Two occasions

Have you ever been in love and lost it? You ever wanted to hold the one you lost? Have you ever been unable to stop thinking about the one that got away? That feeling, that is what “Two Occasions” is about. When the only respite you get from thinking about that person is when you sleep. Those moments are all born in those moments when your heart is trying to heal itself. That moment when you try to push yourself to look past what has been.

I only think of you on two occasions.

Missing someone sometimes really takes it out of you. When you don’t want to think about them but their memory just refuses to leave you alone. That is what this spoken word poetry “Two occasions” is all about. I had to dig deeper than I wanted to bring this level of emotion into this piece. Because I don’t particularly like to relive painful moments. But when I look at what was born from reliving it, I have to admit it was worth it.

This poem also had another component that I had to sneak in there. Those moments when both you and the one you love miss each other but you’re both unable to get past what tore you apart. That moment when the other party sends you a message and asks you “if you still think about them?” That moment is a rough pill to swallow because your heart wants to be with the one it loves, but your mind is against it. That’s another part of love and relationships I wanted to show with this poem.

Love will be love, and pain will be love. To share those is to share yourself and thus heal yourself. And that is how I came up with “Two occasions”.

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And in case you were wondering, this poem was based on the song Babyface – Two occasions. Some of you might know it as Deele – Two occasions, but since the lyrics are the same it doesn’t really matter. I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to come back, and don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube for more great spoken word slam poetry videos.