A perfect world

Have you ever thought about what it would feel like to live in a perfect world? If you have I am sure that you had a whole list of conditions the world would have to live up to.  Because no matter how hard you might try, your own preferences will sneak into what you deem perfect. The issue with that is that your definition of perfect might be completely different from the next person. And he or she would also be living in their perfect world. Which means that your worlds would collide at some point.

Will we ever get to A perfect world?

That is why I always try to keep my definition of a perfect world to the basic necessities. The core essentials this world would need to function at a higher level. And to be quite frank, my definitions of a perfect world are very possible if only the right people would get on board. The issue is that this change would require certain sacrifices of the would be rich. And the rich NEVER like sacrificing anything that requires the loss of money. And this world is so hung up on money that it tends to dismiss everything else in search of it.

I wanted to show that this world does need some cleaning up. Wanted to tell a side of the story you wouldn’t often hear and deliver it in a way that might actually resonate with you. I do have to say that I am stuck on dreaming for a better world. Have a watch to hear what I am trying to say:

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