You had better be worth it

This title speaks for itself, and as such I want you to try and understand that love hurts. Some of you will already be aware of this, but there are a few of you who think love is magical. And that said magic will heal everything and make everything better. To let love into your life is the most important thing in the world … or so some would say. The saddest thing is that society damn near forces you to find love and proclaim it to the world.

You had better be worth it, because I don’t want to waste my time.

But some of us, have tried our hands at love and got our hands not burned but cut off and stuffed in a place where the sun doesn’t shine. That pain runs deep, so deep that it takes a wiz in the stream leading to your soul. So when you’ve experienced that pain, and you saw how wicked the cracks in reality really are, you tend to get careful.

So to that next person who wants to step into your life, they had best be aware of the “you had better be worth it” mindstate. So many people have that “you had better be worth it” attitude, but instead of just being honest about it, they play these games that function as tests to see if the other person will pass them.

Wanting to find that one person that will stay with you through whatever happens is a craving most can’t deny. For some, it grows stronger as time passes and for some, it grows harder to let someone in the longer they wait. This spoken word poem is about the pain of wanting to fall in love, but being unable to just accept it as it comes.

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