Let it go

Some relationships aren’t worth holding on to. But people tend to think that because they have a history that the future will be better. Not even taking into consideration that the past is filled with misery and bad memories. No, for some the fact that they have spent “time” together is enough for them to invest more in it.  As if they are afraid to say “it’s time we let it go.”

We don’t belong together anymore, it’s time we let it go.

You also have those who are just in a relationship because they don’t want to be alone. And they think that the person they are with is the only one who will love them. In my eyes, that sense of being afraid of being alone is not a healthy reason to be in a relationship. Of course, there are exceptions to each rule, and I am sure that some people found happiness for all the wrong reasons.

But most of us, we have to understand that a bad relationship isn’t something we hold on to. But rather we let it go. Send it to a place where love can heal itself and you can stand being around the person again. Don’t just stay in a relationship because you don’t want to start over. Let it go and see for yourself that you are beautiful and you are wanted.

Time can be your ally as well as he can be your enemy. Don’t stay somewhere you’re not wanted or you’re unhappy. Love shouldn’t be about feeling bad 90% of the time. Love should make you dread coming home. Fighting for your relationship is one thing, but a relationship based on fighting is another. It might be hard, but sometimes you have to be the bigger person and say “We have to let it go.”

This was based on James Bay – Let it go. I have loved that song from the moment I heard it. If you liked this piece, I am sure you will enjoy my poetry book as well. And if you like my Spoken Word Poems, don’t forget to subscribe to my poetry channel. Thanks for coming and have yourself a good day.