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The Debate: Teenage love is still love

The Debate: Teenage love is still love

Ok Im going to keep this real short and real simple. Here is this weeks debate topic:

“Is love only for those of a certain age”

Now everytime I tell people that a girl told me that she loved me, and that she was 16 years old. The most common response is “She doesn’t know what she is saying”. Which to me is straight nonsense, because feelings are feelings no matter what your age may be. People seem to think that once you are past a certain age you fully understand the concept of being in love and loving someone. And just because you are young, you don’t know what it is you are feeling.

That is just pure poppycock, as soon as you reach the point that you can decide things on your own. And you believe that you are in love than my dear dear friend are in love. Doesn’t matter if you are 13 or 95, love is love. Who are you to decide which feelings are real and which feelings are make belief. If I feel a certain way about popcorn, and you don’t feel the same way, or you think that popcorn is just a real normal thing. Does that mean that my feelings for popcorn are diminished or should be considered less then what they are?

This is my point of view, I am sure some “older” people will disagree with me. And tell me that they know what’s best for their children, and for the kids in general. And that kids will always think things are bigger than they are. That is my point of view, if you agree or disagree let me know.

Vino Venitas

The debate: Sex is the most important thing in a romantic relationship

The debate: Sex is the most important thing in a romantic relationship

Ok since I left NL, and came here there is one thing I miss. Which is of course a discussion, if you know me personally then you will know this to be true. So I want to discuss something with you people every week, that is if you are down of course. This will be the test run to see if you guys are down to participate in my little discussion. Ok so you read the title right, I believe that sex is the most important part in a romantic relationship.

So lets break it down why … first and foremost when you start dating someone everything is all sweet and games but then you CONSUMATE the relationship meaning you have sex. From that point on the relationship changes, meaning that sex is the turning point in almost any relationship. Now we all love sex and know that most people are obsessed with it and use to relieve stress, feel good about themselves or try to hide a pain from their past. Whatever the reason may be sex is important to people. But in a relationship it is key, once one party in the relationship is no longer interested in his or her partner then the sex usually stops.

Not always, some people just force it, which is even worse but ok. If the sex stops, the drive or urge to have sex usually does NOT stop. Which means they will start looking to fulfill their urges somewhere else, which then in turn gives birth to cheating. Which could END the relationship, meaning that sex can end a relationship. But if you take sex out of the picture, all you have are two people who hang out with each other and like each other, which to me just sounds like regular ass friends. So to sum it all up, if there is no sex in the relationship SOMETHING is wrong and it will die.

And just so you don’t get it twisted, Im not saying all that other stuff isn’t important like love and intimacy and all that jazz. Im just saying that when compared to sex those things don’t rank up there with the big boys.  Now if you agree please tell me why, if you disagree inform us why you think I am wrong. I promise you guys I will respond to every comment in here unless it is addressed to someone else. Lets go.