I have written a lot of poems in my life and the way I enjoy doing them is a unique experience. I love telling myself and those who read my words that they have to keep dreaming and keep trying. I need everyone who reads my words to understand that they are in control of their life. They are the key point in making sure their dream becomes reality.

And I once again had the pleasure to do a collaboration spoken word piece with another amazing poet. Dreams are what make life into a thing worth living. Those exact same dreams are what force people to strive for greatness. I love watching people chase their dreams.

Make sure you follows your Dreams.

I always try to play my part in making sure that people achieve their goals. Because when people achieve their goals they get a chance at achieving happiness. And making people happy is a beautiful thing that a lot of people underestimate. I write to write, but I also try to write to inspire, write to give a voice to that feeling lost in the dark.

I often wish that what I wrote would actually reach someone and get them to reach for the stars. Grab a hold of that ever elusive smoke and turn it into a reality. Never think that your dreams are out of reach or beyond your abilities. Keep dreaming and keep trying and if anyone has the gall to tell you differently, tell them I said “I believe in you.”

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