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My sensitivity

My sensitivity

My sensitivity

You know what the problem is with being romantic?  The fact that at times I can’t control my sensitivity. I’m not one that falls in love very easily, but I am one that is open to the possibility very easily. And that is because; being loved is one hell of a drug. My sensitivity has always been prone to accept new chances and new challenges when it comes to love. The beauty of this, however, is that if I allow it, my life can be filled with love.

I always try to be open for new things. The problem is, is that I also try to control my emotions when it comes to love. Because, just because you love, doesn’t mean that you will receive it the same way. Love has a tendency to be one-sided, or even lopsided at times. Both of these options scare the living daylight out of most people. That’s why most people play games to avoid showing their real emotions or intention.

My sensitivity is out of control sometimes.

I’ve been known to lose myself in that game as well because going through heartbreak is one of the hardest things a heart can go through. It turns some bitter, others insane, others it turns the other way. But most will always try to be careful when it comes to loving someone else. This spoken word piece “My sensitivity” is about me wanting to break free from my own control. Wanting to love someone with all my heart. Wanting to be with someone and have them understand that through the ups and downs we still belong together.

That is why my sensitivity is something that I want to set free, but it’s kind of scary too. I’m pretty sure that most of you can relate to that feeling, right?

If you liked this poem, I am sure you will enjoy my other poetry as well, so please buy my book right here. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and make sure to come back next week for some more poetry. And keep in mind that this poem is based on the song Luther Vandross – My sensitivity.

I believe you die twice

I believe you die twice

 I believe you die twice

Some say that the beauty of life is that it has an end. I tend to agree with that sentiment. I believe you die twice and because of that people strive to not be forgotten. Now, of course, you have people who try to enjoy every moment of life itself and don’t worry about what happens afterward. The beauty in that is that those people can truly just BE in the moment. Others would rather capture the moment so that they can leave their mark on whatever platform they want. In the hopes that this platform will hold this moment for them till kingdom come.

I believe you die twice so I want to make sure that my first death is one where I’m happy. And I want my second death to be prolonged for as long as possible. Perhaps that’s the wish of every writer as they fill their pages with their thoughts and emotions. Some don’t want pages but instead prefer to make sure their second death is in the hands of their offspring or loved ones. And in case that fails, they have the internet as a solid backup.

Now in case, you’re still unclear as to what this second death is. It’s when the last person to know you, to remember you, passes away. I believe that at that time, you souls energy will be depleted and you soul too will find its rest.

I believe you die twice, so make sure you enjoy each death.

Of course, there is no proof for any of this, but I’ve often heard that you don’t need proof to believe in something. And when I look at the greats of history, I think that they too feared this second death. That’s why they worked so hard on making sure that they were recognized. That their names would be recorded in history as one of those people who made a change.

This piece was a little morbid, but it came to me while walking to the station. If I were to die right then and there, who would remember me? And when would the last person to remember me pass away and what exactly would that mean? Those thoughts lead to this spoken word poetry. If you liked it, I’m sure you will like my poetry book as well.

My love is unaffected by time

My love is unaffected by time

My love is unaffected by time

Time … Time has always been one of those things that have fascinated me. Because time allows you to do some great things and it also ruins a lot of great things. If given enough time you can heal most wounds. But I’ve noticed that time also has a tendency to affect love. And that is why I made this piece to tell you that My love is unaffected by time. No matter the seconds or days that pass, if I love you I love you. The only things that can taint my love are your actions outside of time. The issue with this way of thinking is that it seems to be a special way to think or consider time.

I have several people who have come and gone in my life and they all served some kind of purpose or taught me something. Some of these people I’ve come to love or really like, while others are just friends. But either way, regardless of why or what, we are still friends in my eyes. When after a long time I start talking to them again, they often tend to react offended. As if I chose to ignore them for all this time by not talking to them. As if I intentionally decided that talking to them was a no go.

My love is unaffected by time, we have always stayed friends.

There are a few things wrong with that way of thinking, but I’ll save that for another piece. The main point I wanted to make is that even if we don’t talk, we are still friends. Even if I don’t see you for some time, we are still friends. Nothing changes and nothing is forgotten. We are still as cool as we were before we stopped talking. You still have the same privileges you had before and we are still on the same level we were. But it seems that way of thinking is just meant for a few. “My love is unaffected by time” is something only a selected few can say and really mean. So watch this video and hear me say it and explain it.

If you liked this piece, I am sure that you will enjoy the pieces in this book as well.

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Sitting behind my screen

Sitting behind my screen

Sitting behind my screen

So I’m Sitting behind my screen and going through my timeline. And for some reason, I always get to see the same concepts being thrown around. There is a video about positivity then we get a video about traveling. Sometimes someone shares a tutorial on how to make an amazing looking dish. And I also see a lot of memes pass my screen. And for some reason, I also get bombarded with news about famous people and how intricate and problematic their lives are. Then I see a lot of sports news about who won what game and how that one player is extra special. And that’s just what I get while I’m checking to see if I got any new messages.

Sitting behind my screen can be frustrating while writing poetry.

Here’s the thing with all this so called information that gets placed on my screen, it doesn’t really have a lot of value to the quality of my life. Well, not all of it is bad, but most of it is just to entertain me while I feel bored. It’s just to keep my mind occupied so I won’t think about the monotony of everyday life. I feel like my standard places where I check for my messages are out to dumb me down. Or they are out to just numb me by bombarding me with nonsense.

I stopped watching TV because I noticed that it was trying to program to think a certain way. I stopped listening to the radio because I realized that they too have an agenda that often doesn’t coincide with what’s good for me. So now my only form of getting information is the internet. The only way for my soul, brain, and heart to get the nutrients they need is the internet. So that is why I’m Sitting behind my screen looking for things that will inspire me. I’m Sitting behind my screen scouring the web for places that will motivate the writer in me to be great. I always want to keep growing as a person and to do that I need to make sure that my mind is broken down by social media.

I’m Sitting behind my screen trying to hold on to my sense of being. Trying to keep a healthy and functional mind that is still capable of critical thinking. So that is why I try to keep away from news that tries to manipulate my view of the world.

If you liked this Spoken word poem I am sure you will like the pieces in this book as well. And don’t forget to subscribe.

it could have been worse

It could have been worse

It could have been worse

A lot of times I hear people complain about things that to others wouldn’t matter. Being stressful about something that goes wrong is only natural. But what if you tried to focus on the positive and tried to find the beauty in the little things that go right. So that when something goes wrong, you can say “It could have been worse”. The fact that It could have been worse is something that applies to almost anything in life.

Being grateful for what you have is a way of thinking that a lot of people miss out on. You can say it is because of the fact that the media bombards people with things they want or what others have. You could say that it’s because people tend to be around others who seem so darn happy with what they have that they want it for themselves as well. Or perhaps it’s just because they feel that they deserve more than what they have because of who they are or what they did.

It could have been worse

Heck, some even feel that they don’t deserve what they have been given. This is often times the case when it comes to diseases, which again is very logical. But keep in mind, that often times the disease could have been a lot worse. And if you have the worst disease possible, then feel free to complain because it could NOT have been worse. But for all, you other people, try to think outside of your own little bubble. Place yourself in the shoes of those who lost everything. Those who don’t have a home to go home to. Count the blessings you have, and remember that It could have been worse.

This was another poem based on a song. Lyfe Jennings – Could have been worse. This song is one of those songs that reminds that life isn’t meant to be perfect, it isn’t even meant to be what you want it to be. It’s meant to be what it is meant to be. I always try to accept things for what they are and try to be happy with what’s left. Being happy is a decision, it’s not something that’s given to you or something that you find. But that’s just my opinion.

If you liked this piece, I’m sure you will like the piece in my book as well.

Tell me again how we will be lovers and friends

Tell me again how we will be lovers and friends

Tell me again how we will be lovers and friends

Tell me again how we will be lovers and friends is a good question. Have you ever been in that situation where you start to have these funny feelings for someone who you always thought of as a nothing more than a friend? But you don’t want to admit it, let alone act on it because it could ruin everything. It could ruin the relationship and trust you’ve built up over the years. You could lose your best friend. And by now life has taught you that friends are hard to come by and losing one for something as simple as sex just isn’t smart.

Tell me again how we will be lovers and friends!

So the smart thing to do is just ignore what you feel till it goes away. That is usually the smartest thing to do. Because the chances of it becoming the “real deal” are slim. Well, that is if you believe your past experiences.  And that is where “Tell me again how we will be lovers and friends came” from.

Because sometimes the dream of it being the real thing is stronger than the logic of not doing anything that could ruin it. So what if your friend decides to actually tell you how they feel and tell you they want more. Most of us will be hesitant at first and say something like “Tell me again how we will be lovers and friends”. But some of you guys … yes, some of you … are just dirty asswipes who WAIT for this moment. The whole friendship was based on the possibility that this moment might come. And that is why it’s so hard for people to trust each other and that is why people tend to stay friends even if they KNOW that the other side wants more.

That is the friend zone and that is the intricacy of a platonic relationship. So before you actually dive in and go all the way, make sure you have a solid conversation of what you can expect and what each side wants out of this. And please oh please be honest, because lying about what you expect will only leave you disappointed if you don’t get it. So make sure you double check by asking “Tell me again how we will be lovers and friends”. And then you can also ask all the questions I asked in this video right here:

Tell me again how we will be lovers and friends

If you liked this piece then I am sure you will like the pieces in my book as well. Have yourself a great day and make sure to come back next week for some more poetry.

perhaps Im not made for the light

Perhaps Im not made for the light

 Perhaps I’m not made for the light

Not everyone wants to be in the spotlight, not everyone craves that kind of attention. I am pretty used to the darkness called anonymity and the freedom it allows me. The biggest issue I have with the light is the way people treat those who step into it. Your privacy is gone, your secrets are exposed and they will hate you for the fact that you tried and they didn’t. Yes, the hate is real. I’m a pretty down to earth kind of guy, so I’m ok with all the nonsense that might follow, but Perhaps I’m not made for the light.

Because with everything I’ve gone through to make it this far in life, I can tell you from experience that I don’t like people watching me too much. I don’t like being on stage, and I don’t like it when all eyes are on me. I’m a real introvert at heart so being in public places and being all friendly and stuff really takes it out of me. That’s why I’m thinking that Perhaps I’m not made for the light. When no one knows you, you can get away with doing all kinds of stuff. And I like that, it makes me happy.

So Perhaps I’m not made for the light.

Perhaps I was made to stay in the dark and let my work speak for itself. Have my pieces run ahead of me and touch all the hearts they can. That could very possibly be the best thing for a writer like me. The issue with that is that people like to see who they are listening to, or who they are reading. That is why I started performing, that is why I’m doing all these videos. Because doing what you love is a lot more important than being in the light. But being in the light will allow you to do what you love. Do you feel the pain of the contradiction I’m in? Sometimes it’s hard being me, but it’s never boring, I can tell you that much right now!

If you liked Perhaps Im not made for the light I am sure you will like my book as well. Make sure you buy a copy and let me know what you think of it.

Fool for you

I’m a fool for you

Fool for you

This piece is based on the song by Cee Lo Green – Fool for you. Love has been known to drive some people insane. It’s also rather infamous for rendering some folks blind. But most of the times, if it’s the real deal, it just makes you stupid. Well not necessarily stupid but instead it should be called oblivious to the truths that might be right in front of you. I’m talking about forgiving the unforgivable because you hope that your love is strong enough to heal the wounds.

Where you push through bitter reality in the hopes that, that old warm feeling you had in the beginning will come back. For the lucky few of you this is actually the case. They are the ones who can spend their time just being in love and don’t have it diminish over time. These lucky few are the ones whose love is strong enough to make it through the storms called hardships. These lucky few are the ones who can actually say to their significant other “I’m a fool for you”.

But to be able to say “I’m a fool for you” is something special.

It means that you admit that you are completely in love with your partner. It means that you just want to spend all your time with them. That you don’t care how it might come across, you just want to be with them. You want to be next to them, under them, beside them or in front of them. That is what this poem is based on. I was lucky enough to experience the chance to be in a state of in love where I could say “I’m a fool for you”. Of course my heart got broken, but that is why it’s a “FOOL” for you. But nevertheless I still crave for that chance to say it again. That one moment where I can just let go of all that pride I built up and just tell my significant other I’m a fool for you.

This is the latest in a long line of poems inspired by songs. If you like it make sure to buy my book. This one is meant to make you feel happy.

They don’t know about us

They don’t know about us

They don’t know about us

They don’t know about us is a piece based on the song from Jon B. It’s about how other people tend to have an opinion on a relationship they aren’t in. And often that relationship gets damaged due to their opinion. And their opinion is often based on their own experiences and their own fears and flaws. This seems rather unfair because some relationships are actually good, but they can seem bad because of other people’s feedback. You have to hate that. Because jealousy and envy are a real thing when it comes to other people’s happiness. It’s so prevalent in today’s society that we even came up with a word for it “haters”. They don’t know about us addresses those exact same haters and how they tend to ruin or try to ruin a relationship.

Tell those haters “They don’t know about us”.

The most dangerous thing about those haters and what they say is that they often prey on a fear that’s already there. They often want to scratch at any wound they can find to open it up and thus have the relationship fall apart. And then when it falls apart they can just act as if they knew from the start that it wasn’t going to work. That they knew from the start that the relationship was a bad one.

That’s why you have to tell your significant other that they shouldn’t be listening to their so-called friends too much. But then again, you shouldn’t have to tell your partner anything because they should just trust you from the beginning. But trust is a hard thing to give and it’s pretty darn fragile, to begin with, so having someone poke at it with a stick of insecurity will just shatter it. And with all that in mind, I wrote this piece. I have my fair share of haters, so I know what it feels like to have them try to bring bad energy into your life. Keep your life filled with positive energy, and keep moving forward.

If you liked this piece, I’m sure you will love this book as well.

Pass me over

Pass me over

Pass me over

By now you have noticed that I am rather serious about my “song” series. I love music for what it did for me and how it makes me feel. And there are a few songs that have immortalized themselves with me. And Anthony Hamilton – Pass me over is one of those songs. I am a huge fan of Anthony and the music he makes, but as with every artist, there are a few songs that just stick out. This song has been on my playlist, from the first time I heard it, and it never left. This song to me is about finding that inner peace and being happy with who and what you are.

So when you find your inner peace, tell negativity “Pass me over”.

I am a huge fan of sleep, and I love being at peace with who I am. I also love it when people leave me be, which might be due to the fact that I’m a real introvert at heart. But regardless of what the reason might be, I just want my happiness to stay with me. I just want that inner peace I fought so hard for, to stay by my side. And “Pass me over” captures that feeling perfectly. And I tried my best to mold that feeling into a piece I could give you guys.

So if you can relate to loving yourself, and being at peace with who you are, then this one is for you. Face the truth of yourself by accepting what you’ve been through and what you’re capable of. Never let alone disturb the tranquil waters you’ve spent all this time building. Just keep faith in yourself and keep working towards that dream everyone else tells you is impossible.

If you liked “Pass me over”, I am sure you will love the pieces in this book.

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