Perhaps I’m not made for the light

Not everyone wants to be in the spotlight, not everyone craves that kind of attention. I am pretty used to the darkness called anonymity and the freedom it allows me. The biggest issue I have with the light is the way people treat those who step into it. Your privacy is gone, your secrets are exposed and they will hate you for the fact that you tried and they didn’t. Yes, the hate is real. I’m a pretty down to earth kind of guy, so I’m ok with all the nonsense that might follow, but Perhaps I’m not made for the light.

Because with everything I’ve gone through to make it this far in life, I can tell you from experience that I don’t like people watching me too much. I don’t like being on stage, and I don’t like it when all eyes are on me. I’m a real introvert at heart so being in public places and being all friendly and stuff really takes it out of me. That’s why I’m thinking that Perhaps I’m not made for the light. When no one knows you, you can get away with doing all kinds of stuff. And I like that, it makes me happy.

So Perhaps I’m not made for the light.

Perhaps I was made to stay in the dark and let my work speak for itself. Have my pieces run ahead of me and touch all the hearts they can. That could very possibly be the best thing for a writer like me. The issue with that is that people like to see who they are listening to, or who they are reading. That is why I started performing, that is why I’m doing all these videos. Because doing what you love is a lot more important than being in the light. But being in the light will allow you to do what you love. Do you feel the pain of the contradiction I’m in? Sometimes it’s hard being me, but it’s never boring, I can tell you that much right now!

If you liked Perhaps Im not made for the light I am sure you will like my book as well. Make sure you buy a copy and let me know what you think of it.