Your vocabulary is in prison

There are these amazing jobs out there that require you to know the lingo. You study up till you understand and know each word by heart. You then spend even more time to learn what words might pop up and try to understand every piece of vocabulary related to your position. And then, of course, you also have your personal life. Your personal life is most likely filled with a lot of people you have been around for a long time. It probably also has this built in the routine you keep to, to make sure you remain comfortable.

Its that comfort and constantly being around the same people that create this issue with your vocabulary. Your vocabulary goes into a cage where it remains until you realize that you’re doing a great injustice to every word you’ve never spoken.

Your vocabulary is in prison until you realize that you can learn.

Even in my job, I find myself repeating a lot of the same words over and over because keeping things simple and straightforward is the way of society. I used to use this loophole to make sure I learned new words and was able to put them into my day to day use. But I lost my loophole when I realized that the people at my job didn’t like it.

Because using words people don’t use offends them. Which is very very interesting because the only thing I was trying to do was improve myself. Things sometimes go like that. Here is my spoken word poem about this.

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