A look back

Some like to say that you won’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Others would say that the past makes you who you are. Which makes a lot of sense if you take being brought up as part of it. But this poem was about me taking a look back. A look back at all the horrible things in my past that decorate my history like a blood-smeared wall. This spoken word piece was about me running down the road of life and being afraid of taking a look back as well as looking forward.

Taking a look back at the past is healthy.

That is what most people tend to feel like though. Most people tend to want to move forward because they don’t want their past to define them. Some just want to prove that they can move forward regardless of their past. Others don’t move at all and just stay stagnant as that prevents them from failing or facing any real challenges. But a look back is about me trying to face both the past and the future while moving forward.

It’s about me coming to terms with what has been and what will come. Because the road I’m on isn’t for the weak. And since I placed each step into this dirty road I have to take responsibility by making sure I see it all the way through. A look back is about me trying to understand my own mind and what I would like to see happen. This piece was personal and real because I always need to keep myself motivated and to do that you need to make sure that you deal with the past.

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Vino Venitas