Take your time

I have heard this said more than a few times. And. I’ve always thought it was an interesting saying. Because time at the end of the day isn’t a concept you can actually take a hold of. But what if we used a bit of imagination and created a world where time was something you could take a hold of. Then someone saying take your time would make actual sense.

With this poem, I tried to create a library where all your expectations, experiences and thoughts were translated into books. And those books were, of course, your responsibility. You would have to do your very best to make sure the books are worth reading.

Take your time as if it was on a shelf.

You would also be responsible for who takes out the books as the librarian. So what if I then told you to take your time. Would you try to create a new book with your definition of time? Or would you build an entirely new wing where you put all the valuable moments in your life and then take that as your time?

For me, I would create a book where I put in all my achievements and define that as my time. Because in my mind the value of time is often defined as what is achieved within said time. I all ways believe that results are the key to reaching your dreams. So control the content of your books and make sure that your bookshelves are filled with quality all the way through.

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