Love don’t make no sense

Love is one of those things that can make your life a thing of beauty. It’s something that most of us chase after or crave. Love has always the topic of conversation in movies, songs or religion. It doesn’t really matter what it is or who it is, love will most likely play a part in the situation. But what often gets left out is the fact that at times Love don’t make no sense.

At times Love don’t make no sense.

Have you ever been in a relationship where it felt as if you were the only trying? As if you were the only wanting to make it work? Your partner just seemed content with the status quo, as if to say that you should be the one doing all the work in the relationship. That is what this poem is about, it’s about loving someone that doesn’t deserve your love.

Thet don’t deserve the work you put into making everything better. But you can’t help yourself, you just love them regardless. All their flaws and mannerisms make them who they are, and that is what you love about them. That way of thinking is dangerous. That way of thinking will place you in a vicious cycle of mental, physical or emotional abuse. You should never settle for a love that doesn’t match your own. You should always fight for love but never fight for it when the other side just looks at you while you do.

A relationship should be a give/give kind of thing. It should be about 2 people respecting each other and showing each other that they want to be together. Not just one side showing their love and the other simply accepting it. But it’s for those times that I wrote this spoken word poem, it’s for those times that you have to say that Love don’t make no sense.

This poem is based on the song Joe – Love don’t make no sense from the album All that I am. I loved that song, so it’s only right I made it into a poem. If you liked this piece, I am sure you will love my poetry book as well. Thanks for coming, and don’t forget to subscribe on Youtube for the latest video releases.