up at the ceiling, with a slight grin on his face. He looks back down, and once again stands up. But this time he grabs the chair with him as he walks, and places it at the head of the table. He is then turns both pieces of paper, so that they are both facing him. His eyes go left and right, as if he is watching a table tennis match. As if he is reading the words, on the paper one at a time, to see if he can decipher their meaning. But after awhile he stops, and he lowers his head. He stays in that position for about 10 whole minutes, after which the waitress who has been watching him, becomes a bit concerned. She walks up to this unique customer, to see if he fell asleep, as it is against the policy of the diner. But with her first excuse me, his head jumps back up and he looks at her with eyes filled with both fear and rage. He asks her, if she can do him a favor. Clearly startled by his weird behavior, she asks him what the favor is, before she promises anything. He asks her to read both pieces of paper, and tell her which one of them was more convincing. Looking at the pieces of paper, she can tell that they arent filled to the brim with words, and can tell that it wont take her long to finish them both. And at this point she is rather intrigued by the entire thing.

So she agrees, and starts reading the writings of this unknown customer. After reading the first piece of paper, her hand is placed in front of her mouth, and she is fighting to keep back her tears. She looks at the man, with a certain amazement, as he hands her the second piece. He tells her, to please read this one now. She nods as she grabs the paper and starts reading. Her eyes open up, as the tears this time flow freely. Her body ever so gently starts shaking as she holds the piece of paper. All the while the man does not look at her, he simply sits there with his head lowered, waiting for her to be done. She places the paper back on the table and sits down. He now looks at her, as she is crying. Not bothered by  her tears, he simple asks her, what would you do? She looks as him, as her tears roll down her cheek. She replies in between her tears that she understands that he loves her, but if she was him, she would still leave. The man, lowers his head, as if he was expecting that answer. He whispers in a soft voice, youre right, thank you. He grabs the pieces of paper, but leaves the pens. He stands up, places 50 dollars on the table for the water and tea. Nods at the waitress, and makes his way back out the diner. And she never saw him again.

I wanted to do a piece called I hate you but I love you. But instead of the usual I hate you but I love you pieces, where the couple fights and makes up. I wanted a piece about I hate you but I love you that wouldnt just follow the standard. I wanted something that was about I hate you but I love you, but left enough space to fill with your own imagination. Now I know that I hate you but I love you, gives away the entire concept of the piece, but the beauty in my opinion of this one is that it doesnt matter. Because you are still left in the dark about SO many thing. And that is true for so many people who go through the concept of I hate you but I love you. And that is why I wanted this piece, to have open holes, that dont explain everything. I wanted a piece about I hate you but I love you, that was as frustrating as the real thing. I might try to make this one into a short movie. I like it so much. And at  times I also have a few people who I want to scream at I hate you but I love you, because that is what happens when someone is in your heart. It makes it easy to say, I hate you but I love you.

By now you will have the same kind of feeling towards me. I bet you are screaming I hate you but I love you, as you keep coming back for more. And I get it. I have the same problem with this concept and all it entails. But if you wish to support me, HERE IS HOW YOU DO THAT.

Could you stop taking Selfies

Could you stop taking Selfies

Could you stop taking Selfies

He stood there looking at the sticks in the air
And there it was, at the end of it, right there
These damn phones with a camera in the front
Urging him to be more than a bit blunt
And scream with a voice he keeps for pure rage
I understand that you like taking pictures, this is cool to do
But do you have to be in EVERY DAMN ONE, no you don’t do you?
You don’t have to stand in every shot, your not that important
Your not that relevant or could it be you intend to become ignorant
You plan on forgetting everything you have ever done
So you take a picture with yourself, when you sit, when you run
When you jump, when you eat, when you meet, when you shit
When you drink, when you party, when you fuck, when you trip
When you fly, when you swim, when you dress up, when you sleep
When you creep, when you travel, heck even when you cheat
Seriously, do you just intend to FORGET the moment as it happens
Just so later you can look back, and be like “hey remember when this happened”
Do you really need to see yourself to such an extent
Or is it the final outlet for whom these pictures are meant
Is it for the likes, that you need or want to be in the pictures
Is it for so called fame that you need or want to be in the pictures
Is it for the followers, that you need or want to be in the pictures
Is it to make people jealous that you need or want to be in the pictures
I bet you don’t even know
This is a reason, why society can no longer grow
We have people who would rather take a picture of the moment than live it
Just so they can have the picture and 2 days later forget it
I understand that boredom is something you have to fight
But selfies became a new weapon overnight
And I am here to tell you that selfies are just dumb
I don’t like you taking them, and no I don’t have one
If I want a picture, Ill ask someone else to take it
And if Im alone, just take a picture of the spot and live with it
I don’t have to prove that I have been where I said I was

The people around him looked at him, in a daze
One screamed WORLDSTAR and put a camera in his face
Others recognized that this might go viral and saw a pic possibly “like” heavy
They turned their back on him and took their phones out to take a selfie
Just so they can prove they were at the spot when it happened
He just bowed his head, walked away, sad at what just happened

Could you stop taking Selfies is a story about the frustration a “regular” person would have watching all these people with their selfie system. And the nonsense of the selfie stick, which makes taking selfies easier. So the question is Could you stop taking Selfies, because they make you look well not as smart as you could look. Im not saying that people who take selfies are dumb, but the ACT of taking selfies in itself is just not coo. Now if you are a celeb and you make MONEY with these images, this obviously doesnt apply to you. And if you are using it as a marketing tool, once again it doesnt apply to you. But just taking selfies to prove you were somewhere is just … well dumb. Because now most people have to ask themselves Could you stop taking Selfies. And most would have to say no, because the question Could you stop taking Selfies is one for society, as most people tend to make these. Just be in the moment, and if you cant have someone with you, maybe the moment wasnt meant to be shared. So Could you stop taking Selfies, let me say that again … Could you stop taking Selfies?

Now if you like this piece, I am sure you will enjoy my other STORIES AS WELL.

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The Quickest Tale Ever Told

The Quickest Tale Ever Told


The feeble tales of mere fools caught in the everlasting stream of pain in this city
Are drowned and simultaneously drenched in the screams of its victims
And as you and I try to grasp the concept of their pain their life and their story
We become a silk thread in the tapestry of events which occur in this jungle
This concrete hell which by many is viewed as paradise on human soil
So as the hunted and the predators set forth to ensure their voices are heard
We can do nothing but watch and listen as each act unfolds


As the sweet melody of enticing promises tickle your darkest fantasies
You willingly engage in a slumber, with empty whispers as your blanket
To simply disguise the fact that you too are now caught in its web
And as its mesmerizing nectar trickles down to each movement you make, each thought you have
You realize as only those whose vision has been tempered with can
That you and your surroundings are an intricate piece of this city
But whether you are the hunted or the hunter is only a tale which time can tell
So give time, time and just enjoy this little big city of dreams

The Quickest Tale Ever Told is a piece I wrote for someone who wanted me to feature some poetry on their mixtape. So I wrote this piece called The Quickest Tale Ever Told, and it wasnt that bad a piece. Of course the mixtape never came into being, and I was left there sitting with this piece The Quickest Tale Ever Told. But of course after awhile you look through the stuff you have written, and you come across some nice words like this. And all that is left is showing it to people, because The Quickest Tale Ever Told is a piece that is worth at least one read. But keep in mind that it is The Quickest Tale Ever Told, so you cant expect it to be too long. Because while it does hold a few hidden gems in it, The Quickest Tale Ever Told is still a piece made for recording. And recording isnt something that follows the same rules of writing as my other stuff. So The Quickest Tale Ever Told, is a really old piece, but its still good.

In case you like The Quickest Tale Ever Told I am sure you will like my other pieces as well.


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