Going around the world on YouTube

So for the last few months, I’ve been going around on YouTube and commenting on great poems that I can find online. And I have to admit that there were a lot more poems than I initially thought. And a lot more poets than I figured I would find. But then again I didn’t really try to limit myself to a certain number of poets and poems I wanted to see. But what I did notice was that I was Going around the world on YouTube. From coast to coast, continent to small island and village to big city. What I’ve also noticed is that the beauty of humanity sleeps in the words that poets give us.

Poets that fill my trip with beauty as I’m going around the world on YouTube.

I’ve been lucky enough to hear a lot of perspectives and emotions regarding the concept of life, love, and self as I was going around the world on YouTube. The most intriguing thing was the fact that so many of these poems and poets had the same concepts flowing through their pieces. Feeling alone, dealing with sexuality, fighting depression and religion seem to be the core points of most poems I come across.

The world is pretty diverse but freaking similar at the same time. So many people are going through the same thing at the same time that it’s almost heartbreaking while it’s somewhat comforting as well. Going around the world on YouTube has taught me some valuable lessons I can take with me as I write my next few pieces. Their pure emotions penned as raw lines will surely find their way into my words over time.

I’m still not done with travelling around this world of poetry. I will keep going until I exhaust every option, every word every emotion this distorted reality of poetry has to offer. So as a thank you for all the poets I have had the pleasure of seeing so far, I made this video.

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