Rolling in the deep

Love is one heck of a complicated thing. What makes it so complicated is the fact that emotions often try to define themselves with logic. For example, you love someone but you can’t quite explain why. You just broke up with your “special” friend and you’re a lot more upset than you figured you would be. Or perhaps you broke up and you don’t fee anything or you feel less than you figured you would. Love is as complicated as it comes.

But the beautiful thing about it is, that love creates a connection that can enhance the very experience of life. So when that connection gets broken, or at times even ripped apart it can shatter your very definition of reality. And it’s in those times that people get pushed to the edge. I have always felt that that was what “Rolling in the deep” was all about.  Having lost your relationship, going through hell because the future you expected to have was crushed.

Rolling in the deep where tears are going to fall can be painful.

Wanting revenge from the one who hurt you in the form of them being as miserable as you as are or were. Hating the fact that they cheated on you, making you feel as less of a person. Trying to come to terms with everything takes time. But before you heal, it’s more than ok to hate that person. It’s more than ok, to despise them for leaving you. But just give it time and you will heal your wounds.

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