Hiding behind my curtain

The world requires you to be a certain way and act a certain. But most of us just aren’t the way so-called society would like us to be. And that’s when we feel forced to put up this façade to hide who we really are. In this poem, I gave that façade form and the shape it took was a curtain. And I am standing there hiding behind my curtain because I don’t want people to see the real me. I don’t want them to see the darkness that surrounds me.

I’m Hiding behind my curtain because I’m nervous to show my real self.

That is how so many of us feel that we tend to forget that we are also part of society. We make up society so why is it that we feel so left out of it? You have to think that somewhere along the line we felt we were taken out from the so-called “norm” to be placed outside with the “not normal” people. Because of that, we feel the need to adjust so we can make our way back into the normal circle. Where I no longer have to be hiding behind my curtain. Where I can just stand in the light and be a part of feeling normal.

I just hate the fact that we cant just be ourselves. That we feel so forced to be some image we can never reach. The need to compare ourselves to everyone and everything we see is so damn embedded in our being that it frustrates me. I wish we could create an image of self-being that would push for everyone to be unique and not “sexy” all the time. Where you can just be weird and no one will bat their eyes because THAT is now the norm. I don’t want to feel the need to stay hiding behind my curtain. I want to step out with my real self and show that to people at times. Ah … dreams.

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