It could have been worse

A lot of times I hear people complain about things that to others wouldn’t matter. Being stressful about something that goes wrong is only natural. But what if you tried to focus on the positive and tried to find the beauty in the little things that go right. So that when something goes wrong, you can say “It could have been worse”. The fact that It could have been worse is something that applies to almost anything in life.

Being grateful for what you have is a way of thinking that a lot of people miss out on. You can say it is because of the fact that the media bombards people with things they want or what others have. You could say that it’s because people tend to be around others who seem so darn happy with what they have that they want it for themselves as well. Or perhaps it’s just because they feel that they deserve more than what they have because of who they are or what they did.

It could have been worse

Heck, some even feel that they don’t deserve what they have been given. This is often times the case when it comes to diseases, which again is very logical. But keep in mind, that often times the disease could have been a lot worse. And if you have the worst disease possible, then feel free to complain because it could NOT have been worse. But for all, you other people, try to think outside of your own little bubble. Place yourself in the shoes of those who lost everything. Those who don’t have a home to go home to. Count the blessings you have, and remember that It could have been worse.

This was another poem based on a song. Lyfe Jennings – Could have been worse. This song is one of those songs that reminds that life isn’t meant to be perfect, it isn’t even meant to be what you want it to be. It’s meant to be what it is meant to be. I always try to accept things for what they are and try to be happy with what’s left. Being happy is a decision, it’s not something that’s given to you or something that you find. But that’s just my opinion.

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