My sensitivity

You know what the problem is with being romantic?  The fact that at times I can’t control my sensitivity. I’m not one that falls in love very easily, but I am one that is open to the possibility very easily. And that is because; being loved is one hell of a drug. My sensitivity has always been prone to accept new chances and new challenges when it comes to love. The beauty of this, however, is that if I allow it, my life can be filled with love.

I always try to be open for new things. The problem is, is that I also try to control my emotions when it comes to love. Because, just because you love, doesn’t mean that you will receive it the same way. Love has a tendency to be one-sided, or even lopsided at times. Both of these options scare the living daylight out of most people. That’s why most people play games to avoid showing their real emotions or intention.

My sensitivity is out of control sometimes.

I’ve been known to lose myself in that game as well because going through heartbreak is one of the hardest things a heart can go through. It turns some bitter, others insane, others it turns the other way. But most will always try to be careful when it comes to loving someone else. This spoken word piece “My sensitivity” is about me wanting to break free from my own control. Wanting to love someone with all my heart. Wanting to be with someone and have them understand that through the ups and downs we still belong together.

That is why my sensitivity is something that I want to set free, but it’s kind of scary too. I’m pretty sure that most of you can relate to that feeling, right?

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