Why would you lie to me?

Sometimes people tend to think that they can just say anything and you’ll accept it. As if you forgot everything they ever said and thus cant compare new information and past information given. And even if you confront them about it and ask them “why would you lie to me?” they get defensive. Because now that they have been caught in a lie it’s pretty uncomfortable. But instead of admitting that they are wrong, they just keep building on the lie. In the hopes that the new lie will help make the original lie seem more plausible.

Why would you lie to me and jeopardize everything we have built?

Sometimes it makes sense to lie because you think that giving someone the truth might offend them or hurt their feelings. But that’s just selfish and making assumptions. And please, for the sake of the relationship, whenever someone asks you “Why would you lie to me?” just give them the real reason. Because no matter how twisted it may be the cause is often because you love them. And if it isn’t love, just tell them what it is so they know what they are dealing with.

As for me, I hate it when people lie to me. Because I have always tried to give people the truth regardless of how it may come across. Regardless of how it may turn out because lying will only complicate things. And I have a pretty nice memory so I tend to remember things people tell me. And I have this ability to keep all that info at the forefront whenever we talk. So when you tell me you did something with such and such, but I know for a fact that such and such doesn’t exist, it will just peeve me off. So why would you lie to me? Because you know for a fact that I don’t really care about most things.

So for all of you who can relate to this Spoken Word Poem, this one is for you.

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Vino Venitas