Love, compassion, empathy and everything you would consider beautiful are based on the things you go through. And all of those things you go through are collected in your mind. We like to call those past experiences memories. Memories are the backbone of almost everything we do and all the things we plan on doing are influenced by said memories. We move according to the pain and mistakes we make in an effort to not repeat them.

Love is usually the big one that tends to stick with people. The things that people do for you in an effort to make you happy. Those nice words they threw your way, how they held your hand through those hard times. All of those things come together to create those beautiful memories that you can work with as life comes barreling down on you.

Memories are the keystone of the human soul.

Painful memories like I said before are often the ones that work from your unconscious to keep you safe from future mistakes. The issue with others is that they tend to hold on to those memories and try to keep others from making the same mistakes. When that trickles into parenting it can get ugly. Teachers are known to pass on their judgements based on their memories as well. But its only human for someone to use their experiences as a source of information to build their future.

Keep your mind together and keep working on being a better person. The definition of being a better person is also one that is based on memories. History itself is written from memories of those lost in trying to tell a story. The beauty of being a writer is that you can access memories of characters you created yourself. Memories are a dangerous and beautiful thing.

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