They don’t know about us

They don’t know about us is a piece based on the song from Jon B. It’s about how other people tend to have an opinion on a relationship they aren’t in. And often that relationship gets damaged due to their opinion. And their opinion is often based on their own experiences and their own fears and flaws. This seems rather unfair because some relationships are actually good, but they can seem bad because of other people’s feedback. You have to hate that. Because jealousy and envy are a real thing when it comes to other people’s happiness. It’s so prevalent in today’s society that we even came up with a word for it “haters”. They don’t know about us addresses those exact same haters and how they tend to ruin or try to ruin a relationship.

Tell those haters “They don’t know about us”.

The most dangerous thing about those haters and what they say is that they often prey on a fear that’s already there. They often want to scratch at any wound they can find to open it up and thus have the relationship fall apart. And then when it falls apart they can just act as if they knew from the start that it wasn’t going to work. That they knew from the start that the relationship was a bad one.

That’s why you have to tell your significant other that they shouldn’t be listening to their so-called friends too much. But then again, you shouldn’t have to tell your partner anything because they should just trust you from the beginning. But trust is a hard thing to give and it’s pretty darn fragile, to begin with, so having someone poke at it with a stick of insecurity will just shatter it. And with all that in mind, I wrote this piece. I have my fair share of haters, so I know what it feels like to have them try to bring bad energy into your life. Keep your life filled with positive energy, and keep moving forward.

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