Sickle Cell

I was asked to be a part of this great foundation, by writing and performing this spoken word piece. I have been around many people who suffer from this disease. And when those people went into a crisis it was really scary. The main problem is that there is nothing you can but get them to the hospital as fast as possible. And when they are there, the only thing you can do is hope that their body is strong enough to fight the pain. But sickle cell isn’t the kind of disease that allows you the freedom to be free from future crises. Sickle cell anemia is one of those things that stays with you regardless of what you do.

Creating awareness for Sickle Cell Anemia through Spoken Word Poetry.

The most people can do is try to live a life or prevention where they try to keep it under control by evading known triggers. And being commissioned to write a piece about this really made me happy on some levels. Because now I had the perfect chance to write about something I know affects so many. I tried my best to write something that both explained the disease itself and how it affects people.

Not only did I have to research it a little bit to make sure my info was correct, but I also had to tap into the pain of being unable to help. Those two elements created this poem and I love the fact that so far people seem to understand what I was trying to convey with this piece.

If you wish to help those with Sickle Cell Anemia you can donate right here. The beautiful thing is that by doing that you will not only help them but also help future generations fight this disease. If you have people around you who suffer from this disease, please feel free to share this with them.

Here is the Spoken Word Poem:

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