Be a man about it

In every relationship, people tend to learn how to treat one another and they also learn how to adapt to one another. The big problem with that is that people get into this mental place where they think they have to protect the feeling of the other party. Where they don’t want to purposely hurt the others feelings. So what they do is create these lies where they try to escape a possible situation where they might hurt them. And that is where “Be a man about it” comes from.

Be a man/woman about it and just tell the truth.

Sometimes you have to be honest with yourself and be real with the person you’re with. There is no need to give them lies upon lie just because you don’t want to tell them the truth. Be a man about it and just tell them that you want to break up. Don’t think them to be weak and incapable of dealing with the truth just because you possibly couldn’t. Be a man about it and tell them straight up that you don’t want space you just want freedom from what you perceive to be chains. Just tell them that the relationship has run its course for you.

People love to use love as a scapegoat when they lie to you. As if loving someone is a valid reason to lie to them. In my opinion, being honest and real with someone is a form of respect, especially in a relationship. Because if you lie about what you feel, you will delude yourself into thinking that you can’t tell the other what you feel. And then you will eventually put yourself into a cage of lies because sharing the truth might scare you.

Be a man about it and just tell them the truth. This also goes for you ladies, because you’re not exempt from trying to protect your partner’s feelings. So be a woman about it and just be honest with your partner.

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