A conversation about conflict

A conversation about conflict is a piece that I and this amazing poet wanted to put together to highlight the issues that surround conflict. Issues tend to get in the way because people tend to want to hold onto the way things are. Or they feel like their pride or ego is being addressed the wrong way. But even if those two would be the main reason for conflict to arise, they are still nothing more than a drop in the bucket of possibilities. There are so many reasons as to why people get into a fight that listing them all would be close to impossible.

But this conversation that we had is about how one might be able to solve it. By understanding each other or by at least trying to understand one another, we could avoid a lot of conflicts. The issue with understanding is that it’s often based on the concept of respect. And many people have this basic lack of respect for themselves and thus their surroundings. With that lack of respect for themselves, they still get extremely offended if someone takes a stab at their pride. Or anything closely related to their personal space.

Sometimes people just need to vent and start a fight believing that arguing with a complete stranger will solve their feelings. As if anger placed on top of frustration is the correct way to get rid of those negative feelings.

A conversation about conflict and how respect and acceptance should be kept in your heart.

I truly believe that if any of us want to avoid and or deal with conflict in a healthy way, we should learn how to accept others and their flaws. We should also learn how to control our fear of the unknown by not going into the worst case scenario from the jump. It’s those little things that gave birth to this spoken word poem “A conversation about conflict”.

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