Sorry I cheated on you

This might have been the most interesting piece I’ve written in a while. Because for all my days spent in a relationship I have yet to cheat. But what a world it would be if I were a cheater. And what would I say if I actually cheated on my girlfriend? I had to go deep, I had to be honest and I had to be real. Needed to bring all of that out into the forefront and show it in its rawest form.

So many relationships end after one side says “Sorry I cheated on you” because that very small sentence has a lot of consequences behind it. It means that the trust between the partners has been broken. The love they thought was strong enough to handle everything, was put to the test in the most horrid of ways. The promise of being exclusive to each other is ruined as well.

Cheating on someone, or feeling the need to cheat can have a lot of causes. The biggest cause at times is the lack of communication. Relationships have these rough spots where the couple doesn’t really talk anymore. So usually Sorry I cheated on you is just another way of saying, I wanted your attention.

After saying all of that, I do have to mention that those words only work with decent human beings. Sometimes you get scum that just thrives on having sex with multiple partners but wants the comfort and love that comes from being in a monogamous relationship. Those people are the worst because they are just playing a game that hurts the one they are “supposed” to love.

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