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Vino's Kingdom

Vino’s Kingdom by P.M.

Vino’s Kingdom

“Water’s running from your eyes
Clouds move in at ease
In a dark grey sky
Of misery

The black thoughts of your mind
Are hiding away into your soul
For no one to find
Like the secrets they hold

Don’t come any closer
You’re moments away from complete destruction
Every promise is broken
Regret is a mere assumption
In this kingdom of yours

Lightning strikes again
Like the agony in your bones
Another troubled friend
Looking for a home

Don’t come any closer
You’re moments away from complete destruction
Every promise is broken
Regret is a mere assumption
In this kingdom of yours

Build your castle
Wear your crown with pride
Fight your dragons
Like you fight the tears you cry
But don’t worry
Your weakness is your might”

Written by phebe mallien.

An Ocean of Tears

An Ocean of Tears

An Ocean of Tears

A wave of sadness crashes down on me
The rough hands of loneliness force pressure on my chest
I try my best to stay calm
I try my best to breathe
But there are tears working their way down my cheeks
My hands are trembling
My knees are shaking
My voice is uncertain
My heart is breaking
I’m surrounded by darkness
Searching frantically for some light
To shine down upon me
And show me I’m alright
A wave of sadness crashes down on me
I try my best to swim
But this time I’m not sure if I can win

This is another poem from a poet that I still admire. The truth that sleeps in her words, are far beyond what I have seen from any other writer so far. She lost the battle, but that means that her struggle is any less beautiful or valid. An Ocean of Tears is a poem that shows us that pain is real, An Ocean of Tears is what shows us that love is real.

Super Villain by Phebe

Super Villain by Phebe

Super Villain by Phebe

I saw you as my hero
My own superman
But I’m no Lois Lane and
You are no Clark Kent
I realised it
When I saw you without cape
It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane
Cos that S
On your chest
What you’re best
Sucking the life out of me
When you fly
Across the sky
It’s not evil
Which you fight
It happens to be
Your mission in life is to
Destroy me
Among other citizens
You disguise the evidence
Pretending you are just an
Ordinary man
But I can see right through
All those charades and you
Cos that S
On your chest
What your best
Sucking the life out of me
And when you fly
Across the sky
It’s not evil
Which you fight
It happens to be
Your mission in life is to
Destroy me
But when I find
Your kryptonite
Your villain days are over
And your x-ray vision
Is no competition
To justice
To justice
Cos that S
On your chest
What you’re best
Sucking the life out of me
And when you fly
Across the sky
It’s not evil
Which you fight
It happens to be
Your mission in life to
Destroy me

Purpose by Phebe

Purpose by Phebe

Purpose by Phebe

It’s strange how I can feel lost in my own body
It’s as if my soul is floating around in it
Pushing itself in every corner
Trying to make things fit
Trying to make sense

I feel as lost in my body as I feel lost in this world
I keep blinking my eyes
Hoping things will get in perspective
Hoping to see things clear
But it’s all a blur

The globe keeps turning
Night and day and night and day
Over and over again
And everything seems to have a place
But I

No I have no place to be
I have no road to follow
I am without purpose
Or so it seems

I feel something eating away at me
To be alone in a crowd
To be heartbroken with a heart still untouched
To be me when I try to be someone else

It doesn’t make sense
I do not make sense

If only I had a destination
To know where to go
Would give me enough knowledge
To know who I should be

Life has no explanation for the problems it causes
And Death is not the answer either

I am at a loss
Losing something I never had to begin with
It’s a race without a finish
I walk, I run, but I cannot win

I am me
But who is she?
I wouldn’t know

I know nothing
I know no things I need
I know not what I need

It’s complicated
It’s frustrating
It’s beyond words can describe

And so this poem ends
Without an ending
Without a destination
Similar to me

Happy Endings

Happy Endings by Phebe

Happy Endings by Phebe

I misinterpreted the looks

I misread the signs

I tried too damn hard

To read between the lines

When there was nothing there

And you’re right, this isn’t fair

This was a mistake on my behalf

And believe me when I say

I wish I could take it all back

I’m just too honest with you

And say what’s on my mind

Without thinking it through

Constantly regretting everything I say

Because I realize you’re not that honest with me

I used to like your mystery

But lately it’s been eating at me

Who are you really?

I wouldn’t know

Maybe what I see is all part of the show

Who you are and what you’re really about?

I guess we’ll never find out

I really messed up

I made a mistake

There’s no turning back

This can’t be erased

So, no

We can’t stay friends

This is where our story ends

I wanted to thank this girl for writing this awesome. And so I did a 3 piece release for her.

Disaster Date by Phebe

Disaster Date by Phebe

Disaster Date by Phebe

You come over at my place

Around eight in the evening

And you expect it’s not a date,

But just a friendly meeting?

You bring a movie, take off your shoes

And lie down next to me in bed

And still it doesn’t occur to you

That maybe I want to be more than friends?

It takes some courrage but eventually

I take your hand and you hold mine

But mentioning you’re dating someone else

Doesn’t even cross your mind?

Later we sit on the couch

And I rest my legs on yours

You hold them there as we talk

And still it is a blur?

For some reason I don’t trust the situation

So I go ahead and ask

“Are you dating anyone?”

You nod and say yes

I can’t believe all this time

You’ve been leading me on

Thinking I could make you mine

When you already have someone

We sit in silence for a while

You ask if you should go

I try my best not to cry

And say only if you want to

Silence continues as we sit

Unable to speak

I tell you I’m getting tired

And politely ask you to leave

You greet my parents, grab your coat

And hold me for a while

I give in and as I let go

I try my best to smile

“Drive safely” I manage to say

And wave as you disappear

I close the door and run upstairs

And welcome my tears”

Not-So Anonymous - By Phebe

Not-So Anonymous – By Phebe

Not-So Anonymous – By Phebe

Should I hide myself

Or put on a disguise
Change the names of the stories I tell
And feed everyone lies

Or do you prefer the truth
Cold and clear, to say it out loud
Do you want me exposing you
To show them what I found out

To shed light on your flaws
And show your imperfections
To make you regret
Every glance in my direction

All the signals you sent me
And you leading me on
Do you really want me
To tell everyone

Oh, who am I kidding
This is what you deserve
I’m not going to change anything
Just because I hit a nerve”

This weeks praise: Masashi Kishimoto

This weeks praise: Masashi Kishimoto

Ok to stay in the theme of Japan and people that have given me more than a FEW hours of entertainment, I will praise Masashi Kishimoto.

He is the writer of Naruto, in case you don’t know what or who Naruto is go Google it. I first came across Naruto, when my cousin was watching it, I think maybe 4 or 5 years ago. And it had like a 100 episodes, and we all know who I am right. I watched them in like one week, and ever since I have been hooked on it.

I mean who doesn’t like ninjas? And who doesn’t like powers taken from monsters, or simple humans who by channeling their inner self can do amazing stuff. And then of course the story, which went from a weird love triangle, to a devastating rivalry, to a all out war. The characters are engaging and  to be honest with you, some of the characters in the story are just plain old FREAKING awesome. Uchiha Itachi, Google him as well, because if ever there is one coo dude out there its him.

I am and will remain a avid reader of this manga.Alas I cant follow the anime anymore, because there are a BUNCH of episodes that have nothing to do with the story, which made me and a lot of people stop watching it. But he has given me a wonderful story/manga to enjoy.

And for that he deserves my praise.

As a side note, to all my Naruto people, who do you think will win … Madara or the 5 Kages?

Me personally I say Madara, until someone comes to help them out, which will most likely be the case. Because from what we have seen so far, they are NOT matching up. But as is common with the praises I give, here are some of the characters of Naruto.

And of course 2 quick videos to show you how coo the anime looks.

That’s it for this weeks praise, now go watch Naruto. Trust me the anime’s I recommend are better than any damn dramatic TV show, or silly game show you can watch.

And to wrap it up a few more pics:

Vino Venitas

This weeks praise

This weeks praise

This week we praise Yorel Cairo, the model/writer/actor/poet/singer/dancer/director/comedian and a bunch of other stuff. Now I don’t necessarily know everyone I praise on here, but in this case I know this dude since, well let’s just say ever. And ever since I have known him, he has had one goal. And that is to perform, and when I say it is his goal it’s his GOAL. I have the privilege of having a network filled with creative people.

I have the privilege of having a network of people who are able to work themselves to the bone to get where they want to be. But even in my extensive network there are but a FEW who are able to combine both. And Yorel works, and WORKS to achieve his dream. He doesn’t make excuses, he doesn’t complain he doesn’t push his luck, no he just builds the road that will lead him to success.

And for that he deserves my respect.

The work he gives the people, is always on point and I swear sometimes even I am amazed at the fact that he can do what he does. He has recently published his first book it is a collection of pieces he has written over the years. It is called “The Book of L” now I know it sounds REAL dramatic, but hey what book isn’t. I can’t wait to get me a copy, so I can sit on the train and read me some work. In case you think, or feel that I am exaggerating let me help you out with some of his work.

Now if you pay REAL close attention, you might see me as well … yeah we worked together. Cause for a second there, I was on my grind just like him.

Lets start off with what I believe to be his natural talent … modeling. This dude KNOWS how to pose, and pick a spot to shoot a good picture, lol he is a model.

Now let me show you some of his videos … lets start with the one that I am in, and then one of his, where you can see him do his thing alone.

And now, a video where he does one of his sketches.

And to wrap it ALL up, lets end with the cover of his coming book.











If you want to see more of his work, or read his blog, visit his site.

Thats it for this weeks praise, I will be back next week with someone else.

Vino Venitas

This weeks praise

This weeks praise

Eiichiro oda

So another Wednesday has reared its head, and so its time for me to praise another wonderful artist.  Now this artist might be unknown to some of you, but for those who do know who he is they will get it. Now let me enlighten you to why this person has become the target of this week’s praise. He is the creator of One Piece. If you don’t know what One Piece is, once again let me enlighten you, it is a Japanese Comic (Manga) which has become a Japanese cartoon (Anime).

Now some of you might say, Vino you are 28 years old, aint you too old to be watching cartoons. I have but one reply to that, and I will say that in my Kevin Hart voice “kill yaself”. I have been a real fan of manga and anime since I was 13 years old, and I have been hooked since then. During those years I have watched me a LOT of anime and manga. More than I can mention, I have watched a LOT. I have also watched me a bunch of movies and more than a few TV shows. But if I tell you that this ONE anime, has topped everything and anything I have watched so far in my life I am NOT joking. One Piece is the dopest show ever.

If you doubt me, ask people who watch it how many times they have cried. Ask the people who watched it how many times they have laughed. Ask the people who watch it how many times they felt like they were right there with the character and just wanted to give them a hug when times got rough. I am telling you Eiichiro Oda is a genius a certified bonafide genius. As a writer myself, I am telling you what he is able to do with some pictures and some words is insane. This guy is my hero when it comes writing and storytelling, and his work is beyond anything I know.

So for that he deserves my praise.

Now in case you think, I have never heard of One Piece so it can’t be THAT famous. Well as a person in Japan, I am telling you that EVERYONE here and I do mean EVERYONE here knows One Piece and most of the characters. And if you look online you will see just how serious people take this. But here are the characters from One Piece, trust me watch this show and it will change your life.

There is one more but I feel like it will be a spoiler, and since I dont wanna do spoiler alert Im gonna save it.

Now here is a little bit of action I found on Youtube, this is One Piece in 6 minutes, watch this and tell me it doesnt look like fun.

That is it for this weeks praise.

Eiichiro Oda thank you for doing what you do, and keep it up.

I will keep watching your work till the day I die.

Vino Venitas

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