Spiderman Far From Home – Who is Mysterio?

The new Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer has been released. And Jake Gyllenhaal has revealed himself to be Mysterio.

What is interesting about the new Spidey trailer is that Tom Holland is still alive after he turned into a cloud of dust in Avengers: Infinity War. We will most likely have to wait for Avengers: Endgame  to see how everything works out with regards to the timelines.

In the new Spiderman movie, Gyllenhaal plays Mysterio and we see him fly in and blast a gigantic water being and giving Spidey a shower in the process. It’s then said that Mysterio is like a combination of Iron Man and Thor. In the original comic Mysterio is a villain who gives Spiderman a run for his money. He debuted in 1964’s The Amazing Spider-Man #13, although later it was revealed that he was responsible for an alien hoax seen in issue #2 the previous year. The origin story of Mysterio is he was a stuntman and a special effects  specialist who failed in his career and then decided to use illusions to commit crimes. He was also a member of the Sinister Six, which included villains like Electro, Kraven the hunter, Sandman, Doctor Octopus and Vulture. Which we were introduced to in Spiderman – Homecoming  when he was played by Michael Keaton.

In the comics, the closest Mysterio ever came to beating Spiderman was in the Amazing Spiderman #24, where he almost tricked Spiderman into unmasking by using a fake identity as a hypnotherapist. But his plot was thwarted by J. Jonah Jameson. Another interesting point is the fact that Mysterio was in a 2012 miniseries, where he forced Peter Parker to team up with the alternate universe Spiderman Miles Morales to stop him. Because Mysterio got so good with his illusions that he breached the barrier between worlds and controlled a robotic avatar. A side point is that Daredevil’s #7 which was released in 1999, Mysterio actually committed suicide after losing to Daredevil.

Mysterio also has a wide array of weapons at his disposal. In his helmet he has a portable air supply and a sonar system that allows him use his debilitating gas which cancels out Spiderman’s Spider-sense. And in the comic he even has a special acid that can corrode Spidey’s webbing.

It might also interest you that Mysterio was originally supposed to debut in Sam Raimi’s cancelled Spiderman 4. He was going to be played by Bruce Campbell who was the wrestling announcer in Spiderman and a usher in Spiderman 2 and Maitre d’ in Spiderman 3.

It could of course be possible that Mysterio has been recasted to be a good guy but it could also be part of a plot twist to make it a bit more interesting. Either way, we can rest assured that Marvel will give us another solid offering, and I have my popcorn at the ready.

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