Relationship agreement

I am a huge fan of the Big Bang Theory and as such, there is no way that I could just get by without creating a relationship agreement. That mysterious yet beautiful concept would make the almost perfect addition to any relationship. Because if you can find all the possible pitfalls, and put how to avoid them on paper you might be able to avoid a lot of issues.

I tried my best to create an official sounding piece of what could be a Relationship agreement. Wrote the 5 things that usually come up during a relationship and tried to create some advice sounding words in there to spice it up. Like any real poet would try to do.

Love is a complicated concept because of all the emotions running amock. But if you could navigate those emotions into a productive conversation that would be for the best, wouldn’t it? And that conversation could be guided into the proper direction by using some smart planning and forward thinking.

Sheldon might have been onto something with this one. I myself have been through a few relationships and I saw the issues repeat themselves with each new one. But I got told that your advice is only valid if you yourself are in a relationship. Which to make is the biggest BS I have ever heard. But that is why if this contract was real, and kept being rewritten and corrected over time, it could just be the best thing EVER. Because you can finally skip the need for advice from others, and those pesky “friends” who know better.

Yes, this Relationship agreement is without a doubt a smart thing to do. If you liked this piece, I am sure you will enjoy the rest of the videos on my channel as well so don’t forget to subscribe. And don’t forget my book, which you can buy right here.