This weeks praise

Ok so this week I decided to praise someone who has a lot of influence on how I live my life. Yes it is none other than the person who host most likely created the most famous Anime EVER. Eiichiro Oda, the dude is awesome for making One Piece and all the characters we love and know. So I wanted to praise him for his good work.

The Vino Venitas Blog 6th Edition P.2

This is part 2 of the 6th edition blog, and this chapter is the “I slept with a stranger”. As promised I will do a blog update once a week, so keep coming back because I plan on doing/posting some more stuff on here. But yeah here is the story, I liked experiencing it, so hopefully you like reading about it.

This weeks praise

I have decided to add something to my post set, and this is it. I will now try to praise someone every week, to show you some skilled people and share what little hits I get with some people who bring forth some really dope work. So every wednesday I will praise some. I have some few more stuff up my sleeve but this here is first.

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Story: Couldn’t look away

Here is the latest story of your boy. I wanted to use a picture that just seemed like it could come straight out of a movie. And this picture just spoke to me. No real twists or tales just a dude who is looking at a candle … simple aint it. But sometimes the most simple things in life, are the most beautiful/dangerous.

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Poem: Never Ending Story

Here is this months poem, a new one straight from that little dark place in my head. I promise you, the next one will be a happy one. Because I just reread what I posted online, and dude I seem MAD emotional. So the next month will be a happy one, but for now here is the mind of Vino Venitas.