Pain meets pleasure

Pain decided to show up just as me and pleasure got intimate

We were just hugging up a storm and pain decided to ruin it

Pain reared its ugly face with that grin of jagged teeth

And pleasure, well pleasure decided to speak

Dropping line after line, telling pain what it had on its mind

And I was all in pleasures brain, sitting comfortably

But pain just kept scratching the surface cause it made it happy

And I was caught in an uncomfortable situation unable to move

Waiting for that moment where me and pleasure get back to our groove

I was listening to them going back and forth, up and down

They had a whole conversation, and a lot of spit was flying around

And then out of nowhere we were stuck in the dark

Walking to find this invisible mark

That would help us get out of this maze we were in

But pain didn’t care about a damn thing

He just wanted to stay and bring his gifts of agony

Pains suck, but he has this way of reminding you of the happy

Pleasure was such a wuss, but pleasure wanted to keep trying

But pain and pleasure are just too good at lying

So I was listening intently, because I love the story being told

They would nibble on each word and every so often get bold

Chew on one or two and spit it out, while screaming I hate you, I love you

This conversation damn near drove me insane, but you can blame that on pain

The beauty of their sentences damn near gave me a seizure, but you can blame that on pleasure

I had to hold pleasure down, so pleasure could stop shaking

Pain got to pleasure, pleasure was close to breaking

But every time pleasure cracked, pain took a step back

Allowed it some time to rest and get back on track

Pain always shook pleasure up with metal that felt like a whip

Or at least that is what pleasure told me it felt like, on the business end of it

But being caught between two enemies who rarely meet

Is hell in itself, to the point where their very words generate heat

And I was just lying there consoling myself

Lying to myself, promising me that this isn’t bad for my health

This is just an overdose of bad energy that will find its way through me

And return to that bad place where tears are born

And every little piece of hope is torn

And I don’t have to get sensitive nor feel as if every sense is stretched

Not feel as if every nerve is being tested or my skin is being scratched

I am in the middle of a meeting between pleasure and pain

Im stuck between happiness and trying to stay sane

Pain and pleasure shouldn’t be this close

But pain is truly trying to get me to overdose

While pleasure is easing the bruises and massaging the scabs

All I am trying to do is keep from going mad

These two … I hope I never meet them at the same time again

Im not sure if I can go through this stuff again

I need these two to stay away from one another

One of the two, one or the other

I need to counsel them to work together

I need their dialogue to be better

If you get what this piece is about I will give you a cookie. This was one of those pieces that was born from a very interesting situation. If you get the situation then you are indeed awesome. Pain meets pleasure is something that most of us will go through at one point or another. I’m curious to hear about your situations in which “Pain meets pleasure”.

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