Main lesson of the book: Your mind creates your reality

This is what poetry feels like when used by someone who understands the concept of knowing yourself. This was a short book but it was well worth the read, so much so that I actually read it 3 times because I wanted to make sure got as much of it as possible. This entire book is about the understanding that your mind creates and decides your reality. Your mind is like a garden and if left unattended weeds will grow that will ruin your garden. So it is your own responsibility to clean out the weeds and plant the seeds you wish to have in your garden. Whatever is planted in your garden will multiply itself and grow accordingly. Meaning that if you think nothing but negative thoughts, they will grow and eventually consume your entire. But luckily the same goes for positive thoughts. But if you don’t put in effort to make sure that your thoughts are structured and positive and guided, the weeds of life will step in and your mind won’t be yours anymore.

You are in full control of your mind, you are the captain of your ship. You are its caretaker and defender. If you neglect these duties your mind is open to all kinds of attacks and manipulations. And if you let negative thoughts roam free in your mind, you will soon find your life filled with negativity. The world is nothing more than a reflection of your mind. By placing the proper ideas in your mind and subconscious you will free yourself from all the strive and hatred and jealousy holding you back from the life you want or deserve.

This world is based on growth and growth requires strength. If you are weak, you can train yourself to become strong, this goes for your body as well as your mind. Never let the outside world decide for you what your mind should hold. We are in an age where the mind and reality are slowly merging. What one can think of one can create. What one desires one can get. This world was made for the just, wickedness will never win. Righteousness is the law of the land and the world will always correct itself to make sure justice is served.

A great point this book made is that it is wrong to think that a wicked man who is rich and a virtuous man who is poor is unjust. Because we do not know what is inside their mind it is wrong of us to judge. We are making the assumption that the wicked man is wicked in all aspects of his life and that his mind if filled with wickedness. Where we believe that the man of virtue is virtuous in all parts of his being. It is their mind and how they structured it that brought forth their current situation. Tend to  your minds garden and plant the seeds of happiness, peace, acceptance and justice. And the book promises us that the world will adjust itself to our mind because our mind is both the creator and shaper of the conditions of this world.

This was a really short book, but man did it pack a punch. This book isn’t for those who seek wealth, but for those who want to make sure they deserve to be wealthy. This book aligns perfectly with How to Think and Grow Rich and The Science of getting Rich. To such a degree that it feels as if they read this book before they wrote theirs. If your goal isn’t money or material gain, but a mastery of self, this is the book for you. Once again, a great palette cleanser after Mastering the game.