Toxic Relationship

Love can be extremely complicated if you allow it to be. Sometimes you don’t want it to be but it just turns out that way. They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions and I feel like the same can be said for love. The reason why love gets twisted at times is that personal interest often tends to get into the relationship and turn it into a thing that can be used for their own gain. It sneaks up on people though, because at times they don’t even see how they are “controlling” or “damaging” people.

A Toxic Relationship is something you should always get out of.

And the one being damaged or controlled often don’t even realize that things are getting worse as time progresses. Usually, love starts off pure and filled with exciting and beautiful promises. But then time and issues step in and people try to adjust accordingly. But since perspective and life tends to be different for people, they tend to take it in differently.

A toxic relationship is often one that is defined as one by other people and not the people in the actual relationship. Because most people tend to get out of a situation if they feel its bad for them. But love tends to flip people into a mindstate that they think that its normal to be in a bad relationship.

Relationships are hard, a toxic relationship is for some a real healthy one because they think that every relationship has issues. And that a toxic relationship is something others go through and not them. Or perhaps they believe that the good old times make up for the current bad ones. A toxic relationship is subjective but if a relationship doesn’t make you happy, get out of it.

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