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The lie vs. the truth

The lie vs. the truth

The lie vs. the truth

Imagine the two concepts known as lies and truth taking physical form and actually being able to move. Then put those two into the ring with each other and have them fight it out. And then the common man will be the audience to spectate this event. How would that go and who would be the winner between the two?  The lie vs. the truth is that idea personified in the form of a spoken word poem.

The lie vs. the truth is the bout of the century.

This idea came to me when watching the Breakfast Club and Charlamagne tha god said: “No one cares about the truth when the lie is more entertaining”. That accurately describes the current mind-state of our present society. I wanted to capture the essence of that idea and give it life. I ran down the possibilities of displaying how entertaining the lie could be in comparison to the truth. The lie vs. the truth seemed to be most fitting because these two have always been at odds. So the next logical step would be to have the two fight it out in some way, shape or form. And having them box it out seemed to be the fun way to go about it.

I am often baffled at how much people tend to feel entertained by what they clearly know to be lies. Losing touch with reality to such a degree that peoples lives who have no bearing on their own are more important than understanding themselves. Now the lie seems to have become the standard and the truth is merely a follow up on it. The lie vs. the truth might just be a poem I wrote to illustrate it, but this is a common reoccurrence in the media. I just hope that one day the world will once again crave the truth instead of the lie.

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Be a man about it

Be a man about it

In every relationship, people tend to learn how to treat one another and they also learn how to adapt to one another. The big problem with that is that people get into this mental place where they think they have to protect the feeling of the other party. Where they don’t want to purposely hurt the others feelings. So what they do is create these lies where they try to escape a possible situation where they might hurt them. And that is where “Be a man about it” comes from.

Be a man/woman about it and just tell the truth.

Sometimes you have to be honest with yourself and be real with the person you’re with. There is no need to give them lies upon lie just because you don’t want to tell them the truth. Be a man about it and just tell them that you want to break up. Don’t think them to be weak and incapable of dealing with the truth just because you possibly couldn’t. Be a man about it and tell them straight up that you don’t want space you just want freedom from what you perceive to be chains. Just tell them that the relationship has run its course for you.

People love to use love as a scapegoat when they lie to you. As if loving someone is a valid reason to lie to them. In my opinion, being honest and real with someone is a form of respect, especially in a relationship. Because if you lie about what you feel, you will delude yourself into thinking that you can’t tell the other what you feel. And then you will eventually put yourself into a cage of lies because sharing the truth might scare you.

Be a man about it and just tell them the truth. This also goes for you ladies, because you’re not exempt from trying to protect your partner’s feelings. So be a woman about it and just be honest with your partner.

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My point of view

My point of view

This world has always been an interesting place if you’re willing to look at it the right way. Keep in mind that some people are born with eyes that see the world different from what you might know. People who are inflicted with depression often see the world through cracked and stained glasses. It’s those glasses that allow them to see the world as it is and not as society portrays it. That is where this piece was born, that is how My point of view came into being.

My point of view (15 vs 30) A collaboration piece.

You might have noticed this spoken word video has an extra poet on it. I try to find amazing poets online and I always try to tell them what I think of their work. And sometimes a connection is born from that. And from that connection sometimes magic is born. The magic that the two of us created this time is called My point of view.

She is a 15-year-old girl with a poetic soul that matches her elders. From what I could see is that she also had a clear understanding of the concept known as depression. What would happen when you put two souls together that have both been gilded by sadness and tell them to write a piece together. You get to see what the world looks like through those cracked and stained glasses from eyes of a 15-year-old and a 30-year-old.

Even I have to admit that I didn’t think our views would be this darn similar. I was hoping that she would have a bit more hope for this world. That perhaps she would be less pessimistic about the future of this society. My point of view is about 2 people giving you what they feel like is their place in this world.

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And I want to thank Living with a weirdo for being willing to do this with me. And I want to thank all you guys for watching and reading my stuff. Let’s keep going and make some magic happen.

Love don’t make no sense

Love don’t make no sense

Love don’t make no sense

Love is one of those things that can make your life a thing of beauty. It’s something that most of us chase after or crave. Love has always the topic of conversation in movies, songs or religion. It doesn’t really matter what it is or who it is, love will most likely play a part in the situation. But what often gets left out is the fact that at times Love don’t make no sense.

At times Love don’t make no sense.

Have you ever been in a relationship where it felt as if you were the only trying? As if you were the only wanting to make it work? Your partner just seemed content with the status quo, as if to say that you should be the one doing all the work in the relationship. That is what this poem is about, it’s about loving someone that doesn’t deserve your love.

Thet don’t deserve the work you put into making everything better. But you can’t help yourself, you just love them regardless. All their flaws and mannerisms make them who they are, and that is what you love about them. That way of thinking is dangerous. That way of thinking will place you in a vicious cycle of mental, physical or emotional abuse. You should never settle for a love that doesn’t match your own. You should always fight for love but never fight for it when the other side just looks at you while you do.

A relationship should be a give/give kind of thing. It should be about 2 people respecting each other and showing each other that they want to be together. Not just one side showing their love and the other simply accepting it. But it’s for those times that I wrote this spoken word poem, it’s for those times that you have to say that Love don’t make no sense.

This poem is based on the song Joe – Love don’t make no sense from the album All that I am. I loved that song, so it’s only right I made it into a poem. If you liked this piece, I am sure you will love my poetry book as well. Thanks for coming, and don’t forget to subscribe on Youtube for the latest video releases.

I don’t want to cheer you up

I don’t want to cheer you up

I don’t want to cheer you up

For the longest time now I have noticed that people only want to see happiness in front of them. As someone who deals with depression, I get that way of thinking. I also get that thinking positive thoughts attracts positive energy. And with the way social media is structured right now, people only post happy events on their timeline. And when you post sad events or any emotion other than happiness, you get dealt with a certain way. Seeing that happen made me create this piece I don’t want to cheer you up.

I don’t want to cheer you up, I want you to feel your emotions.

With me saying “I don’t want to cheer you up” I am basically telling you that you need to deal with your emotions. You need to understand why you’re feeling this way, and then let those feelings run their course. I don’t want to cheer you up is me telling you that feeling sad isn’t a bad thing. Being angry about something isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You have to work through things to make yourself strong. You have to feel everything that happens to you, or else you will just tell yourself that any other than happiness is bad.

If you believe that anything other than happiness is bad, you will start feeling ashamed when you’re not happy. You will hide behind a fake smile to show the world that you’re still as happy as they come. Because the world doesn’t want to see any other emotion besides happiness. Sadness is ugly, pain isn’t desirable. I want to break that cycle of training each other. I want to break the routine of having people think that you are only valid if you are happy.

Because that will make you try to skip those feelings. And suppressing your own feelings is a dangerous thing. You will simply explode from all the emotions you put away. So this is me saying I don’t want to cheer you up, I want you to feel your emotions and heal them accordingly.

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Look thru my eyes

Look thru my eyes

Look thru my eyes

DMX is one of those rappers that created an era in rap. He was the one who destroyed the smooth boy vibe of that age and brought it back to the nitty gritty. He has more than a few classics to his name, but this record is one of the ones that really resonated with me. From the first time I heard until today it still feels like it’s something, I could have written. Look thru my eyes is all about people judging you before they get to know you. And as a big black guy with dreads … let’s just say that the assumptions arrive before my words do.

Look thru my eyes and understand who I am.

So when I say Look thru my eyes I am asking you to stop acting as if the media has told you everything you need to know about me. Understand that I am extremely unique in the way I see things and the way I handle things. Keep in mind that judging me will only destroy the possibility of getting to know me. Because preconceptions always refuse to make room for true understanding. So when I ask you to Look thru my eyes, I am telling you that you need to step out of yourself for a bit and look at it from my side of things.

I am sure that most people wouldn’t want to trade my life for theirs. But then again, I am sure that some people would because my life is somewhat interesting. But you will only realize it is interesting if you allow yourself to see it. The key message in this poem is that I want people to stop acting as if they have to better than someone else. The whole point of this spoken word piece is to see if I can change people from trying to compare themselves to people just accepting things as they are.

So Look thru my eyes and see what I see, do as I do, be what I be. And you will find that you are capable of so much more than just judging someone based on their looks or race or gender.

If you liked this Spoken word piece of poetry, I am sure you will like my poetry book as well. And don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos like this. Make sure you stay you, and never try to be someone else. You are perfect as you are.

The arms of the one who loves you

The arms of the one who loves you

The arms of the one who loves you

Have you ever wanted to love someone but they made it hard for you? Wanted to love them with all your heart but they wanted freedom? So what do you do when what you want isn’t what they want? The logical thing would be to let them go and find their way. That is what this piece is about because sometimes you have to let the one you love go. But you still need to remind them that they can run to “The arms of the one who loves you”.

The arms of the one who loves you will always be here for you.

“The arms of the one who loves you” is what you need to make sure they keep in mind. And it’s a promise that you will need to keep if you say it. This is the hardest thing for some. Time is a fickle enemy that can erode passion and dismiss love. So when you promise someone that you will be there for them regardless, please make sure that you mean it. Make sure that your love is unaffected by time.

Because that sentiment is often given under the assumption that only a few days will pass and the fire of love will remain as strong as they were when separating. It’s a beautiful concept that I have often tried to keep true myself. But The arms of the one who loves you can often only remain true when you talk about your mom being there for you. Or your dad is there for you. But a partner being there for you REGARDLESS of whatever is rare.

This spoken word poem is based on Xscape – The arms of the one who loves you. I have always loved this song and what it means. Love should always be eternal but reality tends to shake that foundation and leaves us with a version of love that gets diluted as years pass by. That is what I hope for in this poem. I love poetry for giving me the chance to create something this beautiful.

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I called her a milf

I called her a milf

So this is one of those poems that was born from a casual conversation with a friend. So while talking to my friend I tried to be slick and I called her a milf. And I love my friends because they always check me when I mess up. Because of course she checked me by making sure I knew what I was saying. And I love it when people check me. This was a really valuable lesson or rather a reminder that words have meaning.

I messed up when I called her a milf!

I need to be aware that what I say can be perceived a different way than what I mean it. And that’s often because I forget that certain words are loaded. So to make sure I don’t lose myself in the darkness of being unknowing I need people to remind me that what I say has meaning.

This spoken word piece is thus dedicated to my friend who actually caught me slipping. I love writing and I always try to look for inspiration in my day to day life and things that come into my reality. And this was a beautiful source of words that damn near wrote themselves. And for those of you who are unaware of what the word milf or rather the acronym M.I.L.F actually means here is the definition “Mom I’d Like to F$ck.”

Now think to yourself for a second is that really a compliment? Is that something you would say to someone in an attempt to boost their ego? Most of us have learned that being that direct doesn’t really bring forth the best results. So why is it ok to sneak it in as a word that society has deemed ok? This spoken word slam poetry should speak for itself as its pretty straight forward.

If you liked this piece than I am sure you will like the ones in my poetry book as well.

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Two occasions

Two occasions

Two occasions

Have you ever been in love and lost it? You ever wanted to hold the one you lost? Have you ever been unable to stop thinking about the one that got away? That feeling, that is what “Two Occasions” is about. When the only respite you get from thinking about that person is when you sleep. Those moments are all born in those moments when your heart is trying to heal itself. That moment when you try to push yourself to look past what has been.

I only think of you on two occasions.

Missing someone sometimes really takes it out of you. When you don’t want to think about them but their memory just refuses to leave you alone. That is what this spoken word poetry “Two occasions” is all about. I had to dig deeper than I wanted to bring this level of emotion into this piece. Because I don’t particularly like to relive painful moments. But when I look at what was born from reliving it, I have to admit it was worth it.

This poem also had another component that I had to sneak in there. Those moments when both you and the one you love miss each other but you’re both unable to get past what tore you apart. That moment when the other party sends you a message and asks you “if you still think about them?” That moment is a rough pill to swallow because your heart wants to be with the one it loves, but your mind is against it. That’s another part of love and relationships I wanted to show with this poem.

Love will be love, and pain will be love. To share those is to share yourself and thus heal yourself. And that is how I came up with “Two occasions”.

If you liked this spoken word piece, I am sure you will like the poems in my poetry book as well.

And in case you were wondering, this poem was based on the song Babyface – Two occasions. Some of you might know it as Deele – Two occasions, but since the lyrics are the same it doesn’t really matter. I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to come back, and don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube for more great spoken word slam poetry videos.

My sensitivity

My sensitivity

My sensitivity

You know what the problem is with being romantic?  The fact that at times I can’t control my sensitivity. I’m not one that falls in love very easily, but I am one that is open to the possibility very easily. And that is because; being loved is one hell of a drug. My sensitivity has always been prone to accept new chances and new challenges when it comes to love. The beauty of this, however, is that if I allow it, my life can be filled with love.

I always try to be open for new things. The problem is, is that I also try to control my emotions when it comes to love. Because, just because you love, doesn’t mean that you will receive it the same way. Love has a tendency to be one-sided, or even lopsided at times. Both of these options scare the living daylight out of most people. That’s why most people play games to avoid showing their real emotions or intention.

My sensitivity is out of control sometimes.

I’ve been known to lose myself in that game as well because going through heartbreak is one of the hardest things a heart can go through. It turns some bitter, others insane, others it turns the other way. But most will always try to be careful when it comes to loving someone else. This spoken word piece “My sensitivity” is about me wanting to break free from my own control. Wanting to love someone with all my heart. Wanting to be with someone and have them understand that through the ups and downs we still belong together.

That is why my sensitivity is something that I want to set free, but it’s kind of scary too. I’m pretty sure that most of you can relate to that feeling, right?

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