Self Vs. Society

We live in a world where our morals and standards are passed down from generation to generation. Which in itself is a beautiful thing because it’s the source of the concept known as culture. And that is a big source of pride for a lot of people. But that pride is also a reason for some to dismiss things that stand outside of their known culture. And for artists that take pride in their own creativity, it would often collide with the established culture. Now from here on out, I would like to replace culture with society. Because at the end of the day, each society has its own set of rules and regulations one must abide by.

Self Vs. Society is common for artists.

The beauty, however, is that for some reason, even across a wide array of cultures and societies some rules are the same. And that is that artists and those who pursue the creative arts are looked down upon. Because they aren’t what society would deem a valuable asset to the “team”. That is where the concept of Self Vs. Society is born.

Self Vs. Society is a concept or term that refers to the beauty of being strong enough to fight the norm. To be yourself and to grow beyond the limitations that were put upon you. Being yourself is a hard thing to do in this world as of late. Well, perhaps it has always been a hard thing to do regardless of the era we reside in.

This spoken word piece is about those brave souls who dare to challenge their dreams to see if they can reach them. Break down the box you find yourself in and climb till you reach those stars they told you weren’t for you.

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