Parental Pressure

Life can get hard and it can really put some pressure on you. But the thing is that life tends to start with this concept called being raised. And that responsibility tends to be given to those who gave birth to you. The issue with life is that at times the ones that carry that responsibility aren’t really up to the task. Or perhaps they are but they go about it in the wrong way and that scars the heck out of some kids.

The beauty and ugliness of parental pressure is that they often do it from a place of love. Because so many people tend to carry around regrets from things that happened in their past.  And they believe that if they give their kids the right tools it will prevent the same thing from happening to them. And they will be able to live a life filled with nothing but success and happiness. That’s why they tend to push their kids into positions they feel they need to be in. It could be sports, academics or being straight.

Parental Pressure can create some real scars.

Many parents tend to think that parental pressure is healthy and or normal. They tend to think that it’s just a part of being a kid and a part of being in a family. But kids tend to take that pressure to heart and let it control who they think they need to be. And they feel like they need to live up to expectations. This was one of those pieces that was hard to do but it was really fun to do. I always love to tackle topics that are a bit out of the box and a bit hard to talk about. And luckily I am one of those poets that other poets can work with. I love doing these collabs and this was another good one.

Here is the Spoken Word Poetry Video:

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