I don’t want to cheer you up

For the longest time now I have noticed that people only want to see happiness in front of them. As someone who deals with depression, I get that way of thinking. I also get that thinking positive thoughts attracts positive energy. And with the way social media is structured right now, people only post happy events on their timeline. And when you post sad events or any emotion other than happiness, you get dealt with a certain way. Seeing that happen made me create this piece I don’t want to cheer you up.

I don’t want to cheer you up, I want you to feel your emotions.

With me saying “I don’t want to cheer you up” I am basically telling you that you need to deal with your emotions. You need to understand why you’re feeling this way, and then let those feelings run their course. I don’t want to cheer you up is me telling you that feeling sad isn’t a bad thing. Being angry about something isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You have to work through things to make yourself strong. You have to feel everything that happens to you, or else you will just tell yourself that any other than happiness is bad.

If you believe that anything other than happiness is bad, you will start feeling ashamed when you’re not happy. You will hide behind a fake smile to show the world that you’re still as happy as they come. Because the world doesn’t want to see any other emotion besides happiness. Sadness is ugly, pain isn’t desirable. I want to break that cycle of training each other. I want to break the routine of having people think that you are only valid if you are happy.

Because that will make you try to skip those feelings. And suppressing your own feelings is a dangerous thing. You will simply explode from all the emotions you put away. So this is me saying I don’t want to cheer you up, I want you to feel your emotions and heal them accordingly.

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