Moving on after a breakup

This right here ‘Moving on after a breakup’ is one of those pieces that you write as therapy. One of those poems that help give you the insight into what you’re feeling and what you’re going through. Might even help you understand the pain and where it comes from and why you are in the situation. Love is tricky, so much so that people make millions writing books about it, movies about it and songs about it.

A relationship is even more complicated because of the mixing of two whole lives. Trying to merge two situations into one and having them sync completely is rare. Due to the fact that people tend to want the situation a certain way. And when they can’t get that situation, when they can’t force the situation to be what they want it to be, often times people step out. Because being in a situation that isn’t beneficial to you isn’t something people want.

The world can be pretty dark while Moving on after a breakup.

It’s coming to terms with reality and accepting the consequences of your actions that’s really hard for most people. That’s why moving on after a breakup is so hard because you have to truly believe that this new reality is the one that is right for you. So many of us just don’t want to embrace the fact that the love you invested so much time and energy into is no more. And the new situation without the love you so wanted is hard.

Moving on after a breakup can be pretty easy though. All you have to do is just find relief in other things. Find distraction in your passion. And if you find that your life is empty without that love … your life needs some work.

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