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You’re a terrible friend

You’re a terrible friend

You’re a terrible friend

You’re a terrible friend
I never see you
We never talk
To be honest I don’t think I have your phone number, your address or your email
The only thing we have is an internet connection
And you can’t even maintain that
Maybe it’s my fault, because I like having a high number of friends online
So I don’t erase you
I just keep adding more and more and more
So I can have hundreds of friends I never talk to
But I feel it’s my duty, to tell you
You are a terrible friend
The only time I remembered your existence
Is when you liked something
That popped up on your screen after the internet told you others did it
I don’t want to make you feel bad
I just want to ask you, are we really friends?
Because right now, you feel like nothing more than a distant recollection I have a few good memories of
That’s not a friend
If Im in trouble, I don’t even feel like I can call on you
That’s not a friend
You’re an acquaintance, you’re one step away from a complete stranger, you are a social contact formerly known as a friend
Nothing more and nothing less
If I have to view you as a friend, I would have to tell you, you’re a terrible friend
We should work on that, because Im to blame as well
So lets try to be real friend again, lets connect on something more than data

This was something I wanted to use for a kinetic text video. But eventually I didnt get around to do it, and as it happens with stuff you put off, it never happened. So I feel like I might as well just give it to you guys here. This one is for all you Facebook friends out there, who NEVER speak, NEVER have a thing to share, and have the audacity to tell me I am bumming you out, if I post real stuff. Or who feel like they can form an opinion on one piece, when they dont even take the energy to read the rest. Yeah, this one is for you internet friends … sad that this became a thing.

So for you guys, here is You’re a terrible friend. And if you feel like You’re a terrible friend, change … because its never too late. And if you know someone, whom you want to tell “You’re a terrible friend” DO IT!!! Let them know their role in life.

Love Poems PDF eBook

Love Poems eBook

Love Poems eBook

Have you ever wondered where to buy a good poetry ebook. Did you ever find yourself, considering to purchase a Love Poems eBook. Then this is the place where you need to be. 10 Love Poems is a collection of poetry put together in a eBook. This emotional poetry ebook can be your for 1 dollar. This Love Poems eBook has been written solely for online purchase, and will not be printed.

The Love Poems eBook covers all ranges of love. The beauty of love in all its glory. And we all know that love comes in many shapes and forms. Be it in the form of a break up, a one night stand or maybe even self love. All of them will be covered in this Love Poems eBook. Well perhaps not the self love, but the rest will be in there. So if you’re looking for a poetry ebook, that will make you cry, move you, and give you some great love quotes, this is the Love Poems eBook for you.

If you ever wanted to tell your significant other how you feel, or you need help writing wedding vows, or you want some inspiration for writing a love letter. This is the Love Poems eBook that will give you all of that and more. It will show you what love is about, and it will give you an insight in how you can convey your own emotions through words. Or maybe you can use my words to tell them how you feel.



Make sure to come back and tell me how you experienced the ebook. Because if there is one thing I love more than support its open and honest feedback about my work and how it affected you.

Vino Venitas Redo

Vino Venitas Redo

Ok Im going to redo my website, it will take me about 6 hours. So bear with me folks. All the info will be back up and everything will be the same, so dont worry. But now you will have the ability to post comments and everything else. This will be a slight upgrade in functionality and what not. So just wait for the site to be back up with all the old stuff and the new stuff. Vino

Keep in mind that I also have a bunch of different social media sites you can visit to look at all the other stuff I do and all the other words I spread around the internet. Its more than WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Deviantart and LinkedIn. Its me spreading a piece of my mind all over the world, and seeing what can come back to me.

So the Vino Venitas Redo, is more than just a Vino Venitas Redo, its the complete dedication to the concept known as Vino Venitas Redo. And with that comes all the hard work to make my Vino Venitas Redo a success that I can approve of. This isnt about money, or talent or even skill. Its about me giving it a real shot to chase my dreams and all the passion that comes with it. Vino Venitas Redo is the start of a beautiful thing. And even though I stop at times, I will pick it back up and make sure to make it grow again. We need to make sure that the Vino Venitas Redo, isnt more than a simple thing. Improve website functionality through improving the backend of the website. And I left that up to the Vino Venitas Redo management. And of course the drive that sits behind the Vino Venitas Redo.

In case you want to make sure that you will follow everything I do, you can also visit this SpinyBack.