The arms of the one who loves you

Have you ever wanted to love someone but they made it hard for you? Wanted to love them with all your heart but they wanted freedom? So what do you do when what you want isn’t what they want? The logical thing would be to let them go and find their way. That is what this piece is about because sometimes you have to let the one you love go. But you still need to remind them that they can run to “The arms of the one who loves you”.

The arms of the one who loves you will always be here for you.

“The arms of the one who loves you” is what you need to make sure they keep in mind. And it’s a promise that you will need to keep if you say it. This is the hardest thing for some. Time is a fickle enemy that can erode passion and dismiss love. So when you promise someone that you will be there for them regardless, please make sure that you mean it. Make sure that your love is unaffected by time.

Because that sentiment is often given under the assumption that only a few days will pass and the fire of love will remain as strong as they were when separating. It’s a beautiful concept that I have often tried to keep true myself. But The arms of the one who loves you can often only remain true when you talk about your mom being there for you. Or your dad is there for you. But a partner being there for you REGARDLESS of whatever is rare.

This spoken word poem is based on Xscape – The arms of the one who loves you. I have always loved this song and what it means. Love should always be eternal but reality tends to shake that foundation and leaves us with a version of love that gets diluted as years pass by. That is what I hope for in this poem. I love poetry for giving me the chance to create something this beautiful.

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