A talk with addiction

Imagine a world where you could take your addiction and put him in front of you and have a conversation with him. You could finally be able to tell him all the stuff you went through, and all the pain he put you through. And the beauty of it all is that your addiction would actually get a shot to defend himself. Because at the end of the day your addiction is nothing but a concept born from the lack of something else. And that lack of something isn’t always addiction related. At times it’s the fact that you’re trying to cover something up. You’re trying to hide something behind the pain of addiction.

This is what it would be like if you could have a talk with addiction.

Addiction has so many possible roots, that it’s pretty hard to pinpoint one exact same reason. But the results are usually all the same. An addiction can ruin your life and it can control it to such a degree that your life will stay ruined. And you have to feed your addiction so most likely you will have to keep digging a deeper ditch to keep your misery in. It’s a vicious cycle that most can’t escape unless they get some help from others.

That is what this piece is about. This piece is about letting both the victim and addiction say their piece. Both feel a certain way about the situation and both of them have a certain point. This piece was a really nice one to do because it allowed me to work together with a great poet on creating a really nice piece. Addiction is something that ruins lives and it tears families apart. If we can shine some light on this serious issue then we have done something right.

Here is our Spoken Word Piece called A talk with addiction:

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