Wake me up

Let time slip through my fingers and go where it needs to go. Strolling in the dark looking for myself. The world will never give you what you want in the way you want it. That’s because you always want everything to be perfect, but perfect is an illusion created by minds that couldn’t cope with reality. So let me walk in the dark and wake me up when I find the light.

Wake me up when it’s all over.

This piece is about finding yourself and giving yourself the time and room to do so. A lot of people prefer you to walk down the path they know. They like it when you do what they did or do what they believe to be right. So you can end up the way they ended up. Chasing your dreams is scary for others and they will often tell you to be realistic. Your reply should always be “Wake me up when it’s all over”. Because you need to find your own way.

You need to work on becoming the best version of yourself you can be. And that takes time, it takes risks, it takes chances, heck it might even take a lifetime. At the end of it, you can, however, look back and say that you lived. You can say that you tried and that you went all out and didn’t settle for other peoples ideas of what you should be. Limiting yourself to cages build by fools whose dreams never amounted to more than “Society accepts this” is insanity.

So rage against the machine, tell them “wake me up when I have achieved my dreams.” Scream at the top of your lungs that you won’t settle for mediocrity. That their disapproval of your life doesn’t stop you from living it. My only rule in life is to be happy and to do so I have to listen to my heart. Never be ok with being like everyone else.

This spoken word poem was based on Avicii – Wake me up. If you like poetry and poetic renditions of songs you should totally sign up to my YouTube channel. And don’t forget that I have a poetry book out that you could also buy.