My point of view

This world has always been an interesting place if you’re willing to look at it the right way. Keep in mind that some people are born with eyes that see the world different from what you might know. People who are inflicted with depression often see the world through cracked and stained glasses. It’s those glasses that allow them to see the world as it is and not as society portrays it. That is where this piece was born, that is how My point of view came into being.

My point of view (15 vs 30) A collaboration piece.

You might have noticed this spoken word video has an extra poet on it. I try to find amazing poets online and I always try to tell them what I think of their work. And sometimes a connection is born from that. And from that connection sometimes magic is born. The magic that the two of us created this time is called My point of view.

She is a 15-year-old girl with a poetic soul that matches her elders. From what I could see is that she also had a clear understanding of the concept known as depression. What would happen when you put two souls together that have both been gilded by sadness and tell them to write a piece together. You get to see what the world looks like through those cracked and stained glasses from eyes of a 15-year-old and a 30-year-old.

Even I have to admit that I didn’t think our views would be this darn similar. I was hoping that she would have a bit more hope for this world. That perhaps she would be less pessimistic about the future of this society. My point of view is about 2 people giving you what they feel like is their place in this world.

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And I want to thank Living with a weirdo for being willing to do this with me. And I want to thank all you guys for watching and reading my stuff. Let’s keep going and make some magic happen.