Sitting behind my screen

So I’m Sitting behind my screen and going through my timeline. And for some reason, I always get to see the same concepts being thrown around. There is a video about positivity then we get a video about traveling. Sometimes someone shares a tutorial on how to make an amazing looking dish. And I also see a lot of memes pass my screen. And for some reason, I also get bombarded with news about famous people and how intricate and problematic their lives are. Then I see a lot of sports news about who won what game and how that one player is extra special. And that’s just what I get while I’m checking to see if I got any new messages.

Sitting behind my screen can be frustrating while writing poetry.

Here’s the thing with all this so called information that gets placed on my screen, it doesn’t really have a lot of value to the quality of my life. Well, not all of it is bad, but most of it is just to entertain me while I feel bored. It’s just to keep my mind occupied so I won’t think about the monotony of everyday life. I feel like my standard places where I check for my messages are out to dumb me down. Or they are out to just numb me by bombarding me with nonsense.

I stopped watching TV because I noticed that it was trying to program to think a certain way. I stopped listening to the radio because I realized that they too have an agenda that often doesn’t coincide with what’s good for me. So now my only form of getting information is the internet. The only way for my soul, brain, and heart to get the nutrients they need is the internet. So that is why I’m Sitting behind my screen looking for things that will inspire me. I’m Sitting behind my screen scouring the web for places that will motivate the writer in me to be great. I always want to keep growing as a person and to do that I need to make sure that my mind is broken down by social media.

I’m Sitting behind my screen trying to hold on to my sense of being. Trying to keep a healthy and functional mind that is still capable of critical thinking. So that is why I try to keep away from news that tries to manipulate my view of the world.

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